All-New Kia Niro EV- 1st Look Inside and Out

My name is derek reilly. We are still in frankfurt at the kia european headquarters, and today we are just after getting our embargo released on the brand new nero ev used to be called the e nero, but it is the nero ev thats going to be the name globally, theyre not going To […]

KIA Niro electric First Look! – NEW e-Niro Niro EV Revealed

com do a little jump of joy when kia announces a new car and whilst the ev6 is the one grabbing most of the limelight, its the e neuro thats been quietly getting the big sales numbers. In fact, britains second best selling electric car is the e nero right behind the all conquering tesla […]

2022 Kia Soul EV Maxx Review | Honest Car Reviews

So lets start off with that. Styling, when you first look at the car, particularly in this color, it does make a certain character spring to mind its very funky. Looking, though, its very different using a straw poll of friends and neighbours that have seen the car over the last week, it seems to […]

TATA Nexon EV 14000KM Ownership Review & Questionnaire.

So without further ado lets get started uh my relationship with the next one evie has been almost one and a half years old. I bought nexon eb after the birth of my first child. I live in delhi. The situation of pollution is not very good here. Its in the severe state for many […]

It Has My Attention – 2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5 Limited AWD Review

You do not want one of these unless, of course, youre. Okay, with a lot of extra attention. Im chris from auto academics and today were going to take a look at the all new 2022 hyundai ioniq 5 limited with all wheel, drive Music, its rare when a production vehicle actually looks like its […]


Ev expo today, so lots of electric cars behind me here at castle hills so looking forward to it lets go check it out. All right lets. Do a sweep around first lots of cars to look at today. Oh, look at that one thats cool! It goes all the way around the showground lots […]

KIA EV6 2022 | the best electric SUV? | Australia

Im checking out this awesome. Looking all electric ev6 from kia in the top gt line, trim with dual motors in batman, black and batman, im, not sure if its actually called that its based on the same platform as the ionic 5 and thats. An awesome car that were pretty familiar with. So throughout […]

2022 MG ZS EV English Review – Autoportal

Tvs really are the big business now, and mg is one of the first few car makers to offer you an even india. This, of course, is the new and updated mg zsev Music. This, of course, is the update for 2022.. The face of the car has been completely modified, weve got a new […]

Polestar 2 – Expert review by DC EV

This is the pole, star 2 and, following on from the limited run and gorgeous poster one, this is the follow up, and this is the big deal. This is the one a lot of people are going to be interested in because it is a real rival for the tesla model. 3.. So what […]

2022 MG ZS EV Review: Fastest And Most Economical Electric SUV | Motor Ahead | India Ahead

Earlier this month, theyve launched the all new zs ev, indias, first purest, electric suv with internet insight. By the look of it, the car looks like a compact suv. Its got broad shoulder lines: its got a new uh electric grille in the front and hawkeye led headlamps from the side. The car does […]