Kia’s New Niro EV: Jack’s First Impressions!

Take you through some of my favorite features and then im going to tell you about kias electric experience roadshow because as youre watching this right now, the new nero ev is touring around the uk visiting every kia dealership. To give you the opportunity to do what im about to do, have a nosey […]

Short review of Kia Soul EV

If youve been waiting for the right moment to join the battery powered automotive revolution, that time may just have arrived, given that there are now no longer any combustion engine versions of this sole, its just as well that this ev models, wltp rated all electric driving range – Is quite lengthy, 280 miles […]

Indian EV 2 wheeler market, should you buy one? Ola scooter catching fire. #ola #revolt #PureEV

This is exactly what ola is. They have not done their research as per indian climate. Now the people who have actually done their homework is a company like etho and the problem with electric fire. Unlike petrol fire diesel fire, it does not require oxygen, so the chemical reaction is such that it just […]

Renault Megane e-Tech First Drive – New Megane eTech electric hatchback review / Electrifying

And just by that, that is the renault mcgann e tec, electric thats it you can stop watching now, but if you want to know why you should buy it, then youre going to have to stick with me youre still with me. Thank you and lets have a proper chat about this one in […]

Toyota's ALL NEW 7 Electric Cars That SHOOK The Entire EV Industry!

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Avera Retrosa Electric Scooter Customer Review | EV India | Electric Vehicles

Today i am here at sanatnagar, hyderabad telangana state, to know the full information and genuine ownership review of avera retrosa. So lets start the video Music. Now mr prasad is with us hello, mr prasad. How are you yeah im good? How are you yeah im, fine, so ill start with the basic question? […]

Why is the Hyundai Kona EV so popular? A New Zealand review.

This is a prop its its its empty. Like my part, i know the kona evie is not new news, but owners of these cars absolutely love them, so it deserves a closer look first and foremost price and range. This machine. With its 64 kilowatt hour, battery pack will set you back 71 365 […]

Best electric car you can afford | Henery | MinCar | 22 Lakh | 150km Range | नेपालीमा

Oh henry min cart. This is mini intro, gotham and youre. Watching me on ng world Music as a muff period. Future electric super compact yet noticeable. While driving in the streets, your car for design 16 amp your machine, its my dc fast charging option one its high enough row, 150 kilometers range, then, […]

Kia E-Soul Full Electric | The Perfect Family EV?

So lets get into the video Music were going to look at this kia esol, which is a full electric car today. So you can get that in two different versions compared to the x seat, which you could get three for, which is a video right up there, which you can check out if […]

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Snapshot – DriveChicago Review

Everyone today were taking a look at the 2022 hyundai kona electric. The kona first came to market for 2019 and gets a refresh for 2022. The kona electric gets some new exterior updates, such as the all new front, fascia and new headlights. Under the hood. It has a 150 kilowatt electric motor to […]