After all, electric power can be unlimited, so lets support the electric revolution by learning about the latest news within the ev world. We have got all classes and body styles and bear in mind that this is just the first volume of the video and more evs will be shown in the next episode so subscribe to automotive territory and ring the bell not to miss. It enjoy the right lexus rc 450e, since the arraxs mid midsize is the best selling lexus. It becomes the first model to get an electric equivalent built on the dedicated etnj platform that already underpins toyota bc4x and subaru sultera. As expected, the exterior theme of the rc450e is fully dictated by the lfc concept, so the production model gets a closed off spindle grille, while the entire body now follows the so called spindle body design language. The electric juice is stored in a 71.4 kilowatt hour battery that feeds a dew of electric motors on the front and rear axles and therefore enables direct for all wheel drive system. Combined output reaches adequate to 309 horsepower and 321 pound feet, but the range feels quite underwhelming with just 225 miles on recharge. The technological supremacy of this lexus comes in the form of a yoke steering wheel with the desired steer by wire that eliminates hand. Overhand turns there is a 14 inch infotainment head up display and the latest alexa safety system, plus 3.0 Music, maserati gran, turismo folgore. The official reveal of the production ready.

Gran turismo will not happen until sometime in 2023, but for now maserati has decided to tweet its fans with some footage of the prototype version. The coupe shares its exterior styling with the recently launched grakalia suv. There is the brands signature, grille, elongated headlights and new wheels. The gt4 gore is expected to ride on an all new platform that uses formula etac and supports 800 volt charging rumors also suggest several drivetrain options, making at least 600 and up to 1200 horses. Lastly, we should mention that the future gt promises the best in class handling and extreme performance parameters, namely 186 miles per hour, top speed and 0 to 60 under 3 seconds. Music vwidbuzz. The auto worlds has been buzzing about the volkswagens electric van ever since its introduction at the 2017 detroit auto show now the mpv with the worlds widest smile, makes the full production debut, still sporting, a futuristic, neo, retro design and a two tone paint scheme reminiscent of The original t1, the initial variant of the buzz 80, will be a short wheelbase, 5 seater, but in the future, well also welcome 7 seat cargo and camper versions of the van. In this case, the map platform has been confirmed in two configurations: single front motor. With a 201 hp and a 295 dual motor all wheel drive the range of the 77 kilowatt hour battery should hover around 260 miles. The interior solutions should be closely related to other members of the id family, hence the recycled materials for the upholstery.

Digital dashboard, 12 inch, touchscreen, innovative id light and over the air updates. If you want to be less reliant on russian oil, make sure to smash the like button and watch this video till the end, we need more. Electric cars in the roads lets keep rolling audi urban sphere. Versatility of skateboard platforms for electric vehicles is bound to result in the emergence of new car classes. For instance, audi introduces a crossbreed between a sporty full size, suv and a classic family mpv, which could be harbinger of the future electric alternative to the q9. The urban sphere, design reinterprets the single frame grille as an illuminated panel with led lights, headlights, surely feature the latest matrix technology with millions of diodes and doors explore the concept of counter hinged opening the saudi is likely to be underpinned by the 800 volt architecture. That has already been tested by the e tron gt. Here, though, it gets a massive 120 kilowatt hour battery and a dual motor all wheel drive powertrain with 385 horsepower measuring 134 inches in wheelbase length and 216 inches. Overall, this model beats the a8 torch limo and therefore offers boundless interior space with the lounge light, reclining seats and dedicated entertainment and sound zones for each passenger. Lotus electron, as previously announced lotus, is wrapping up its internal combustion program and therefore the first suv of the brand goes all electric. The electra takes the core principles from more than 70 years of sports car manufacturing and consequently gets an aerodynamically superior body with active aero components, closed off, grille rear, spoiler and 22 or 23 inch wheels to justify the claim for the title of the worlds.

