Now this is an exclusive commercial vehicle for e commerce. Companies tata has got ‘ 000 bookings, yes, thats right ‘ 000 bookings on the day of the launch of this ev theyve. Also signed an mou with the likes of flipkart amazon, big basket and much more so lets. Take a quick look at the exterior of this vehicle and lets see whats so special about it. So, starting with the front wheel over here now the front two wheels of this uh ev get a disc brakes and the rear get drum brakes now. Theres, no abs, anywhere on this vehicle, as we move to the side over here. These are the two charging sockets that you get on this vehicle now this is a slow charging socket, and this is a fast charging socket now in the slow charging socket, it takes around six to seven hours to to get from, say, 20 to 100, while the Fast charger takes around 105 minutes to do the same job as we come over here we see the battery. This is a 21.3 kilowatt hour battery and it is liquid, cooled now tata claims. This is done in order to be more suitable to the indian environment and to protect and to provide better safety to the indian consumer. Now, as we come to the rear wheel, i already said that these are drum brakes. You dont get abs over here anywhere. We come on to the rear, and now this is where things start to get a little more special.

These are led tail lights at the back, and this is the storage container now tata have designed this new unique honeycomb structured, uh container for this vehicle, and it comes with the vehicle when they sell it to you now. This is the honeycomb structure, aims at providing lightness and rigidity. At the same time now, whats special about this structure is the fact that if you look up here, you get cameras and you get sensors over here now. The whole purpose of these features is to prevent theft. Yes, thats right. A lot of business owners tend to take a lot of stress because, when their vehicles are out on the road theyre susceptible to thieves, you know robberies on the road and all of those those things tata has provided sensors here that make sure both business owners and Drivers have peace of mind when theyre out on the road, because these sensors alert the driver when someone is trying to open the door, regardless of whether the vehicle is on the move or its stationary, which makes for great peace of mind. Now, as we come on to this side, obviously you can see the acv logo over here, and this is the interior which we will get to in a bit, and this is how the front of the acv looks its pretty similar to the existing variant of the Ace and thats, all you need to know about the exterior of the tata acv lets.

Take a look at the interiors. Okay, guys welcome to the interior of the all new tata ace ev and, as you can see, there are quite a lot of special elements in here already now, despite this being a commercial vehicle, what you get over here is a digital, touchscreen, thats right. This is a seven inch tft display. You also get a digital instrument cluster. It all feels really futuristic. It feels very electric also. This is a single speed, gearbox and uh. This is the gear knob over here it looks a little alien in a commercial vehicle, but this is going to be really comfortable, especially on slightly longer drives, because youre not going to have uh the pressure of having to change gears constantly. Now we get into this touchscreen panel over here and whats special about it is, if i click on vehicle info and then i click on vehicle parameters, i can actually see some really useful information about the vehicle. With regards to battery charge uh, you know how much range is left on the vehicle. This is really useful for drivers making delivery runs. This is really going to be a game changing feature now. As far as power is concerned, as i mentioned already, this motor produces 36 brake horsepower and whats important for a vehicle like this is range now tata claims a range of around 154 kilometers, but obviously this depends depends upon several factors like uh the terrain around you And all of that stuff, realistically, you can expect around 128 kilometers on a full charge, which is not that bad at all.

Now we come to this side and you dont get power windows. You still have those old, uh rolling windows. Basically – and these are the seats over here as you can see and thats pretty much all you need to know – this is a steering wheel quite a loud horn over here man and the view is also quite nice. Uh, thanks to the lack of the speedometer in front of the steering wheel, you get a clearer view of whats around you and theres. Another really useful feature for small business owners and all business owners. Basically – and that is something called fleet edge now fleet edge is a service – is an app is a portal provided by tata, that is a fleet management system with the help of fleet edge. What you can do is you can actually track all the tata ace evs in your fleet. You can see them on the map, see where they are going. You can learn about statistics with regards to how fast they are going, how much charge is left in them. It gives you a lot of control over the vehicles in your fleet, and it also reduces stress greatly. You can actually put a map around a certain vehicle which means that if you want a certain vehicle from your fleet to not go beyond six kilometers in a particular area, you can actually set that area on a map with the fleet edge app and what that Will do is whenever the vehicle crosses that boundary, you will receive an alert, saying, hey.

You know this vehicle has crossed the boundary that you just set, which really allows you to gain greater control over your fleet. It allows you to optimize your business greatly and thats. What makes the tata acv such an amazing vehicle in this segment lets take a look at the cargo holding area of the tata ace ev, now im just going to open it over here and, as you can see, theres loads of space. To be precise, this 208 cubic feet of space inside this box over here you can fit a lot of stuff and uh its really roomy and its also made of aluminium and its not that heavy either which doesnt, which means it does not affect performance overall. So lets just shut this and let me show you the charger for the tata ace ev, which is right over here now. This is the slow charger. This is the kind of charger that you will have with you at home and for the fast charges youll have to visit the charging points that tata will be setting up so there you have it guys. This is all you need to know for now about the new tata ace ev. Do let us know in the comment section what you think about this. We cant wait to get a chance to test this out in the real world and see how it handles real life situations until then drop a like follow us on motorbeam so that you never miss any of our updates.