New 2022 MG ZS EV Drag race review

But im going to tell you this: zsev is not nice Music rolling on from 20 kilometers an hour were getting wheelspin im getting talked here. This is ridiculous. Music, fun, zs evie is fun. I want you to remember that, because it could get a little complicated to understand why im saying that, like […]

Pure EV Etryst 350 Review – Time to go electric

Well, this here is the pure 350 e trust, and this is a bike from uh electrical uh bike and toilet manufacturer pure ev weve already shown you a walk around review of this bike before so. If you havent checked that out, you can check it in the description box below the link is […]

MG ZS EV 2022 Review | Recharging ⚡️

My conclusion back then it is not perfect, but it is one of the best value evs that money can buy. Two years have passed now since that day and the mg zs has got a facelift. So what did mg improve and maybe more important? Is it still one of the best value evs […]

2022 Toyota Sienna Family Car Review

The siennas design is inspired by the edgy aesthetic of premium suvs, injecting the spirit of sport into its form. This styling is accented with details like high tech, led fog, lights and tail lights, and available 20 inch wheels. The siennas bold exterior, encompasses its extraordinarily spacious interior, which is lovingly crafted to make […]

2022 Grand Cherokee 4xe Review: Electric, But Can it JEEP?

The toledo built wrangler earned a reputation of being a rugged off roader that could go anywhere and do anything, but when it comes to sales, theres a much more important jeep to the brand. That model is the grand cherokee. The popular family suv delivers on everything. A growing family could need out of […]


This is the old one uh. This car has been driven about 20, 000 kilometers and uh. This car has been provided from the mg motors company, which is there uh the showroom is there in sector near the mercedes showroom in noida, which is also close to the kia showroom and without further ado […]

New Renault Megane E-Tech Electric review one take – better EV than a Nissan Ariya and the VW ID.3

Take first drive review of the renault megane e tec. Electric im, johnny smith, welcome to the late break show. So this is a french imported car, not quite out in the uk, yet they are still making the normal mcgann um. So this is not a normal mcgann e tec. This is an e […]

NEW Mazda MX-30 2022 UK review: should you pay £28,000 for a weird EV?

, now its actually a very exciting time in the car world at the moment, because lots of old school car companies are trying to catch up on the ev craze and theyre, releasing their very Own electric cars and mazda is one of the latest of the old guards to release their first fully […]

Mercedes-Benz EQB All Electric 7 Seater with 4 ISOFIX Points – Full Review

My name is derrick riley. We are on the shores of loch ennell in county west meade and you might remember, lock anil its on the shores or for belvedere houses located, but also a couple years ago. We had that amazing photograph of that murmuration of birds on the lake um ill. Stick that […]

Piaggio Ape E City | Electric Auto Range,Price,Load | Full Review | Hybiz tv

So we have a two range for electric vehicle. One is opacity and one is cargo variant, so we have both the variant and in that both the variant we have fixed battery. As well as swappable also so we in in that we have both the range and uh talking about this opacity vehicle […]