Over the last 10 years, the french brand has sold in excess of 400 000 battery powered vehicles. The most popular is the renault zoe, but its also got the twizy and kangoo light van. But now its got an all new flagship, c segment, competitor, its called the mcgann e tec electric and it faces stiff competition, most notably from cars like the volkswagen, id3 and bourne theres, no mistaking it for anything other than a reno. With that large emblem on the front, but it does have some interesting styling features very thin, led headlights and a distinctive led daytime running light that makes it very obvious to spot on the road, its quite a chunky design. There is certain crossover elements to it, especially when you consider that its got quite large wheels and on this particular model you can see that the wheel arches are painted, and so is the sills. It houses one of the thinnest batteries on the market. Renault says its only 110 millimeters thick its two meters wide and almost a full width of the car. It comes in two sizes, 40 kilowatt hour and 60 kilowatt hour, the latter offering up to 470 kilometers of range in the wltp cycle. The car is very aerodynamic as well, so it has air curtains in the front here which channel air around the face of the wheel, theres still conventional door mirrors, but the door handles sit flush with the body work and on the rear.

The door handle is actually integrated into the c pillar. When you look at a car side on, you can see how it does look a bit more cross over than conventional c segment. Hatch, the contrasting black roof helps lower the height of the car, but this car is actually a couple of millimeters lower than the renault zoe around the back. Its a very small and narrow, rear window ill touch more on that when we get inside, you get a light bar that runs all the way across the back of the car to open. The boot simply push this square button here, and that gives you full access to the boot theres a reasonably wide aperture, and it is quite deep as well, so you can get a lot of things in there too. Getting into the rear is actually quite easy, even though it looks like its quite a small door aperture getting in isnt that hard and once youre in its quite roomy inside the roof, is okay. Ive got probably a couple of inches of headroom im, five foot nine and i can reasonably stretch out here in front of the drivers seat. So this is set up from my driving position. Ive got a couple of inches of knee room. I can just get my feet in under the seat in front and the windows themselves, although theyre not particularly high, they are quite long, so i can see quite a good bit out as well, so if im sitting in the back, even though its quite dark theres, No glass roof in this car.

I can still have a pretty good field of vision from when im sitting here, theres reasonably small door, bins, theyre, okay, you can get a small drinks bottle in there theres a pouch at the back of each seat as well. So you can put in maybe a tablet: computer or magazines theres, a pair of usbc charge ports here, ive got ventilation here, although no temperature controls and the actual seat itself, the headrests and all that aspect of the front seats arent, particularly big. So i can still see into the front quite easily, in fact, from where im sitting, i have a full unobstructed view of that large 12 inch tablet display in front. So if i was watching the map, for example, or anything like that, its very easy for me to see overall, its quite roomy back here – the middle seat, just the shape of it – isnt really ideal for sitting on for any long amounts of time. And this is really ideal for having two big comfy seats. Youve got a nice bit of bolstering on the base of the seats as well. So if youre in either the outer seats, its quite comfy, the middle one, is a little bit of a compromise but thats a very common thing in this segment of the market. Um theres no fold down arm rest on this particular model. The seats do have a split folding function, so if you do need to put bigger items in and you dont have anyone in the back, you can lower that down, and also both of the outer seats have ice fix points theyre very easy to access.

They just have two little covers here, so if you do need to get in and out its quite good and the fact that the doors are quite long, although that could be a little bit of a pain opening in a car park, it does open wide enough That, if youre an adult trying to put in a small child into a seat, it is a little bit easier. If you havent sat into a renault in quite some time, you could be in for a surprise when you get into the mcgann e tec electric. This is well its quite snazzy, its quite smart, its fairly up market granted. This is a range topping model that im in, but the overall layout doesnt differ a great deal across the range. The steering wheel is not square, but not round its quite a decent shape. Its reasonably big and everything is quite neatly laid out on the left side. You have touch controls for all of the driver, assistance systems like cruise control – everything like that and on the right. Then you have volume a button to answer the phone. All that kind of aspect is handled on the left on the right side. Theres, the multi sense switch, which will toggle through the different drive modes. Whats more impressive, is the dual 12 inch display the instrument cluster aspect of it is very crisp and clear. Its very easy to read its very nicely laid out. You can clearly see how much battery range you have left.

