This is the opposite. This doesnt look great yeah, its quick, its actually good to drive and its very reliable. Now, in this video im going to talk around the exterior, the interior show you how practical it is, take it for a drive and, of course, im going to launch it see how quick it is from 0 to 60 miles an hour. Now, if you like, these kind of reviews, make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit the bell icon that way, you wont miss any videos. Anyhow, im matt watson and youre watching car wow buy, sell car wow. The mg5 starts from 29 and a half thousand pounds, though you can save an average of around two thousand eight hundred pounds off one through car wow. Now that saving does include a fifteen hundred pound government grant, because this is an ev and the price is under 32 000 pounds. So you get that money off. Now this car comes with a front mounted: electric motor puts out 156 horsepower. The battery is a 61 kilowatt hour pack, which mg says is good enough for a range of 250 miles, but well find out about that in a bit when i do a range test with it now, if youre thinking about buying one of these or any new Car for that matter, click on the pop out button up. There ill follow the link in the description below to get a car wow. You can also sell your old car through us as well, and our dealers will put on your car to make sure you get a great price for it for under a later date, simply google whammy car wow and we will wow you.

We need to talk about the design of the mg5, because for me, its the worst thing about it and it could put you off entirely. This nose looks like a copy of a 10 year old volkswagen passat. In fact, their 10 year old car theme continues down the side, its sort of like an old hyundai, i 40 wheel. Size is starting 16s and remain at 16 inches. No other choices. Look how its sort of jacked up as well. Can you see see the wheel arch gap and, yes, you get roof bars on the top level car. There are only two levels: excite and exclusive, but it doesnt feel so exclusive, yes, theres chrome here there and everywhere. But i wish i tried harder with the design im really disappointed here on the inside. The mg5 is in no way shape or form exciting, but its perfectly acceptable and quality is okay as well. So youve got this leatherette on the dash here with the stitching this patented trim on the top of the dash. Yes, its scratchy plastic stand up on here, but down here gets a bit softer, yeah its okay and the top of the range exclusive model. Has this leatherette in the seats which does a good job of impersonating leather, its real leather for the steering wheel, which is good unless youre a vegan and then you dont want to hold their normal skin? Do you oh? Well, you cant get a vegan steering wheel.

One thing you cant get either is fully digital dials. I dont know why they did this, so youve got a big screen and they should have gone the whole hog and made the speedo digital. What why bother with that and why bother with that unlocked dart for the charge meter its a stupid design. But that brings me onto the infotainment system itself, so its a little bit of a fiddle to use and its slow responding. But it doesnt matter because its got apple, carplay and android, auto and youre just going to plug those in and you have decent connectivity so down here. Youve got your two usb charging ports there and i like this, look look. Look if you plug your phone in like that and then theres a slot thats perfect for it, so its out the way, theres a little storage area here, where you can keep your power bank, which is handy, if, like me, youre always running out of charge. So youve got a couple of cup holders there that ones deeper and that ones shallower for coffees, which is a good idea. The glove box, thats big big door, bins big space under here average, but whats not average – are the buttons in here. Youve got nice metal fill buttons, and i like the fact that you dont have a gear. Selector knob, you have a dial. I i much prefer a dial than a knob and everything is just really easy to access, so your climate control buttons are here separate from the infotainment screen, easy to use relatively comfortable apart from one thing which is really really really annoying about this car, because the Batteries are underneath the floor.

This is not much of a footwell. Have a look down here. You can see theres, hardly any step between the sill and this floor mat. As a result, it means that your knees are quite high up. In fact, you feel a little bit like in a sports car with your legs stretched out in front of you, but thats. The wrong seating position for a car such as this here in the back of the mg5 knee room is good. Headroom is good. What is not so good is the fact that there is hardly any sunken foot well because of that flat floor and the backs underneath its raised quite high, which means that you cant put your feet under the drivers seat. You can begin to raise their seats up and then you will just squeeze. Maybe your toes underneath, but you shouldnt, be asking the driver to compromise their ideal driving position and anyway, look how high my knees are so im in a bit of a stress position, its not ideal, its a real shame, because the rest of the back of this Car is actually pretty good. Youve got a big deep seat, which is comfy and soft. The center seat is actually comfy as well. You have an arm rest with some cup holders. You can use yes, itd, be perfect if they were covered, but you know thats still, all right. You got some pockets here: decent door, bins, two usb ports, the windows go all the way down in the back and fitting the baby seat in this car is easy because the doors are nice and wide.

