I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im reviewing the fiat 500e ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not, with its luxurious interior and affordable Price, oh and one more thing before i start, i figured out why electric vehicles are so expensive its because they charge a lot. Okay, now back to the video, the first electric car from the italian manufacturer, fiat, the 500e is presented on march 4th 2020 and launched in europe in october for its transition. The city car goes upmarket and breaks its popular and extravagant appearance with a retro chic silhouette. The fiat 500e a two door, pure electric hatchback, is available as a standalone well equipped trim in california and oregon electrifies. The 500 range every year. New electric vehicles with enhanced range and usefulness are introduced and with the 500 ease, outdated, specs and a plethora of competing rivals such as nissan leaf and volkswagen e golf, its going to be a difficult alternative to contemplate. The 500e falls short in several areas when compared to other evs, particularly in terms of range with rival, exceeding it by two or three times its also falling behind in terms of infotainment and safety features.

The 500e is meant to feel like a standard gasoline powered syncasendo while yet instantly regenerating power, unlike other evs in the market that exhibit a pronounced, drag feeling when the accelerator foot is released. By contrast, comparing the fiat 500e to its all electric competitors is becoming evident. That the 500e has a long way to go before catching up, despite its existence as a standalone, all electric variation of the 500 series, since its introduction in 2013, its gotten a little notice. This is due to fiat releasing the 500e only for the purpose of meeting the zero emission car criteria established by the state governments of california and oregon respectively. The 500e is called a compliance car, because automakers of a particular scale must have at least a modest fraction of their sales volume derived from zero emission vehicles. This is why the 500e is designated as a compliance vehicle. Unfortunately, its also the reason why the 500e performs so poorly, in contrast to other electric vehicles on the market, particularly in terms of range. So, despite the fact that the 500e has been neglected, it continues to provide the distinctive design beloved by fiat enthusiasts, as well as the nimbleness and agility that have made it such a renowned city car, its also reasonably priced and cost effective, and because the 500 has Never been designed to be a long distance traveler in any form acquiring the 500e would be an excellent option for die hard fiat 500 fans to make the transition to an all electric vehicle, design and engineering.

The 500e is aerodynamically designed with a wind tunnel, sculpted form and retro, futuristic dot, matrix inspired by cues for cutting edge, look while maintaining its classic retro italian charm, daytime running lamps by function, halogen projector, headlamps front fog, lamps body, color, electrically heated side mirrors and an Eco spoiler are all standard on the hatchback, which rides on 15 inch painted aluminium rims. The fiat 500e is one of the tiniest electric vehicles available. It measures a modest 142.4 inches in length with a total body, weight of 60.1 inches and a width of 64.1 inches, making it even shorter than the gasoline 500 overall, although the wheelbase stays the same at 90.6 inches with a curb weight of 2980 pounds, its a Lot heavier than the gasoline 500. vesuvio black granita gray, colosseum gray, clear coat, pompeii silver and luminosa orange are among six colors offered for the 500e. The perla white tri color is available for an extra five hundred dollars. The luminosa orange is the finest match for the 500e retro, futuristic, design and dot matrix style, cues interior, the front cabin is roomy in every way, and the heated reclining front seats include a position, memory function, unique headrests and an easy entrance pull liver. The driver is pleasantly positioned with decent view and location behind the wheel and pedals. The 500e is simpler to live with. If you consider its a two seater car as the back seats, are quite tight and are best utilized as a trunk extension, the 500e trunk and cargo capacity are all one might anticipate minimal.

