I know theyre like like well dont, rub your engine at me, little mister! I will do it. No sorry! I dont understand i dont either stop trying to talk to us youre, not as cool as us doing a car review and talking about makeup, i want to sing the jd by ryder song. Music. Hey welcome to osr garage. Today, our friend lori is going to drive an electric car for the first time and shes going to do it in this id4. So lets go see that hey guys this is felicia parrott with osr garage and im. Here with my friend lori, she is my little five foot tall friend, whos, never driven an electric car, and i was super excited for her to get in and feel the power, because electric cars nowadays are pretty awesome and it doesnt have to be a tesla. We have a volkswagen id4 and we love it and i just zip all over the place in it. It has great handling. So we have some errands to run today and shes, just taking a drive with us and its fabulous so far. Okay, so nasa requesting permission for takeoff. Thank you now. What do i do all right girl, this just tilts back in rivers, okay, put on the break yeah! Oh push, yeah push it all the way down until you feel it its on okay, okay and then yep. Just go that way, looking towards us well im going to run into the bushes because im an excellent driver, excellent driver! Oh i reached down here theres no down here all right.

So then, i go into drive and im scared of all the power being available yeah when we get to the highway we cant go fast head west. Is it like the cvt that it doesnt have a shift to it? Well, no because theres no transmission continue for one mile, so it doesnt need to go through gears. I think cvts are like that too. Oh yeah, yeah thats, the um gym. I cant remember what it is: im a terrible wife, so it drives very nice better than i thought that it would. I dont know what exactly i was expecting, but it feels like a regular gas powered vehicle. I cant see youre good, so it gets really quiet whenever youre at a stop, which is odd because you automatically think it died. It does accelerate extremely fast and smooth yes, isnt that fun it its very fun actually yeah. You should totally go that fast. Go that fast that fast, so cruising right along doing really. Well, what do you think about, like your siege massagers, i was gon na, say its very comfortable. It feels just like a normal car which, at this point, electric, is becoming the new normal uh. I think that yeah vegan leather seats provide an amount of comfort that you wouldnt necessarily find with cloth or real leather, because this is a lot more uh supple. It gives a bit more um and its very pretty ive never been a fan of the brown and black on an interior together.

I wouldnt think that i would choose it if i had an option to get like gray and black or even black on black. I think that those are the options i would choose instead of brown and black, but it doesnt look as bad as it sounds in my head, heres, where it shows the or where you can see the two colors and the i love the detail and the stitching And then the handles are like this piano black, which is really beautiful, but unfortunately it kind of like gets your fingerprints pretty easily. So i feel like im always trying to wipe it off, but you can see the contrast here. Hopefully it doesnt look orange in the camera, but i think it really gives it a little bit of character that other cars dont have i dont know, and while felicia was talking, i was adjusting the temperature in here and it took a second. I wanted to touch the front. I wanted to touch right here, but in reality its up here yeah. So that was a little bit of a learning curve, but it was a quick curve. Yeah everythings just like touch, and i think too, for a short arm girl. Like me, im always gon na have to be reaching forward to get to the screen. Maybe that makes me pay a little bit more attention because it will make me be more alert but yeah im, a five foot tall, shrimp, its fun right, i feel like – were going to the rave and we got to get there fast, fast, electric bikes im.

You know im into that. I have one electric cars, i think, are definitely the next step and after listening to jim educate, slash yammer on about them, yammering yammering, jim barrett, because hes lovely i feel like. I now have enough knowledge to go out and talk about electric cars at a level that is appropriate for someone who might consider buying one lets. Go s our garage subscribe. Do it now like this video and subscribe woohoo, do it jim? Would you get a million followers video, this camera? I cannot make it stand still its just bouncing everywhere. I dont really know where its going yeah plenty of elbow room back here. So i bet that passing people is a lot of fun in this car. If you have to pass youre, never worried that youre not gon na make it. I never thought about that. Now i want to pass and you will always be the first one out at the stoplight. Always i dont care what child next to you in their car. The crowd were you telling me that somebody tried to race, you, oh yeah, yeah, all right, two, two stop lights when im beating both sides, my windows are tinted, but i dont, i think they can see me like im a girl or a lady, an old lady Saying theres: nothing like the 40 year olds, just stomping some teenagers. I know theyre like what is this. What is this mom doing over here? Im like well dont rub your engine at me.

Little mister! I will do it. I dont care you dont even have to try either its just like how you would normally leave the stoplight. Meanwhile theyre back there like trying to kill themselves, are we passing? Okay were going whoo, see no jerking? No, that was so smooth and crazy. Wow like what and then we have somebody that pulls in front of us, did they not just witness my speed racer moment wow and they are going like 10.. They didnt even try to go fast. If youre gon na pull out in front of somebody stomp on it, something that draws my eye is the excessive speed its set for five miles an hour over the speed limit and any time i go over, that its it blinks onto the screen so its good. It gets my attention, its not obtrusive, like with the noise, but it is there quite often. What does that tell you? I know ive learned to ignore it. One thing that i notice is: there are rain sensing windshield wipers in the front, but in the back theres, not so thats really odd. I would think that they would do that. I feel a little bit bothered by that too. Actually, because if youre already gon na have the technology in an electric car at the level that it is, why not add that last little bit of feature to finish off the windshield wipers, yeah thats, the same see were already indicators not that far away.

