Now, before you switch the channel and go to somewhere else, uh were going to be talking interior design of cars. Okay, and this is the way, the concept. What is modern, what is new – and i know its all up to interpretation and your flavor so im just going to show you two different cars, some completely different spectrum and youll, be the judge of it. Uh before i go any further. Im gon na obviously show the references. This is for motor trend, its an article written by kristen, sibo and everything else ill show. You ill put the link to this article in the description below so lets get to the meet in the patera of this whole subject. They basically talk about the interior of the 2022 gmc hummer, saying, oh, my god, its fantastic, its wonderful wow, wow, wow, right um and before i go any further theres a lot of good things about it. Okay, they have uh, the car could do a little crab. Walk basically, the car could shift sideways the wheels move a little bit to help you move around theres a lot of technology in the car, so having said so, its electric its modern. So this is new. This is a gm saying, were going bonkers and were making something massive and huge its supposed to be a toy so theres a little a lot of freedom in design right and, of course, its trying to stick to the element of the hummer kind of being boxy.

Okay, so heres a couple of pictures: heres, the interior of the car and theyre, saying oh its modern and um at this point here comes the opinion. This is, does not look modern. This looks like something from 1980s uh. If you dont know what im talking about or too young just google 1980s, i dont know um toyota anything sound like a toyota mr2, and i really it really really has so much 80s vibes in this theres, nothing wrong with im. Just saying it looks really old. It does not look new. These monitors look something out of the back to the future. Again its just, i feel like i want to put a cassette tape somewhere um in comparison, ill show you something thats, modern that totally look modern right. That is extremely modern thats. What lexus is doing um – and this is a 23 lexus rz steer by wired, steering yoke review, and this is by motor trend again and its written by aaron gold uh, i mean that looks modern to me. This does not look modern im. I really love this car again. The car is going to perform, but it did it could have, but i guess its so massive that you cant do smooth edges because its so massive – and it is hard to look at this and saying this – is modern, um yeah. I mean those are classic buns yeah, its kind of nice. Again, this is the hummer.

You need to have a little space. I dont know theyre trying to do like a um, 13 apollo thing in it again. This is uh. The display is made by unreal engine. Okay, so theres a lot of modern things in it. Okay, if you look at the display its beautiful, this is its basically what the gtr did when i went to gran turismo and i did the whole gran turismo gtr display this is by unreal engine. This is way better, i dont say better, but its. You know its up there in quality but um it. It really does not look modern to me im its just my opinion. It really just looks like a 80s car and maybe uh. I know it is super. Modern, but its just the appearance of it: okay, again, the appearance, the appearance, uh as a comparison, the lexus that looks really really modern. It looks truly modified. Look at that interior. That thing looks straight out of a sci fi i mean whatever sci fi means. I mean i like it again: the tesla did that okay thats one thing in my amazing, my tesla already did that so, but alex is just doing it differently. This is drive by wires, completely drive by wire um yeah. I like that interior. I i truly like this interior. I know this is a its not really production. Yet, okay, and this is for the uh, the rz lexus, the 2023 rz lexus.

It looks nice. This looks really nice now. Can you expand this to fill the hummer interior? The hummer is so massive that i to make something cocoonish i i dont know how youre going to pull that off. So i think its just slap monitors and i dont know a tacoma – is doing that. The tacoma uh truck has the same kind of vibe theyre. All like big handles, i have claws for hands uh um again the steering has a lot of tech in it. Okay, so dont do not underestimate the technology thats involved in here im just saying the appearance of it. Um again, everything is boxy. The whole car is boxy um again. The hummer has the um. If youre not aware of the roof panels that come off, and it can go in these little containers right here and you could you could either store them in your car or you can put them in the garage or wherever you park your car and you can Drive drive and have that space available, so you can put more cargo in the trunk. Well, the front trunk, the front where the engines well relatively an internal combustion engine would be. But now this is electric, so theres no space in there i mean theres, actually space. You can put stuff in there uh again the seating very gm like, but again um yeah its uh. I dont know you tell me what you think to me.

