. This is a very futuristic looking car, a full ev from hyundai, and this particular one is the ultimate its about 305 brake horsepower, naught 60 and the low fives around 5.1, so quite similar in terms of performance to the mustang mackie that i hadnt reviewed very recently. So, im going to go for a quick drive and well just talk about the comparisons, how this stacks up against the ford and just see what its like to drive overall before we do that. Well, take a quick look around the outside of the car and then well hop in and go for a drive so with a quick walk around of the ionic five very futuristic, looking machine. So, to start with, here its always a good time when youve got some nice michelin tires on there. These are huge 20 inch alloy wheels as well. I, like the paint on this, its kind of a flip between blue and green, its quite a nice touch, but yeah just a very futuristic, looking car overall, quite a different car to the mackie in many respects, and particularly in terms of looks, this is kind of Like if you asked somebody from the 1980s to design a car from 2020, i think they draw something like this almost reminds me of the delorean from the back to the future, but yeah. What do you think for this guys very different sort of looking machine isnt? It particularly from the back just this huge led strip bar on the back there, while were at the back.

Well, have a quick look in the boot quick look in the boot, so quite a decent sized boot. It seems a little bit bigger than the mackie. A little bit deeper, still very shallow. You lose a lot of room in these electric cars due to batteries and motors etc, but not too bad and a very, very spacious, cabin inside again, like the mackie, its got a flat floor, theres no transmission tunnel, so loads of room in there have a quick Look inside so youve got these door handles here which bring themselves out, so you can gain access easily and yeah, just a very clean simplistic. Looking interior, all this room down here plenty of storage space. Here there arent really too many storage, cubbies youve got one there. Youve got one there and then youve got some quite small door bins actually and then the glove box is a reasonable size but yeah there arent actually many individual cubbies um, but you do have a lot of overall space and in the back again, very spacious. Just very very simple, clean design in this car – oh and also your seats in the back – are heated as well, which is a nice touch, yeah, so your rear seat. Passengers can have some nice warm bottoms right. So here we are inside the ionic five um. Oh, i, like these blue lights to light up around the bow speakers there theyre pretty cool, so nice futuristic looking cabin.

This is quite different to the mackie and that its kind of flipped around on its side, the mackie is portrayed in terms of the infotainment, but this is a nice landscape. Theres a bit more going on here as well. Youve got a separate area for the climate, and youve got a separate area for the sat nav and the instrument cluster, as well, so to put it into drive theres a stalk here, where youd probably normally find your wipers and stuff its actually underneath the wipers. Well, go into drive and we shall begin now. What i like about this car straight out, the box is your drive mode selection button. It just makes switch and drive mode its very easy you dont have to fiddle around with the the computer. You literally just press the button. Youve got eco, normal and sport now im going to go in normal, initially just to see what thats like and yeah. So it feels incredibly its almost echoing in here its so spacious um yeah. It feels huge in here. The window is excellent visibility. These pillars here are quite thin as well, so it is very light. An airy in here, but yeah its weird its all. It is almost echoey weve got no panoramic roof on this um which we did have in the mackie. So a bit of a minus one. For me, there weve got a a heads heads up display in this car and its displaying the speed of the sat nav, and also the traffic sign recognition system now in terms of range.

This car is said to deliver just under 300 miles, now, im not going to have time to do any any real test of the range, so im, not really too sure, but weve got 83 percent in here, so theres its going to be plenty of battery. For me to do this drive without any charging talking of charging as well. What i do like is the charging flap, you just press a button and the charging flap will open electronically and then to close it youll press a button and it will close electronically as well. So what is it actually like to drive? Well, like most evs, its incredibly smooth, i always notice that when i jump in an ev when i say that ive only driven the mackey, but that was very smooth as well, just incredibly effortless and smooth with no drama whatsoever so were going to pull out the Junction here so im going to go and sport. I just want to see what the initial punch is like out of a junction, so these cars – they just amaze me how fast they are theyre, just so effortlessly quick – and this is no exception nor to 60. In 5.1 seconds in this particular car with 305 brake horsepower its certainly no slouch so yeah. If you just slow down or slow down nobody behind us and wow, you probably saw my head go back there that wasnt exaggerated these things just off the line.

