What we have mackie this is a standard range car, um and theres. Some really quite funky funky things on this, and some of it is thats the handle i mean who knew really really clever. This has got a range of a wltp of 270 miles, but of course, as i always say, and i can prove it and show it to you in under under probably five or six different models that we all operate ourselves now that wltp doesnt mean a great Deal you know i wish it did. Motorway mileage kills. These kills electric cars around town. I suppose the wltp is is manageable. Id like to say you should be getting something in the region of around about three and a half to four miles per kilowatt hour. You know weve seen it less in the winter and as much as four in my own car in the summer, so its going to be how its been driven – and i think, the better you drive this car, the most sustainable. You drive it the actually better youre going to get lovely thing about this. Its got dc and ac charging, which, of course, a lot of new models have its capable of onboarding. 11. 11. Kilowatts. Thank you. 11, kilowatts, um, ac and up to 110 kilowatts of dc charging, which means you can charge this car from about 20 to 40 in about 45 minutes which actually to be fair, its pretty decent. However, one of the things ive learned um over the last couple of years of tramping, the uk roads in electric cars, is to take the power when you can so stopping at the right kind of charger.

Doing a few emails and having a wee cup of coffee grab a sandwich and instead of having it in the car in your lap, go and sit down, take a break and 30 minutes of charging to this will give you a good 150 miles and thats pretty Decent, you know you can carry on and plan your journey. The thing i advise for everyone really is to ensure that you plan your journey with electric. I made some fatal mistakes at the beginning, of course, im a typical bloke. You know push button to see what happens and hope for the best. I think a little bit of planning here bringing in something like zap map, so you can actually plan the charges. You know where they are give yourself that challenge start off a little bit earlier than you would and the world will be very different and it took me some months to get used to being able to operate in that environment today, um theres. Nowhere in the uk today that im not im frightened of going as long as youve got a little bit of planning in front of it, but look at the car. The car is a very, very nice vehicle um. I think when you looked at some of the other models, weve seen and one of the things that always concerns me is storage and i think all electric cars have their challenges. But we looked at the last one and of course it was very small.

This is, actually, you know, more voluminous, even though it is small. You can get a lot more in here, so your tools and uh, and certainly all your cables and all the things that you want to it. But this is this is the the brilliant of electrics. This is your work of the work screen. Wash put. Your cable away were good, so really good heavy car lots of its really funky, really chunky theres this it feels solid, which is great, really good. Again. Look at this. You know push button and the dashboard the display, i have to say its just 2022, its state of the art and its everything youd expect from a modern ev, its pretty decent. This is a good car and im going to tell you how good it is in six months time when weve got 15 18 000 miles on it and again in in 18 months time, when weve maybe got 30 or 40 000 miles on it. Weve been in our ford, weve tested the service regimes, weve seen how much it cost and how, because theres lots of conversation about oh well, you know servicing is going to be really cheap with electric vehicles thats, how theyre going to be so thats how you can Afford to pay so much fun weve, yet to really test that theres different models. Different manufacturers are really coming at this from very different arenas. So again, what were trying to do is support you by sharing the information that weve got it.

We do it through our all of our our channels and everythings available from the pro hire website on our pro program. Page, our pro world page please dive in there and if you need any information, youll want to look at what were doing then just shout and as always, you know everything we showcase is available from program or pro hire on contract tire you know so were running This equipment were managing this equipment, whether its electric vans trucks were moving into hydrogen. All of those things are available for a conversation and great thing about the presentations we do and the conversation we have. It doesnt cost you any money. So our content in this world is about trying to help you get where you need to be and not trying to take something from it. So its not trying to take advantage about trying to share real world information. So youve got some proper, understandable dialogue right. The way across from charges from batch technology and beyond so with a lot of these things, of course, battery tech is great drives forward. Good range, fast, charging, a cable tidy at the front, but whats the boot like lets, have a look. You know um yeah to look a lot of the challenges. The electric vehicles, of course, is the size of storage and and all the rest, especially if its an suv or crossover, because youve got a family to to manage. This is not bad.

You know, i have to say um, you know, as you can tell, we just picked the car up lots of ford boxes. It is brand new um, so the next time we show it to you. It will probably have some war wounds and some scars, but thats. The only way youre going to really tell how good something really is boot, yeah charging points, all sorts of bits and pieces under here we have oh look. What we got here: weve got a bag with something in it, an air pump, so im assuming well theres. Definitely no spare because theres no room for one so its its looking at how we lets have a look at whats in here. Even why not be rude to tempt you with a bag and not tell you whats in there, but lets have a quick look. Another set of cables so were going for house cables. I guess as well with a seven kilowatt charging for home, so thats what youve got in there. So this is capable of charging at home um on a seven kilowatt turn system. But equally so my suggestion, with with any of this stuff now, is to ensure, if youre taking a bat, a car with big batteries and and 70 kilowatts, an upper or a decent size set of batteries. You need to have a proper seven kilowatt, um charger set into your home um, and you can work from there because it really is going to make a big difference to you, but not required.

You know not absolutely not required to operate these, but i think, as the world is moving into a different place, people talk about infrastructure all the time and i guess the challenge about infrastructure is these cars. There was more cars sold in march of this year. Uh 2022 than the entirety of 2019., so the the bit for me is infrastructure, has planned its way forward and it is growing, but whats happening is the ev super highway is overtaking it and really moving out there so getting onto charges externally, yes, its possible. Yes, its expensive, yes, electric is more expensive than it was its still far cheaper than diesel, but doing it at home its where the controls gon na come from, especially as we move forward over this next year or two. So this is a quick delve into something. Were very pleased to see on our own fleet were very pleased to be able to have one of these to to look at and were going to look at some more im delighted to be able to talk to you guys again from from pro i truck tv. I said before please subscribe if you can were trying to produce content that people are are asking for and everythings available on our pro hire website, either on the program page prior truck tv page or the pro world page. Looking forward to seeing you guys really soon with our podcast and again, our next video was already its in for for for two weeks time.