It just looks like meh. The interior is is okay again, the display is amazing. Technology is amazing. It just uh really boxy and um. I understand if you, if you dont, you know the original hummer and you look at this and think like yeah, it looks very sturdy sturdy. They have handles big handles. Everything is, i can grab. I can lock 90 degrees. I can just hold it. I i i dont think thats futuristic but hey um, again, very clever car. I mean those storage containers. The interior is fantastic as far as you know, usability and the space again. This is the car thats designed to be out there. So um thats, why im kind of i wish they kind of made it more? I feel the 90 degrees design is very easy to do if youre, a car interior designer – and you want to chime in on this – go ahead. Please let us know in the comments below, but for me i feel like its just easy to make things like the jeep. This looks like a jeep and jeep hasnt changed in what, since moses parted the the sea. I i dont see how uh you could have won that i mean even hes. Not do you understand what im trying to say it feels has a lot of old things feels and it feels old. You know again it but its not old, okay, so thats, my thing it just uh.

I really have a hard time looking at this and telling you yeah, this is uh. Ive got a line technology right there. This is this is the future of every no. I know im making faces, i really want to like it, but i look at this and i think whoa thats clean this just feels more intelligent. This one feels more like a hammer, and the price of this is not only the price of a hammer. This is the price of a like a surgical tool. This is expensive, its a very expensive car, so having said so uh, of course, sales will will prove that obviously uh im probably wrong, but im just giving you my opinion, you if you feel that hey this looks very modern to me that doesnt rhyme with the Eighties, you know that taller amounts of the 80s thats so much 80s theres, nothing wrong with as im just saying that it just just feels like it sucks to buy a brand new car when its like set inside of me, like it so looks familiar, i mean Of course, im on a steering wheel, i want pedals what i mean by familiarity, but it just feels like, and i dont know i cant imagine – cleaning this car. I i dont know what it just feels so box box. I i like more wipe it down in one. Second were good to go like this: just soup wipe the top wipe here.

Youre good to go were good to go. This one is just like. Well, let me go behind it get screened. Let me go behind here and clean here, and between and again people buy this car, i dont think theyre worried about cleaning it. Somebody will clean it for them. But again, this is just im talking about interior, again, its all about interior im, not saying that its not well built, okay, so um. Let me know what you think uh. I just saw this article and i thought to myself. You know when no one is discussing this so im just gon na say it. It really looks dated um. I mean look at that. Does that even look like it belongs there i mean it looks like lego, like you just you know when youre using lego, and you only have bricks and you just breathe it just. Is that part of the lure okay cool? You know no problem, but it says so much weight. It feels like theres, so much wasted space and design. But again only the americans will probably come up with this. So thats amazing. Only us will come up with something like that, because other countries will look at this and say theres a lot of wasted space. Let me do da da da and us were like nope thats cool, like that. We have the space we have. We have the real state to make it so i dont know anyways.

I in conclusion, im not saying its not pretty im just saying it looks dated thats all it kind of looks data. Of course the screens are not dated, but it um. If you look at 80s sci fi movies, they didnt envision, they had that vision of having tvs in the car like when i try to make something modern. It kind of looks like that. I mean, of course, not the level of display and whatnot, but it just feels really like somebody bill. I know the car is supposed to make. You laugh when its making me laugh its a positive car. This is a positive thing, im just saying that its uh really really bonkers its really about, and you know what everybody who drove it just even every time i see the reviews of people driving it. I i think i paused the video in the bottom right here. You see the video and the guy driving it and uh look at the smile and i think, thats what it is. In the end of the day the lexus doesnt make you laugh. This interior is not going to make you laugh. This entire thing makes probably like quiet and you can be composed and youre gon na. Think in your head, like you know what im a fighter pilot im, a p, 38 lightning fighter, you know because the peter did the yoke but anyways um yeah. So anyway, i just want to put this out there.

Two different vibes, two different cars. One feels dated one is just bonkers, i mean no one is uh bonkers, but its not i dont know just let me know. Let me know what you think. I personally think its uh. I wish they just made it a little bit. Uh come on. Look like. I think i want a bit overboard with the boxes and the napkin. This is like i feel like. I want to get tissues out of it or something i dont know thats completely my eyes locks into like, but anyways uh uh thats, my review uh. Just what i think and what i believe, maybe my mind, will change one day when i get in the car and i drive it but uh for now it just looks a little bit 80s, a little bit old and uh that hey everybody loves the 80s. They have the best music, the best music. I think gaming, 80s uh anyways uh, as always its been a short and sweet video. How long ive been rambling on weve been rambling for not not that bad 11 minutes hi everyone take care of. It have a great day wherever you are and thank you for watching.