But we do still have to drive across the giant spread out indicator to get to the ball, because supposedly heres a hot tip, there is a clinique black honey lip gloss. That fits everybody, no matter your complexion or your skin tones. So we have to go find out its a. I cant remember how they called it, but its like between a gloss and a lipstick. All the car guys are loving. This i know make sure we should have our own youtube video for makeup tips in your 40s. Maybe we do it while were driving the car gym, and then it can go on both our youtube channels. Maybe you could combine your painting in this car. Jim would just freak if you had open paints in this car. Hmm hed probably be like this figures. I dont know why shes doing it, but she says figures. I take it that its going to tell me if theres somebody beside me, it has the yeah blind spot lights here, will flash? Does it make a noise um? No, okay! No sorry! I dont understand. I dont either because ive set it off twice already too stop trying to talk to us youre, not as cool as us doing a car review and talking about makeup. My 2018 kia sorrento has the blind spot monitoring and it scared me at first because i felt like it was super sensitive, but now i live by it and i love the ones that make a sound and it does the problem with.

That, though, is ive become really reliant on it, and i really i dont even look anymore. I just turn the signal on and if it beeps i dont go and if it doesnt beep, i go and one of these days thats going to get me in trouble, especially if i would drive a vehicle like this one that doesnt have the beep. It does beep if youre backing up and somebodys behind you, so thats nice, the cross traffic, monitor yeah. I love that thats a great feature. I still dont know how they do it, but im just pleased that they do like i mean i feel like something has to be sticking out of the car same like an arm the 360s. How does it know? Does it have like four cameras? Um, you can turn here. Take the second right onto north 22nd street were gon na break the rules and take the first right. Dont tell me what to do bertha. Do you want to try the um regenerative, braking regenerative regeneration, braking mode? You just flip this. When you take your foot off the brake, it slows you down yeah like like a go kart. Yes, just like a gopro and i think thats how its putting energy back into the car when it does that right, i dont understand it. Well, the more it slows. You down the more friction it produces, which is going to regenerate its your energy. It also saves on your brakes your brakes until youre hit, although if its using your jim likes to see how far he can just be going until it stops itself.

But when you let off the brakes on this, it is slowing you down quick thats, just something i have to get used to blow off the gas im. Sorry, yes, let off the gas. It slows you down instantly. You can turn it off if you dont use it. Oh its fine. If it gives us more energy yeah its a great feature, i want to sing the jd by ryder song, central illinois jingles. For you, sorry and every time i let off this, i go for the break and i dont need to because then i really slow down fast, thats. Okay, you couldnt push me just drive a fuel region. Take the second ride onto bloomington road, north water street jen, says, b mode. I decided thats much easier b mode yeah. I have a b mode, its, not the same kind of mode continue for one and a half miles. I should probably slow down im gon na to 45.. You go really fast easily yeah, since theres no lag your brain, i think automatically counts your shifts when youre in a gasoline powered vehicle and theres no shifting to count here. So you just go fast and we have arrived at the the mothership, the ulta review i just reached for the shifter. I dont think that i need to do that for park. You push in on the end there you go so any comments. It was a very nice drive. I am surprised at how much i did enjoy the vehicle.

So if somebody help me finance one, i would totally drive one. What do you think about like last night when we were talking about charging and how sometimes it is an inconvenience like for us? Personally, we live in the country in a rural area um, so without our home charger we would be in trouble, but because we dont go far from home for work and stuff its never a big deal in our everyday life, but traveling. You have to do some planning, i mean we have a tesla adapter. So, even if we go because a lot of hotels will only have a tesla chargers and we do have an adapter now so that we can charge anywhere, but i believe theres a link for that at the bottom yeah. Yes, there is a link for that in the bottom. Yes, you got ta get that adapter. If you dont have a tesla its super helpful. So what what do you think about like electric cars like around here? Maybe i dont know how it would be where you live where i live. I think it would be fine because its always warm so we dont have all of the issues with losing your range um and just personally, where i live, that theres a charger two minutes around the corner, which would be fantastic. The issues that i see are up here. It would be difficult a lot of people, they love their gas powered vehicles, they love not being told what they can and cant do and so having to plan a trip around chargers might be asking a little much from most people, not everybody can handle an electric Car, in my opinion, well, we just need like more like larger ranges and longer battery lifes and more charger, more charging platforms, absolutely and everywhere heavy thoughts, good reviews, i like the vehicle, so much shampoo.

I would, i would definitely drive one i like the size of it very easy to navigate in to park im 99 sure im between the lines. So all is well in that respect. Theres.