Is the EV 6 Better than the Tesla model Y? | Kia EV 6 – WIND AWD Review

Well yesterday i had a chance to uh ride and review the kia ev6. So today is going to be my review of that vehicle, as well as a quick comparison to both the maki, the ford machi, the mustang maki, as well as uh the tesla model y, because ive driven a couple, uh […]

2021 MG 5 Electric Exclusive SW 61.1 kWh | sgCarMart Reviews

. What are we doing out here today? Today we are going to take a loot at one of the few electric station wagons you can find in the market. This is one such option, and this is the MG 5 Station Wagon Electric Starting off in front. We have this huge grille its actually […]

Review of the Chevy BOLT EV | Over A Year of Driving | One Pip Wonder

Just like i do with my four game reviews ive been wanting to do this for about a year now and im glad i kind of waited because now weve had a whole year and a half almost two years to experience driving an electric car. So, first of all introductions, my name is janna. […]

2022 Polestar 2 Review – Better EV than Kia EV6?

Pulse.2Ev is based on the cma platform that is also shared with the volvo xc40. So yes, its not a large car. Actually, it is smaller in every dimension compared to key iev6. It also comes about 6.5 inches shorter wheelbase compared to kia ev6. So, yes, it looks smaller from outside. Okay. Now let […]

Smart #1: quirky SUV launches brand's new electric era

The smart brand is on the verge of a revival. This is the first in an all new lineup of electric cars and its called the smart hashtag one yep. You heard us correctly, the hashtag one youd better get used to it too, because, like volkswagens id branding and mercedes eq badge, the hashtag […]

Kwid electric car tamil | Renault kwid ev 2022 | India Launch date, Range, Feaures,Price | Kwid 2022

1 Music.

MG 5 Electric – AutoWeek Review

Ook nog eens, keer zo, dat, dit, echt, een, op, zichzelf staand model is in ieder geval in europa en dat is best wel apart en meestal is een. Steek uw, eigen, natuurlijke variant, op een, auto die. We al kennen nou is dat in dit geval technisch, gezien wel zo want dit is eigenlijk […]

First time driving an EV 2022 Tesla Model 3: No prep review and test drive.

So you know whatever it is its gon na be fast and its gon na be loud. Its gon na be awesome. I cant wait to see it. I cant either yeah. It should be good before you bring us a shelby or something like that. Do you think, like a gt500, maybe right he […]

Things we still hate about electric cars! / Electrifying

com. You could go so far as to say we are excited about. Electrons were big on batteries. Keen on kilowatts, you broke this didnt you, you wrote that intro. I like alliteration, okay and weve, seen a lot of change havent we over the last couple of years, since we really started driving them […]

2022 Kia Niro EV Review !

I like redline, so were gon na go. Do a road trip um were completely topped off babe. How much miles do we have on the car right now, so on a full charge? 100 battery? We have a 288 mile charge uh. Her moms house is about 100 miles in each direction and were […]