They really do go, but i want to see how this car handles, how it takes bumps, because for me, these cars, they do weigh quite a lot around. The two ton mark usually for an electric suv like this, and i noticed with the mackie so im going to keep harping back to the mackie because im this is a comparison between the two. Basically, in my eyes, ive just had a mackie, so the ride in the maki was very very bumpy, whereas already in this, i can feel the ride is a lot smoother its noticeably different to the mackey and for me, with a car like this thats. How you want it to be, you dont, want to be sort of made to feel sick from the ride of the car, but yeah so into these corners. It also feels all the brakes the the brakes dont feel too great, though i think i really need to crikey yeah the brake be careful with the brakes guys. You really do need to need to step on them to get them to stop theres. Quite a lot of travel in the pedal, and then you will get most of the force towards the bottom of the pedal, but in terms of brake pedal assistance, there isnt much there, its a very linear pedal, so yeah. But anyway, as i was about to say before the brakes just caught me out, the car, the car feels actually quite light, um its quite surprising, into the corners.

How light it actually feels. So the acceleration is effortless yeah. So it does feel quite flat into the corner, the only it does become a little bit uh disrupted. If there are bumps through the corner, then it does kind of almost wallow a little bit, but in terms of actual body roll from just the corner itself, it really isnt too bad lets turn around in here also um, just touching back on the tech weve got When you go to reverse, youve also got the the 360 view which just helps when youre maneuvering the vehicle covers all angles. So im going to take this opportunity guys to do a little bit of a little bit of a launch. Now i dont have my timing gear with me today, but well. Just stop here. Well, do a bit of a launch wow wow that is its brutal up to 40 miles per hour very brutal. I cant see many things keeping up with this to 40. To be fair, when you get past 40, it does start to ease off a little bit, as is the way with electric vehicles. But this is a kind of this is a bit of a weird car for me, because it doesnt really look sporty. I think its because its such a different looking car take take cars for the tesla, for example the the mustang mackie. They theyre unique electric vehicles, but they look sporty with it, whereas this is so futuristic.

Looking it doesnt kind of i dont know it looks almost not bland but its quite plain, futuristic looking if youre with me, but then you have this performance which would match a sportier looking car, so its its a bit of a wolf in sheeps, clothing, id say, But yeah very lovely car to drive its just the brakes for me, its they need the brakes need to be better yeah, so one negative is the brakes, but in terms of the weight the way it rides, the way it handles for what the car is. This car is also assisting me with steering um. This has a level of autonomy, this vehicle its not fully autonomous, but its quite strange because it is its assisting me with steering into the corners now im sure i could turn that off, but just kind of seeing what its like to to drive a bit on To be honest, oh this, this would just be so comfortable on a long road trip. I think i think electric cars are going to take on theyre going to people are going to uh warm towards them quicker than what than what were anticipating. I think, as soon as you drive these cars, you kind of appreciate what theyre all about and i think its important that our infrastructure is adjusted to suit, because at the moment the infrastructure just isnt really there to cater for people bulk buying electric vehicles. So it needs to be a gradual process, the buying of electric vehicles.

All the government needs to really hurry up and we need to to get more charging stations dotted around the country, particularly in remote locations, so yeah guys that that is it in comparison to the the mackey, its its quite a difficult one. Really, the mackie feels a bit more like a more of a traditional vehicle, thats fully electric, whereas this is kind of a whole new kind of car. In terms of its looks, the autonomous features, so they are very different performance is quite similar. Obviously, the mackie is a bit more wallowy in its ride um, but they both do handle quite well and they both they both get you down a road very quickly, both very roomy in the cabin the mustang probably loses out in terms of the boot space, but Um yeah: this is a nice car, though guys, if youve got a family and you want to get into the ev market, you want to have a car thats going to get your places in comfort. That looks really cool as well, then. Definitely a car to consider anyway, guys that is it from me and the onik5. I hope youve enjoyed this video bit of a whistle stop tour.