Yes, you do have to stab around to find the isofix anchor points once youve got them its easy to lock the seat into place and theres plenty of room to fit even a bulky rear facing seat yeah. Its just a shame about this. I mean wells now, if thats a problem. Maybe you should pay a bit extra and buy a skoda kodiaq instead, and if you want to see my full in depth, video review of that car click on the pop out banner up there or follow the link in the description below the vip capacity of the Mg5 is 580 liters, which is really very big. I mean look at the space. He got there okay, so there is a bit of a boot lip to lift things over, but you can reduce it slightly by raising false floor, ah its a little bit of it but its not so bad. Now you can fold down the rear seats, of course, to carry larger items. Yeah theyll fall down a bit better than that. If i remove the headrest, but they never go completely flat, which makes it a bit harder to move items, probably shouldnt leave that there. If you want to do that so items right to the front and then they do slide down another thing: thats a bit of a shame is theres no 12 volt socket in the bit here, and that brings you into five annoying things about the m g five.

I always expect electric cars to have a front boot and underneath the bonnet on this mg, you have a large plastic area. Actually i could probably store those there. I dont know why there is no light for the vanity mirror. What happens if i want to check myself out when its duck huh, when youre driving at low speeds electric cars, emit a noise to warn pedestrians of their approach? Now the one on this car youll hear it. When i move along, however, the noise is quite prominent on the inside. So when i put my window up, youll still hear it through my mic. Why do i need to hear the acoustic warning sound so loud inside the cabin? It is not for me the central armrest doesnt extend forwards, which is a bit annoying because look, you cant have your hand on the steering wheel and rest your arm there, so you drive sort of like one handed or like that. The charging port is here on the front of the car, which seems like a good idea. However, there are two problems with that: the first is that it means that you always have to nose in to a charging parking bay. The second is: what happens if you have a minor prang at the frontier? It could damage that, which means that, even though your car is perfectly drivable, you cant actually charge it anyway. That brings up to five cool things about this mg.

I dont know why european cars have to have a real slow to use ratchet to adjust the backrest in the front seats. This is much better option, look for a lever and you get it exactly where you want it to take. A quick nap now im always happy when theres space underneath the false floor, not only for your charging cables which in that bag, but of course, for the load cover and its quite light and easy to fit epic fail. Not only do all versions of this car come with adaptive cruise control, so it uses a radar to keep your safe distance from the car in front and itll automatically steer to keep you in lane, but when youre just driving, normally you dont have that engaged. Obviously, you will have normal lane departure warning. However, you can turn it off dead easily, just by pressing this button here. So if youre on a twisty country road its doing your heading because youre crossing the lines occasionally press that no tapping about and its off seven year, warranty never said that for any other manufacturer. Besides care but yeah mg, as well now theres a function in the infotainment system, which allows you to automatically turn on the rear, heated screen so lets hand in the winter you set that on and whenever you get into the car itll automatically diminish the back seat. Everything, oh god, i forgot to do that, and then you press it then youre just stuck waiting for it to defrost longer than you needed to be.

Okay lets see what this mg is like to drive in town now. Im, not gon na lie to you im not expecting much from this car because its you know so competitively priced, but actually first thing that stands out is a suspension. Its really really good. Over rough surfaces and bumps its compliant its steady, its actually putting more expensive cars to shame in the way this goes down. The road mightily impressed another thing im impressed with is the brakes, so sometimes the electric cars they can feel a bit grubby because of the regen effect, but not in this its perfectly natural now im going to check out the turning circle, its 11.4 meters, which its All right, but its not as good as some other electric cars, i mean ive made it around there, okay, but if it was tighter i could have struggled. So if i put into perspective a vw id threes. Oh sorry, mate dwi, d3s, tonys circle is just over 10 meters, so its much tighter and if you want to see my four in depth, video review of that car click on the pop out band up there for the link in the description below. But really that is my only complaint about the driving experience in town. Oh, there is another one, so i can alter the region effect. So ive got it on three. They call it cars like in formula one, but it doesnt bring the car to complete.

