The eevee version. Also known as e nero leads in its category having sold more than 145 000 units globally since its introduction in 2018 and still remains to be a strong seller. Even despite the fact that the all new next generation model is already launched. While most of the world will be waiting a long time for the all new model to arrive, there is a piece of good news from korea that would pique the interest of many people who are still looking for an eevee that offers great value with quality and Reliability to boot. In this episode, we will explore kias plan to make use of the excellent first generation, nero to open up a whole new possibility, not only in the commercial sectors but for personal use as well. So before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell, if you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question thats presented at the end of the video in the recent investor day – presentation, the Self proclaimed sustainable mobility solutions provider kia expressed its eager intention of entering into the pbv or purpose built vehicles. Business kia says that a dedicated lineup of pbvs will be introduced in 2025, built on the ev platform, known as es thats, specifically developed for commercial vehicle applications, and the first dedicated model is to be a mid size vehicle with inherent scalability and will help to achieve Its target of becoming a market leader in the pbv segment by 2030.

. Until then, kia is launching the new nero plus to serve as its first foray into the pbv segment developed as a cheap solution to fulfill the demand for affordable electric taxis and car hailing service. Cars, starting with the domestic korean market, as a huge incentive, exists at each level of the municipal and provincial government to proliferate the usage of evs as public transportation. The neuroplus is essentially a stretched version of the original nero with some modifications, especially the interior and the connectivity features to accommodate its intended use. However, the availability of the new nero plus is not limited to the taxi operators or car hailing service providers, but also to the general public, which would make it a great option in this day and age, where good evs are hard to come by. In fact, it may even be a better buy than the all new kia niro ev, which is about to be released, and here are the reasons why the first is its price advantage. The all new neros official price has not been released. However, judging from the price increase in korea, which saw an increase of up to 10 versus the outgoing model, its certain that the all new model will see a similar increase in the international markets as well, this means the current nero ev that has a starting price Of 40 000 could see an increase of up to a whopping 4 000, when the 2023 euro arrives in the summer of this year.

However, its reported that the nero plus will be sold at the price very similar to the current nero, which would continue to represent one of the best values in the market. As the all new nero would struggle to find clear price delineation from the ev6 thats bigger and has better charging technology, but with a starting price of only forty thousand nine hundred dollars, albeit with smaller battery with a bit shorter range. This brings to the second reason why nero plus may be a better choice while going up in the price, the all new neuro, still utilizes the same technology as the outgoing model, for example, the second generation nero ev, still uses practically the same battery as the previous Model with 64.8 kilowatt hours, capacity, an improvement of only 0.8 kilowatt hours that now offers 253 miles or 407 kilometers in the range from the previous 2′ miles or 385 kilometers. However, this extended range comes at the cost of the power output of the front wheel, driving electric motor, as the new torque figure is now reduced to 188 pound feet from the previous versions, beefy 291 pound feet. The horsepower does remain at 201, horsepower to offer zero to 60 miles per hour at 7.5 seconds, which is slower than the current nero that can do the same run in 6.2 seconds for comparison, the base, ev6 rear wheel, drive standard range with a 58 kilowatt hours Battery offers 168 horsepower with 258 pound feet of torque, achieving zero to 60 miles per hour in about eight seconds and 232 miles or 373 kilometers in range.

However, the ev6 rides on the egmp dedicated ev platform that features the state of the art 800 volt charging system that offers a blazingly fast charge, time of just 18 minutes 10 to 80, compared to the 400 volt derivative, nero ev with a new claim speed of 45 minutes, which is a tad faster than the outgoing neros 54 minutes, but the difference felt in day to day use may be negligible. What is affect the day to day usability of evs might be the space that they offer, which is the third reason to choose. The nero plus over the all new nero the upcoming nero did increase in size from the outgoing model by growing in all directions. The newest nero now measures 4420 millimeters or 174.0 inches long 1825, millimeters or 71.6 inches wide and 545 millimeters or 60.8 inches tall, which is 65 millimeters or 2.6 inches longer and 20 millimeters or 0.8 inches wider than before. The wheelbase also grows by 20 millimeters and now measures 720, millimeters or 107.1 inches, affording more interior space. However, not to be outdone, the nero plus is also stretched, heightened and modified to offer more space and versatility than the normal first generation nero and even the all new nero. The vehicle has been stretched by 10, millimeters or 0.4 inches, and the wheelbase is the same. But the readjustment in the rear seat placement has increased the rear leg room to 942, millimeters or 37 inches, which is an increase of 28 millimeters or 1.

1 inches versus the normal model compared to only 20 millimeters or 0.8 inches increase obtained by the all new neuro. The most obvious change to the nero plus is the taller roof and its height has increased by 80 millimeters or 3.1 inches for added headroom of 50 millimeters or full two inches for front passengers and 64 millimeters or 2.5 inches for rear passengers. Furthermore, to maximize the interior space beyond the gains obtained by making the body bigger, the nero plus has thinner seats as well as a slimmer interior door panel inside the rest of the interior is largely unchanged, but to serve its purpose as a taxi or hailing car. There are grab handles mounted on the b pillars to facilitate access, while door panel reflectors have been installed for added passenger safety. Also, the front passenger seat has been modified to include the electric reclining and slide feature that can be controlled by the driver to allow maximum space for the rear passenger. Furthermore, the headrest has been lowered by 43, millimeters or 1.7 inches to provide better forward visibility to the rear passengers. The biggest highlight of the interior is the new infotainment system, although it does not offer the all new neros beautiful. Dual 10.25 inch panoramic lcds. The nero plus also offers a 10.25 inch screen, thats known as the all in one display that integrates a digital tachograph navigation, as well as a taxometer, a required tool of the trade. If you opt for the taxi version, there is also the owner operator version that will feature the camping option to take advantage of the larger interior space.

Finally, for the styling, aside from the distinguishing taller roof design, the exterior modification includes the newly designed daytime running light. Revised ev, grille and skid plate its obviously not going to be as provocative as the show car based new neros exterior, but the taller roof now offers that rugged suv. Look that stands out and would be a plus and the fourth reason to purchase the nero plus. If youre looking for a more conservative looking car, so in summary, if you are looking for an ev, thats, affordable, efficient and reliable proven by its long standing as one of the best sellers as well as being ranked number one in jd power, ev ownership study among Mass market electric cars two years in a row, the nero plus, would present a strong argument and the fifth reason to purchase it over the all new car, the sixth and the final reason, and perhaps the most important reason. Maybe its availability, unlike the all new nero which is expected to be affected by the delivery delay, that most of the late models, such as the ev6 and the sportage, are suffering from with the expected weighting of up to one year. The nero plus, which is built on the same assembly line as the readily available current nero ev, would have little supply issues relatively speaking after the pre order and the commencement of the production next month in korea. The nero plus is expected to be available globally as well, including in europe, north america and australia as versatile as the new nero plus, with its ability to be used in multiple ways from being a business car.

A daily driver, as well as a recreational vehicle with the innovative camping option, it may become another best seller for kia. As for the end of the video question, even if you have no intention of becoming an uber driver, would you still consider purchasing the new nero plus for its versatility, proven ev capability and affordability? Please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below or in the description thanks for watching, auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell. So as not to miss any of our new videos, it would help the channel greatly if you could view our videos as soon as they are uploaded and watch them all the way until the end, which would help to reach more people also to support our channel. Even further, please join our membership and enjoy the exclusive content and preview of the upcoming episodes. Finally, dont forget to join our forum and share your passion for korean cars. At See you next time with the latest korean car news.