It will show you your speed, how much your energy youre using either side, you have some air vents and then theres. This portrait style again 12 inch display its now a google based system which is similar to what we have in the poll star and its really useful to use its very intuitive. It reacts incredibly quickly to all of your inputs. Theres no discernible lag one feature i really love is the fact that it has google maps as its native satellite navigation system. Not only does that work very very well, but it will also show you how much battery youre going to have left at your destination when you have that input thats quite useful too. If you input a charge point along the way, it will also tell the car that youre going to be stopping and charging, and it will start to prime the battery so that it is at the optimum temperature for when you plug in better still. There are still physical controls here as well its not an entirely digital experience, so important key features, youre going to use and want to be able to use intuitively without looking is things like adjusting the temperature in the cabin on either side? Thats possible youve still got a physical hazard, light switch and a central locking button below that is a wireless charging pad again very useful to have you can just put it in there. The car does have wireless android, auto and wireless apple carplay.

So that means you can keep your phone charging there all the time, and this is then leaves a lot of space here for this open area. Theres a storage unit here, which you can then have various dividers and set it up according to how you want it. Theres also a cup holder, theres, more storage here and under the armrest theres. Also then another bin as well. So you can put more items away, theres, a reasonably good sized glove box, its perhaps a little shallow, but its fine for keeping documents in one other feature. Thats in this range topping model, is you get a normal rear view? Mirror, if im honest, what you can see out of the back is pretty limited because of the shape of the rear window and the roof line and thats even without having anybody sat in the rear seats. The good thing is its a camera brake system. So you just flick that toggle and you then get a live, unobstructed view from the rear facing camera again like what weve seen in land rover product and range rover product of late, its very crisp, its very clear, its easy to see. It should work reasonably well. At night too, it doesnt give you it gives you a wider field of view, but it does mean that if somebody comes very uh close up behind you in traffic, you cant necessarily see all of the front of their car, its not a wide angle lens, but It works quite well, ive been using it all day today and ive rarely gone back to using the conventional mirror function, and i just prefer that the only thing is obviously um.

As you turn your head youre not going to get a different angle of view, its always just the same, but it is wider, so thats, a good thing. One other thing to talk about as well is the quality of the materials inside its definitely taken a step up from what weve seen in past renaults. This has a lot of leather like, for example, on the top theres, this leather effect and this wood inlay across the tops of the doors, but on lower spec models. Theres really nice fabric options as well, and i actually think they look better than whats in this range. Topping model so do have a look at some of the other materials that are out there. It is a good choice and i think they actually look a bit more stylish. Having such clean aero around the car means it is a little bit quieter and theres only a little bit of wind buffing around the mirrors when you get to higher speeds, partly because the glass itself isnt particularly thick theres, also a layer of foam between the battery And the cabin and that again helps suppress some of the road noise from entering to the inside. The steering is a little bit different as well. The ratio has been changed from what we typically see to one that requires far less input, so youre not turning the wheel as much to get the same amount of steering angle. The cmf ev platform does also allow for slightly better suspension setup.

It has a multi link, rear end, and what that really translates to is it handles a little bit more sweeter its? What you see in normally slightly higher more up market models, particularly some of the german cars, would often use a multi link rear end. All it really means is that at the higher speed stuff and in the twisties, it seems a little bit more composed a little bit more solid, less likely to bounce around and only on very uneven road surfaces that weve experienced today. Did the suspension feel a little bit busy for the most part, it soaks everything up very very nicely, but a big question on everyones lips will be: how good is the mcgann e tec electric in terms of its battery usage? Well, this being the 60 kilowatt hour, we started with a full charge this morning and throughout the day, ive covered a whole variety of different driving scenarios from motorway, steep inclines, mountainous roads, fast flowing country, roads and some town and city work. So weve really covered a gamut of different driving scenarios, and so far it has been returning over 210 kilometers. It has showing a consumption of 15.8 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which i think is pretty respectable for a car like this. Given the way weve been driving today, i havent been trying to be super slow or super careful ive, driven it exactly how an average normal person will drive it. So i havent, given it any special treatment, just been driving it normally and its done a very good job.

I have to say im quite impressed by what rena has done. Part of that efficiency comes from the fact that this is a slightly lighter car than some of the competitors. Renault says its around about 100 kilograms lighter than a volkswagen id3 and weight is the key when it comes to electric vehicles having a little bit less weight makes all the difference in a car like this now granted, as well with those consumption figures, i have been On my own in the car today so its just me, i havent had two or three other people in the car, which would naturally add weight, but over the course of the day its done very, very well. Renault could well be on to being the efficiency.