Charging My Tesla Model 3 – Playa Vista Supercharger Review – EV Vlog

So i figured it was a good opportunity to top up my charge and finish off some other errands um were gon na. Do a supercharger review, so yeah here we are in marina del rey. Were gon na go to the playa vista supercharger. To top up, my battery got to do some shopping […]

Drag race : EV vs ICE | Audi RS e-tron GT takes on Ferrari , Porsche and AMG | 2022 | evo India

It up pass the car through scrutiny, and you get your time cards which give you five timed runs. First up, i line up the rsc run gt against a tuned 911 and i am all rusty since its 10 years since i last took part in a drag race, so my first run switch […]

2023 BZ4X Review, Toyota’s New Full Electric SUV!

My name is elizabeth and in todays, toyota video were taking a look at the brand new 2023 bz4x. This is an xle all wheel drive technology package, so this is the highest trim level uh. This is the very first one weve had in bc, so im gon na do a real, quick, walk […]

2023 Genesis GV60 // AMAZING Tech + AMAZING Performance = EV Winner??

So what were going to do today is do a quick walk around the outside, as well as the inside and drive this dv60. So without further ado lets go ahead and get into it Music. So we want to start out today by talking about the exterior design of this all new gv60. Now, […]

New Electric Cars from Kia – Electric Pickup Truck vs Car?

Music, we have waited about five months is to get this kia ev6 ends price wise, including the registration and everything it costed us about 46k us dollars, but we also got 6 000 u.s dollars worth of korean government incentives. So we got almost fully loaded single motor kia ev6 with about 40 000 […]

Lexus UX300e review: Quietest EV out there? | OVERDRIVE

Lets tell you why. Music Applause, lexus and euro have a rich history of building hybrids, and the ux 300e is actually based on one of the ic hybrid models: the ux. Now this is a smaller than the nx in the brands lineup its based on toyotas, tng, ac platform or jsc. For short, […]

Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 test drive: Review of the first electric vehicle on the EQ platform

. This is the first mercedes electric vehicle on the platform, the eq platform, and this is in uh top level eqs trim, which is basically kind of like the x class. I would say, and um theres a lot going on with this car, so lets start with sort of the the platform like, […]

Battery Swapping Hitting Tipping Point in China; 2 Neat Niro EV Features – Autoline Daily 3330

Earlier this year, rivian raised the prices on its truck and suv by 10 to 12 000. The electric pickup starts at sixty seven thousand five hundred dollars, while the suv is seventy. Two thousand five hundred but peter rollinson, the ceo of lucid, says rivian will lose money at those prices he says rivien […]

2023 Cadillac Lyriq EV FULL REVIEW

The lyric should be on scale sometime in early 2022 as a 2023 model, hey yo. What is up guys, its your boy, cooley tip by recording another video and today guys in this video, were gon na talk about the 2023 cadillac lyric, so anyways guys before we go into this video, you guys […]

2023 Kia Niro EV Hybrid hatchback | Full Review Electric SUV

The nero offers an efficient powertrain for customers all along the green spectrum. The related hyundai ioniq no longer comes as a bev and toyota has hybrid and plug in hybrid versions of the prius and rav4, but not a full electric version. Just about everything improves on the next iteration of the kia niro, […]