The motors the same, the battery packs are the same size. The dimensions are pretty much the same because its pretty much the same van. So when you do have platform sharing electric bands, the thing you have to do is look for the places where they are truly different and on the peugeot partner, thats, the cabin so lets start there. So the cabin. Why is it different? Well, peugeot? Have this thing called the i cockpit layout for their cabins and its not just a cabin layout, its actually used throughout their car, offering now peugeot say what you like about them: theres, a certain coco van or je ne sais quoi, something i cant really put my Finger on about, but i genuinely believe its the eye cockpit layout. The most prominent thing that youre going to notice in here, aside from the screens, which seem to be absolutely everywhere, is the little tiny steering wheel which has flat top and flat bottom loads of controls. And it looks like something out of buck rogers. You know i mean its its absolutely futuristic in here behind the steering wheel, youve got a fully digital instrumentation readout, which is very nice very clear. The battery charge level indicator is incredibly clear. Theres no confusion there. It you know its a very sort of sort of statement in your face. You have 98 battery power left and that translates to x amount of range. Um youve got on the other side a kind of how youre driving indicator, whether youre driving with regenerative, braking and actually pulling some power back into the battery or whether you are just literally gunning it foot to the floor and draining those batteries faster than i drain.

A mcdonalds milkshake youve also got the nice big screen in the center here, great infotainment displaced atlantis. I have this kind of nailed, really its nice and intuitive youve got that kind of touch button functions on the outside, again very techy. The kind of thing that you expect from a nice modern, electric van below that youve got your hard climate controls and im a big fan of twiddly knobs for climate controls, because i dont like having to use touch screens to adjust. How warm i am. I just dont think that, as a human being, i should have to do that. I want to just twiddle a knob and im going to bypass that one very, very fast. Now theres some storage under here theres a nice little area down here, but of course, its an electric vehicle, its automatic theres, no manual gear, changing required. Youve just got a very simple drive: selector switch here parking function at the top reverse neutral drive in the middle and down the bottom, a button that you can press that engages regenerative braking. What that does is basically, when you lift your foot off the accelerator, its kind of a simulation of engine braking, but what its actually doing is drawing power back into the batteries and thereby extending your range now, just to kind of clarify that wltp figures on the Range for these particular small bands is around 170 miles. In fact, if you want to get specific its 171 miles now, the way you achieve that kind of range is by using regenerative braking at the moment, im sitting here with a nearly 100 charge on the battery and ive got an indicated range of 157 miles.

Now the way im going to get those extra 20 is by using regenerative braking. Now, of course, i saw some comments on the previous review that we did for the citroen bolingo saying it. Wouldnt have taken you long to take it out driving. So what i did today was before we charged it all back up, so that i could do this bit in the review. Was we took it out on the road? I shoved four pickup truck alloy wheels in the back of it and we drove for a while, and basically what i saw was that the range when i got in was indicating around 157. Well. I know that i drove around 20 30 miles, but i actually lost around 40 miles of rain just a little bit cold today, theres lots of environmental things that can pull the range down and im not saying theyre deal breakers, but we just have to face the Reality were still almost at the kind of infancy, embryonic stage of electric vehicles, being something that you can grab hold of and drive and theyll be as practical as diesel or petrol equivalents. But what i will say is that these vehicles they perform quite well and actually, in a very rare instance, the wltp range well, you might not necessarily always hit 171 for real world. That indicator of 157 is probably about right, very cool. To see i mean, aside from that, in the cabin youve got some overhead storage youve got a nice little flip up bit here.

Youve got your standard glove box, youve got door, storage and youve got a bench seat for two people, although i will say its a small van. So its going to be a little bit cramped in here. Whoever gets to sit in the middle theyre going to get their knees bashed into on the front here and theyre also going to be awkwardly rubbing knees with the person next to them. But it is what it is: its a small van, its electric, its modern okay. So it does well in the cabin lets, go to the other place that a vehicle like this has to do well. Lets head to the cargo area. Stalantis small bands are pretty good, i mean when it comes to the cargo area, theyre actually more than pretty good. They have incredible accessibility, youve, obviously got the back doors here, which are kind of a 60 40 configuration big door that side slightly smaller door this side. Now a lot of manufacturers have to make some compromises on dimensions when theyre sticking battery packs in. But you know what stolantis fair play to them. They know that these vans have to work. They know that transitioning to electric isnt, just something you can do and kind of forgive and forget and, like you know, kind of push a few things to the side and make compromises. So what theyve done is theyve slung all the battery packs under the bottom of the floor of the cargo area, meaning that the cargo areas dimensions, all of which will be whizzing around me right now, including the payload.

They stayed exactly the same now. Payload is lower as youd expect by around 200 kilograms than the diesel version, but its you know you have to make some trade off. Obviously, the extra weight of the battery just brings down the amount of weight you can carry because youre already carrying a little bit more. So when i said you dont have to make that many compromises. You have to make 200 kilograms of compromise, but i think youll agree its, probably not the worst thing in the world. This is a small van, so high density loads, thats, all good its all well and good anyway, if youre still having a few niggles in the brain, even when ive spoken about range and how the loading area has not been compromised whatsoever lets go to the one Final area, where the peugeot e partner might just tip you over the edge and into getting an electric van for your next van this, this right here is what i hope is going to set aside any range anxiety. You might have ive been told by countless countless van drivers across the uk that the two major things that stop them from jumping over into the electric van world is range anxiety and is actually driving an electric van going to affect my bottom line positively. Well, the second one: yes, if you lease it the first one: yes, if you get a van that comes with a rapid charge, capable charging port as standard, because with 171 miles range, wltp 157 real world being able to charge up rapidly at a ccs 100 kilowatt.

Rapid charger is fantastic and to be fair, how often do you actually drive 160 miles a day if you lease it with us as well, you get yourself a free home charging box, which means you can charge overnight. So i dont understand where people get to when they start thinking about im going to be running out of range. This just couldnt possibly work for me because actually thats fair enough thats, your view thats your opinion, but when you have this rapid charging capability and a battery pack thats capable of 160 miles thereabouts, i feel like youre kind of set, hey look. I could be wrong. Let me know in the comments below and with that i think its pretty much time to wrap it up, so im going to go back to the front to do that. So how do we finish this one well, having just reviewed the citroen ebelingo? Getting the peugeot e partner in was a little bit of a head scratcher. For me, i said at the end of the citronie bolingo that ultimately i believe that brand loyalty is going to be the thing that you know actually determines which one of these many bands that are the same is the one you actually go for. But if i had to put any money on it, i would say that if youve got into the front of the peugeot partner after getting into the front of any of the other stalantis small bands, i think youd plump.

For this one give it a try, see what you think.