It can fit about a single big baggage case and its 7 cubic feet of room, which is almost double when the 50 50 split folding rear seats are folded down. The glove box is the only roomy container in the car, so in cabin storage, isnt, very spectacular, the front and rear floor mounted cup holders are tiny and the front seat back. Map pockets are a tight, fit the uconnect access app, which lets 500e owners access. The onboard uconnect 3 system, via their mobile device, is to operate certain basic car features like remote, locking and temperature setting and its the most prominent feature on the 500e, because the 500e is a standalone model. It comes standard with rear parking, sensors, a rear view, camera remote, locking automatic climate control, cruise control, manually, adjustable heated front seats with driver side, height adjustment, premium, vinyl, upholstery, leather, wrapped and tilt adjusted, steering wheel, an auto dimming rear view, mirror and 50 50 split, folding Rear seats, a motorized sunroof is available for an extra 795 dollars and a mix of nero thats black and steam white inside accents is available for an extra ‘5 dollars. The 500e infotainment system is basic, consisting of a uconnect 3 system with am and fm radio satellite radio, gps navigation and integrated voice command with bluetooth connectivity in a 5 inch touchscreen display. The system is connected to the standard fiat alpine six speaker audio system and the media hub is the center console and has a single, usb and auxiliary connection, as well as a 12 volt power outlet for device communication and charging, as well as an extra usb port.

In the glove box, apple, carplay and android, auto are not supported by the infotainment system performance. The fiat 500e is powered by an 83 kilowatt electric motor that produces 147 pound feet of torque through a single speed automatic gearbox to the front wheels for the 500e. This is the sole engine and gearbox combination offered. The high torque levels create a rapid drive away sensation from the stop, while the power inverter module, delivers a quick accelerator pedal response throughout the drive for swift, passing power and smooth interstate speeds. The 500e accelerates to 60 miles per hour in 8.2 seconds, which is rather speedy for its class, with its liberal balance and enthusiasm to take turns. The 500e is one of the more excitable evs on the market. The steering wheel feels hefty during linear driving, but loosens up well and delivers enough input through turns according to test drivers. The 500e braking is solid and quick with none of the sluggishness that regenerative brakes are known for, although the suspension provides a more unsettled ride on uneven roads and the short wheelbase allowing for some jostling over greater undulations. The ride quality is mainly soft and quiet. The nhtsa and the iihs have not yet examined the fiat 500e, although the regular variant of the 500 range, which is almost comparable, has been tested. The iihs gave this model an excellent overall rating, with the exception of a small overlap, front driver test which earned a poor rating, although the nhtsa did not give the 500 an overall safety rating.

It received 4 out of 5 stars in the frontal crash and rollover tests battery life. The 500e has an estimated range of 84 miles on a full charge to enhance the vehicles, efficiency, the regenerator brakes, utilize 100 percent of the regenerative capacity, all the way down to 8 mph in most circumstances in city highway and mixed driving cycles. The 83 kilowatt electric motor, coupled with the single speed gearbox transmission, obtains epa values of 121 103 112 mpge. A standard 120 volt outlet can fully charge the rechargeable 24kwh lithium ion battery in approximately 24 hours, while a level 2 charger can finish the charge in around 4 hours price and model range. The fiat 500e has a starting msrp of 33 210, which excludes taxes, registration licensing and the 1495 destination charge imposed by fiat. The 500 e also comes with a 7250 rebate as standard and customers are eligible for the 7500 federal tax credit. Clean vehicle rebates of up to 4 500 are available to california customers subject to income restrictions with all of these variables in mind. The 500e is one of the most cost effective all electric vehicles on the market. However, the base nissan leaf s trim offers a lower starting price, msrp of twenty nine thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars because of the 500 e, its standalone all electric model theres. Just one well equipped trim available at its base price. The 500e has a lot to offer, including a lot of safety features that includes an audible, pedestrian warning system and the park sense, rear park, assist system, heated, front premium, leatherette, bucket seats and driver and front passenger seat memory are two more notable features.

The esport package, which costs 495 dollars and includes nero black trimmed lights, black painted and orange accented aluminium wheels and orange mirror caps with a body side. Stripe may be added to the 500e. Fiat has not issued any recalls for the 2019 500e and no complaints have been filed by the owners of the 2019 model. The 2015 fiat 500e was the most frequently reported model with a burnt charger cord, its also considered the worst model, for various reasons. Luckily, dependability has improved since then. The fiat 500e comes with a 4 year: 50 000 mile basic warranty and an 8 year 100 000 mile power train, warranty and 4 years of roadside support. This wraps up my review of the fiat 500e. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking it out through the very end of this video. Nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video. These videos take a long time to make and they are a labor of love.