If youve been waiting for the right moment to join the battery powered automotive revolution, that time may just have arrived, given that there are now no longer any combustion engine versions of this sole, its just as well that this ev models, wltp rated all electric driving range – Is quite lengthy, 280 miles thats thanks to a large 64 kilowatt hour battery pack, that can be recharged to 80 in just an hour and a quarter providing you have access to a 50 kilowatt dc fast charger. If you havent, then a home war box, uh, 7.2 kilowatt one will charge a soul ev completely in nine hours. 35 minutes wish to give you some idea would use around nine pounds worth of electricity at current rates. Uh. You can eke out the range by using these steering wheel, paddles, which allow you to vary the amount of regenerative braking and by using the many ev features that are provided on the center dash screen. The powertrain develops 201 bhp and, like most tvs, this one feels rapid from rest making 62 miles an hour in 7.6 seconds. The suspension has been carefully worked on to try to deal with the effects of this cars. Rather, prodigious 1757 kilo curb weight not enough to make this car feel anything like a satisfying steer through the benz, though, if you happen to like previous versions of the sole youll, probably recognize this third generation model, which draws on this model lines boxy origins but adds A more modern feel the cabin design apparently draws.

Inspiration from the visualization of sound now were not quite sure what that means, but it probably explains the prominence of the signature tweeter speakers which bookend the dashboard youd expect the interior of an electric car to be fully digitalized and sure enough thats. What you get here, uh through the many buttoned three spoke multi function wheel. You view a seven inch, tft lcd supervision instrument, cluster, anything that this cant tell you will probably be found on the sophisticated 10.25 inch uvo center dash touchscreen. This is the infotainment display theres. No gear stick, of course, this being an ev uh, just this circular drive controller twist for reverse, neutral or drive and press park. The rear seat benefits from this mark 3 models, 30 millimeter increase in wheelbase length and the soles boxy dimensions, and that makes this rear bench feel far more spacious than more conventionally styled. Comparable compact hatches with a similar roadway footprint. A little surprisingly, given this cars square, equal looks uh boot capacity isnt as much as you get in this models. Kia e nero cousin 315 litres, as opposed to 451 car manufacturers, are now getting a lot smarter when it comes to developing electric vehicles and thats, something that say be demonstrated by this soul. Ev range anxiety used to be a sensible reason for not buying a full battery power model, but these days thats becoming less of a credible excuse for the majority of people. The 280 mile range figure offered here will be quite sufficient.