2022 Facelifted MG ZS EV Review | ThrustZone

com this is mohit sony right in front of you is the facelifted mg zv. Yes, we drove it in 2018, we told you about it and how impressed we were with the car in terms of range in the way how it felt to drive and the way it looked were going to do […]

2022 MG ZS EV | Does it justify the premium? | First Drive Review | TURBOCHARGED

It looks more modern and gets a host of additions too Music, but before that lets take a quick look at the design changes. The updated zeras evil looks a lot like gaster that was launched last year, particularly thanks to the headlamp design, which makes it look sleeker and more modern. However, there is […]


Not only can it drive diagonally, but this fully charged totally. Electric suv is unquestionably groundbreaking, offering all of the advantages of both a pickup truck and suv. It is the worlds first, zero emissions, zero limits, all electric super truck designed to handle any terrain in the fall of 2023. This suv variant of […]

EV Review – Mazda RX8 with Nissan Leaf Drivetrain Electric Vehicle Review.

I thought long and hard about how to review the car its a video outside its a video. In my workshop. None of it really worked. I didnt really look very good, so i thought you know what what better way of reviewing my electric rx 8 than driving it. So here i am Applause. […]

First Look Review: Lotus Evija EV | Next Electric Car

I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments below in todays video im […]

Full Details Production Kia EV9 Electric SUV for Europe and North America Starting in April 2023!

After all, the ev9 will replace the sorento as the largest kia vehicle to be available on the european continent. This comes as a bit of a shock for the whole car community because, as we have reported in the past, the ev9 wasnt really supposed to be launched in the old world. According to […]

Pure EV ETryst 350 Electric Bike Full Review in Telugu 2022 | Electric Bike Ride, Range and Features

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2022 MG ZS EV: First Drive Review

The zsev took on the hyundai kona in a microscopic space. Now, while in these years, the space hasnt really grown, the zsevs comparison is also often drawn with the nexon ev from tata motors. The nexon is far more affordable but far less premium, and it is this premiumness and a superior drive range […]

2022 MG ZS EV road test review | How far can it go on one charge? | OVERDRIVE

Now, apart from the obvious visual differences, its got a larger battery pack, its got a little bit more power, its got a little bit more tech inside as well, but importantly, that larger battery pack means more range. On top of what was already a pretty efficient eevee, that means that weve got the […]

2022 MG ZS EV First Drive Review | Can it be your only SUV? | autoX

Now the number of suvs on the road are getting higher and higher, and the most popular kind of suvs are the mid sized ones like the hyundai creta and the mg aster. But you know what else is getting higher aside from snoop dogg, its the rising fuel prices. So if you are in […]