Take you through some of my favorite features and then im going to tell you about kias electric experience roadshow because as youre watching this right now, the new nero ev is touring around the uk visiting every kia dealership. To give you the opportunity to do what im about to do, have a nosey round it, but me first, shall we Music, oh well? Well, here it is the new kia nero ev, different sort of thing from the old one isnt it i like the old emira. We had them as crew cars at fully charged for a really long time. They served us well, but they were just lacking in the want department lacking a bit of desirability, and that is one of the key things that kia has looked to upgrade with this new car. At first glance, id say its a job quite well done now. We dont have very long today. This space is about to be taken over by a glitzy event, because this is actually day one of kias electric experience, its a sort of touring road show where this car, along with the ev6, will be traveling around the country to every kia dealership, giving everyone who Wants to an opportunity to visit it in the metal, have a look see what they think so description down below details for that. If you would like to have a look at this car at a kia dealership near you anyway, enough of that lets have a nose round it and speaking of noses, lets start with this look.

This is sensible. Keyer thinking center mounted charge port on the front where they should be where they should be. If youve got a car with a side, mounted charger and youve had the experience of parking and not being able to reach with the cable youll know why this makes me happy really like the front design of this car, its quite an unusual looking thing. I think it has a really distinctive face. I like this daytime running light signature here, big fan of that coming around the side. First thing i notice aero wheel design, you only get one wheel option on the nero ev and its these ones 17 inch. So it just makes sense: you dont, need a gigantic rim on your family crossover. What you need is a nice big, squashy tyre for comfort and an aero wheel, design for maximum range, and this thing, like its predecessor, is a range monster, 282 miles from a 64 kilowatt hour battery thats efficient as well coming on the side here. A couple of other things, im noticing im a really big fan of this different color c pillar. I just think its an interesting design touch and its not just for aesthetics. What kiara is highlighting here is a rather clever feature air enters just here next, its just in inside the rear, brake light, increasing the cars efficiency and increasing your range once again around the back love these boomerang light designs, just really striking and, of course, being a Kia, its got to have a big old boots.

What have we got? Weve got 475 liters thats, bigger than any equivalent sized electric crossover suv and just a nice flat floor, nice flat lip, so you have to lift it over stuff again. This is kia rationality at play. Come on lets have a look inside Music. Oh yes, well! Well, well! Welcome to a very refreshed kia, nero ev interior im, getting big baby ev6 vibes from this cabin ev6 that one remember that one car of the year, incidentally recently just won that so take it as high praise. When i tell you that this cabin reminds me of its big sister, just really love, this two spoke steering wheel, design. That key is going with now with the new logo, physical buttons, on the wheel, where you want them again. Keir is so good at just making sure that those little things, those little things that a lot of brands get a bit wrong. That, then annoy you on a day to day basis, kia dont have any of those and thats why these arent annoying haptic touchy rub buttons really like the way theyve integrated this curved touchscreen into the dash design, like the shape of the dash in general, some interesting Material choices, some funky lights, i dont mind cars that have the tall portrait screen, but this is probably safer because its keeping your eye line nearer the road. In fact, this has a heads up display, so you dont even have to take your eyes off the road.

If you dont want to, this is a very important detail, and this is the thing i mostly want to focus on in this video, the coolest cup holder of any car ive ever seen you ready for this. Oh, yes, look at that ill. Tell you what makes me happy about this car and its the same for ev6. Amid this brand refresh, this redesign kia has remembered its roots and its roots are sensible, functional design cabins that just make sense. Everything is where you think its going to be. Nothing annoys. You in any way – and that has survived with this car thats – why weve got nice big physical buttons on the wheel instead of annoying haptic touchy ones. We do have some touchy buttons down here, but its really nicely done this panel here can switch between showing my climate control or my radio. It just tidies things up a bit less clutter where you dont want it wireless charger down there exactly where you would expect it to be, and on the outside, a couple of other sensible, thoughtful touches, including a frank just the 20 liters, but big enough for your Cables also worth noting this car has a 750 kilo towing capacity. I never remember to mention towing capacity and you always ask ive actually done it this time. One final thing that ive noticed these seats: oh oh theyre, ever so squashy. This is a new seat design for this car.

They look a bit like the ones in the ev6. I could really see myself sinking into one of these on a long road trip. Also so much cabin space in here. Look at all this headroom for big tall jack. This car, its worth noting doesnt sit on bespoke ev architecture like the ev6 does, because this car is also available as a hybrid and a p hev. Now that can potentially result in slightly less cabin space, but youd. Never guess it sitting in here ample room for your head and your feet same story in the back: lovely backseat, jack test, anyone six foot, five very tall seats in my driving position and do keep in mind. This is a compact crossover suv. This is not a huge car and yet have a look at this. Have a look at this. That is a properly spacious back row flat floor. I dont actually know how theyve done that, because this car shares its platform with hybrid models, and usually that means big transmission tunnel and yet all the room in the world a few feet back here, really really roomy car, proper, four adult seater and maybe a small One in the middle one last thing i must mention, because i forgot to when i was sat in the front vehicle to load – comes as standard on the nero just like it does on the ev6. Still quite a rare feature on new electric cars, but a really really useful one Music.

Well, they have it friends, a very quick speedy look at the new nero ev, exciting car, its always exciting when kia releases a new electric car because they are leaders in electrification, theyve got skin in the game. At this point, ev6 europe car of the year justifiably the inero, the old version, the second most popular electric car of all time in the uk and whats exciting about this new nero ev. Is it takes some of that ev6 spice and it adds it to an already very good recipe and its, not just evs, of course, if we include hybrids, kia already has 10 different electrified models on sale right now, with another 14 joining in the next four years. This one, however, i think this is going to be one of my favorites, but dont take my word for it. Go to your local kia dealership when this car is visiting as part of the electric experience road show and see it for yourself see it in the metal form. Your own opinions tell me if im wrong im, not so there we have it kia. Nero eevee really excited my first drive in this thing.