Stop look. You see so its not full one pedal driving at some point. You do have to touch the brakes im touching them now there we go. Why didnt they just let you do that. You know it should be switchable, you can have it on or off, but you should be able to decide. I do like one pedal driving where its available now the final finally to do is see how easy this thing is to park. So it is quite long. This car so im going to see if i can fit in that gap. Now before you start commenting. Yes, i know it is a disabled bay, but im not going to leave the car there im just using it Music illustrative illustrative illustrative. Hopefully my parking is better than my talking, so the cameras quite useful here there is a pretty cheap looking image. You know its a bit washed out and low depth come on then now im going to use the door down like im in the dorm room there. It should be on the actual door itself right squeeze in without crushing into this hour day get as close as i can probably room for original paper there, but there we go in the spot, not too far away from the curb job done. Visibility is generally pretty good in this car. The back window is a bit narrow, but theres, no blind spots, theres, no thick rear, pillar theres, an extra little window at the very back, which is really handy.

It gives you good all round visibility yeah. This is nice to drive in town now, im going to see what this mg is like to drive when youre on the motorway on a dual carriageway, faster road, so his acceleration from 50 to 17.. Look at that its got some punch. This has it really has its its made me talk. All midlandy nickys got some punch. You can overtake slow moving traffic with this car, no problem at all and when youre cruising at higher speeds, the car does a good job of like dealing with undulations in the road. Yet again the suspension im impressed with it one thing: thats, not quite as good as some other electric cars is the sand insulation. So you do get a bit of wind noise from just this pillar here, and the big door mirrors its not bad, though its just not the quietest car in its class. What is impressive, though, is the economy, or should that be efficiency, because its electric, of course, so ive been averaging 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour in this mg and when you do the mass that means that, on a full charge, this car in the real world could Do about 220 miles its alright now lets see what the mg is like on a twisty road, so thats soft suspension theres got to be a trade off for it, hasnt that its going to mean it handles like a dog, so im going to put the car Into sport, mode and thats added some weight to the steering, though yeah it makes it feel all collision warning detection anyway, that wasnt anything to do with sports mode.

It doesnt feel that nice of steering in sports mode it feels more natural in normal mode, so ill. Stick with that and thats one thing i noticed about this car just then when i was accelerating it was a bit damp and i was coming out of a corner. What did you hear that as well? What it is because that motors so punching its front wheel, drive it does quite easily spin up one of its front wheels when youre turning and accelerating its, not a problem, because the stability control just cuts the power its fine. It manages it, but it just shows that youre losing grip, but otherwise this thing holds onto the road really quite well. It doesnt lean too much of the bends. You dont feel like youve, got a lack of confidence in the car. It does the job. I think its a really good all round drive this. I am surprised with how good theyve made it mg says that this car can do naught 60 in 7.3 seconds, which is way quicker than any other old, supposedly sporty mg sports car from the past. But what would it really do? Ive got my specialist time and gear here im going to launch it in sports mode. Oh theres that wheel spin again just a little bit. What were gon na do. Node 60 is eight seconds im gon na try that again lets see if i can do better this time better, better, better, oh yeah come on now got mg yeah 7.

43 by one of a second slower than they say ill. Take that final thing to do brake test from 60 miles an hour see how long it takes this car to stop Applause, so it took meters and now its like delayed it puts on the hazard warning lights. Hmm! So then whats. My final verdict on the mg5: should you avoid literally consideration shortlisted, or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i think that if you dont know the look of it, you know you want something: a bit more style, just avoid it yeah. However, if you want a really good value, good to drive practical inexpensive, ev thats good for a to b and beyond, you should go right ahead and buy this mg5. It will surprise you just like it has me hope you all enjoyed the video if you did give it a like, if you havent already make sure you subscribe, so you dont miss out on any videos. Click on those windows there for some more videos right now and on that box there to go to car wow. If youre thinking about changing your car, you cannot only buy a car through car work, but also sell your current car and add a little bid on it to make sure you get a great price: Music, hey Music.