2025 Aston Martin Valhalla EV: The first electric car of the brand

Now the british manufacturer is reaffirming the plan and expanding it into a strategy called racing. Green Music, already known the brands first plug in hybrid, is to be delivered from the beginning of 2024. The mid engine super sports car valhalla. The car combines a 750 horsepower mercedes amg v8 that drives the rear […]

10 Upcoming Electric Crossovers Showing Off Latest BEV Developments for 2022

Maybe the time has come to finally stop looking back fire up countless nuclear plants cover land and sea with solar and harness the power of the elements. If we do charging you, electric car wont ever be associated with the financial pain. Hopefully it got you excited about tomorrow, so lets leave all the […]

Al-New 2023 Nissan Ariya Review – Electric Crossover SUV!

Music. Now the first thing youll see is what nissan calls timeless: japanese futurism its simple yet powerfully modern see that linear horizontal flow that cuts through the entire vehicle theres, a fluidity and a symmetry that youll find throughout and in the front youll find a work of art. Inspired by the japanese kumiko […]

The EV Charging Safety Issue Nobody Is Talking About

Today i want to talk about charging and charging station safety. Now this is going to be a controversial video im. Sure, because well, some of you probably dont, want me to make this video, especially charging companies, and i think that this is going to be a huge issue going into the future and, […]

Mustang Mach-E – Latest expert review 2022 by DC EV

It comes in two different versions: a standard range with 68 kilowatt hour battery or an extended range, with an 88 kilowatt hour battery thats, bigger than what youre going to find in most other mainstream suvs. Theres. Also two different options available: you can have a rear wheel, drive or you can have an […]

Audi e-tron GT Review: Audi's first performance EV is 'shockingly' good! | autoX

If you are looking for a practical suv, a small hatchback or a two wheeler for your daily runabout, but where it gets tricky to justify an electric car, is when car makers claim that they can provide you the same levels of thrills as a high performance vehicle. Well, yes, a case in point […]

Tesla Model 3 Review… Still the BEST EV to buy in 2022?

All right. I forgot to put it into drive good with gas prices being record high. The question on everyones mind: is it worth buying a used, ev excellent question? Hackman? I think we need to find and answer this very difficult question for you and our viewers in general, so lets give you our […]

Pure EV eTrance Neo | Your First Electric Scooter? | Comprehensive Review | Motoroids

This is the pure eevee etrance neo. This has been in the market for a while, pure ev has updated the scooter for 2022 and they have launched a brand new e trans neo. Now the scooter has been on sale for the last couple of years and it comes in two variants: the eight […]

Why Wait For IONIQ 5 or EV6? Genesis Electrified GV70 might have a better EV for you!

s, as well as globally, in this episode, we will explore the ev lineup that hyundai is putting forth to the world and discuss the reason why this might be the perfect time to jump into a luxury electric car over the more pedestrian brands. So before we go on wed highly appreciate your support […]

BMW iX xDrive40 fully-electric SUV review – AutoBuzz

It represents a new era of sustainability for bmw and is basically the companys first step in achieving 50 global market share in electric car sales by 2030., Music globally, there are only two variants of the bmw ix and in malaysia. Were only getting this, the x drive 40. and i must say in […]