I have a new model. This is a brand new casting new for 2022 number 130 of 250.. This is hot wheels, green speed. It is the gmc hummer, ev and freaking, yellow its gon na be freaking. Yellow, oh anyway, lets get it out all kinds of crunchy noises, so i probably would end up getting a couple of views on this video, because this is a new casting. It does have the bells and the whistles on the back of the truck they use. The black base now ill show the bottom, but there aint nothing to look at underneath because its an electric vehicle theyre all flat and plain under the bottom, so thats, the black. The back bumper and the front, bumper black, which looks good and then going around the wheel, wells and stuff, is black and they did put the tampons on the front its just a the tampos on the back and on the front are more or less really simple. It has no metal top its like a plastic glass, looking top with a skateboard in the back yeah and this part of the bed there. They, you know thats the die cast and you can use flat black paint to make it look like its one piece of the bed, so theres, all the interior right there, whatever there is to look at this, has the wheels that have the center piece on them. So i think that this will probably end up being a good roller.

Its got black wheels with chrome, bead locks that look pretty good on there lets see how she rolls this ones got some this ones fish tail and then the rear end. This one probably might not Laughter it might not roll all that good its too wide for the track ill. Tell you that doesnt fit on the track very well. It doesnt fit at all on it, its too wide so too big all right, but um. I can get it to roll on this flat part. It doesnt roll that great, because ive got a bent, axle or something okay lets get a better look alrighty there. It is so ill. Tell you right now there are going to be people who are going to be interested in this casting mostly because its a brand new casting its new, so theyre going to want to collect it. Just because of that. But as far as the casting itself, im gon na be flat out honest with you, i think it sucks. I dont like it at all. I think its ugly, its yellow, i dont, like it, yellow its an electric vehicle. I dont like electric vehicles and i dont like how its no metal on top and its not a real hummer. You know the best homer to me will always be the the real wide army version type of military version, hummer now im just that dont mean that this thing aint no beast, though i guarantee you that that this thing has got a lot of power.

A lot of pulling power and stuff its got a lot of torque, because electric vehicles do, but i still dont like it though it just. It seems like something that would end up having a lot of electrical problems like 10 years from now, and they dont make. No noise, like a gasoline vehicle, you know get a gasoline vehicle you can have. You know sounds from the exhaust, but with electric vehicle it dont make no noise. So a lot of people dont know this, because the cars are new. But years from now, when those cars start getting some age on them, theyre going to start rattling and shaking and making all kinds of noises its going to be very annoying and theres going to be a lot of electrical problems with these cars too. You know because electronics start fading out, they start going bad and a lot of people are not going to know how to fix it. Theyll end up having to buy new parts and its going to be expensive, so thats, why i dont really like them. But the idea of having something electric and not having to spend money on gas is kind of nice in a way. But that doesnt mean that you wouldnt, that does that doesnt mean that eventually, when you go to charge your vehicle that youre gon na have to pay for electricity, just like you do with gas and at one time at one time it will probably cost just as Much to charge your car as it is to fill it up with gas might be years down the road, but eventually itll probably happen, and one of the flaws with these things is the charging on them any like you go to the gas station, and i went To the gas station the other day – and i put 20 dollars worth in, which gave me like four or five gallons and it was the fastest gas pump i ever seen in my life.

It literally took me, like no more than 30 seconds to fill up. My tank, the numbers, are spinning so fast, i couldnt even read the numbers, but if youre like empty and you go to charge your vehicle, it could take like a half hour to charge it now. If you got three or four people in front of you and theyre all on low and it takes them all a half hour, youre going to wait there an hour and a half just to charge your vehicle, you know anyways uh. One reason i dont really like is because its yellow uh but im not much on it to begin with, i dont like it.