First, hyper suv: this lotus is built on the 800 volt electric architecture, with the components from the avaya hypercar. It either gets a dual or a tri motor. All wheel, drive powertrain that makes 600 or 900 horsepower respectively. The electra claims the 370 miles of range 2.9 seconds 0 to 60 and 160 miles per hour v max in its fully loaded version. This lotus gets ceramic composite brakes with 10 piston calipers air suspension and adaptive dampers, while its seats and surfaces can be wrapped in wool blend and man made textiles, genuine leather and durable microfiber Music. The indian tada already has two fully electric vehicles in its tables, but the avenia concept radically changes the companys approach to both electrification and model design. This suv sits on a new generation. 3 architecture developed specifically for evs. It is constructed using the latest materials is optimized for the energy efficiency and is designed to replenish 310 miles of range in 30 minutes. Using the fast charging infrastructure from the outside the evening adopts modern styling previously unseen on any tara. Its bodywork merges features of a hatchback and a cv and an mpv then led lights serve as the main focal points on the front. Fascia plus there was a huge closed off grille stunning, two tone: paintwork and radical looking wheels on the inside tada decided to go a different route. So, instead of several huge screens, there is a small one integrated into the steering wheel and two more on the sides.

For camera mirrors deus vallan, austria based todays, automobiles have debuted their first electric hyper car that promises staggering performance numbers. According to the company williams, advanced engineering, who are the former technology offshoot of the williams formula, one team were involved in the development of the vayanz powertrain. The mechanical details are kept secret. The only figures that we know is that the combined output of the system will reach 2200 horsepower and 1475 pound feet of torque. They use estimate that the model will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds, while its maximum speed will exceed 248 miles per hour. As for the styling, the veyon may not be the most exotic model within its segment, though it does have several unconventional features. The most noticeable include the unique shapes of the front and rear grilles inspired by the infinity loop, as well as the futuristic led tail light stripe. More details will be unveiled closer to 2025, for when the deliveries are scheduled, Music, Music, audi e, tron, a6 event. The all electric wagon of the nearest feature impresses us with its dimensions, underpinned by a new ppe platform, the a6 avant etron concept, measures 16.3 feet long and 6.4 feet wide, which is even wider than the current rs6. These styling cues are taken from the last years. Sportback so here well see a similar single frame front: grille short overhangs, pronounced wheel, arches huge 22 inch alloys and a rather long roof line.

Some details are different, though, such as a sportier rear, diffuser or deeper air intakes responsible for additional cooling needed to support the 100 kilowatt hour battery pack audi says that the latter will be enough to cover over 430 miles of range on a single charge. The biggest news here is that the pp architecture supports up to 270 kilowatts recharge rate. It means that around 180 miles can be replenished in just 10 minutes. The event has each one motor setup producing 469 horses and 590 pound feet of torque Music xbank p5. This compact sedan is the smallest model from the xiaopang motors, but according to the company, it is also the most sophisticated production car on the market in terms of autonomous driving tech. Instead of relying solely on cameras, the cv puts to work up to 32 sensors, including two automotive, great lighters that enable the function of the latest x pilot 3.5 system. On the ev front, the p5 offers a single motor front wheel, drive configuration that can be paired with three battery options: 56, 66 and 71 kilowatt hour. In all three. The system returns 210 horses and 229 pound feet. While the range varies from 200 to 260 miles. On in charge, rumors also suggest that in the future the car might also get an all wheel drive option. Its exterior has an attractive fastback profile, while the futuristic cabin relies on a 12.3 inch. Digital dashboard and a 15.6 inch infotainment with the next generation xmart 3.

0 operation system, nikola tram change of management has definitely helped nikola to distance themselves from the past controversy and they actually beat tesla to the market of electric semis. For now, the hydrogen fuel cell truck was postponed until 2023 and instead the american startup went forwards with the developments of a battery electric track. The first production units of this reimagined cap over for short haul and metro regional applications have already been received by nicolas partner total transportation services inc. This heavy duty hauler is built upon a proven, evaco s way, platform with a compact wheelbase of 186 inches the ginormous 753 kilowatt hour battery continuously juices. The 6×2 drive with 645 horsepower. The gross combined vehicle weight rating of the nikola tri is 82 000 pounds for 37 tons. The range should reach 350 miles, while the maximum recharge rate of 240 kilowatt should ensure 10 to 80 battery replenishment in 2 hours remember.