The bmw i4 ive been waiting to try this one for a while. It is, of course, a fully electric version of the four series. If you like this one is the bmw. G26 i4 m50 is about 540 horsepower. This thing ill put all the uh the facts on the screen, all the stats and stuff like that. This one is in frozen portameo blue metallic, interesting because i thought it was a matte color, but actually it says its a metallic color, its very interesting uh good. Looking car um dont worry about the grill ive gotten used to it. I hope you have as well. Let me know what you think in the comments. Of course, i think with the number plate looks so much better anyway. Lets have a quick look around it check the practicality quickly and then take it for a drive Music. So here you go. I thought that was a matte finish, but actually um its metallic and it actually is metallic. Now that i look at it again good looking car, you know, i mean its not easy to tell it. Apart from the regular cars m50 on the back there, its got an em badge there. Of course, the i4 badge kind of gives it away. Of course, theres. No exhaust, although its got a kind of a diffuser arrangement there, that makes it look like its got. Exhaust massive wheels good looking wheels, actually the extended wheel arches on there as well a lot of aerodynamics and, of course the front grille i should have mentioned is actually closed off, so thats one of the clues.

That tells you that this is in fact the i4 version. The electric version so lets just have a look at the view quickly see if its as practical um, as you would expect from a force. Yes, actually look at that, so its a hatchback, so i think its like the the grand tour version, um, so sort of that sort of thing. Um decent boost space, no problem at all, a bit of luggage space under there as well compartment, harman, kardon, sound system. There look, and i think those are the cables in that bag and split folding rear seats right lets, get into powered as well lets get into the rear and see what thats like back of the i 4 here we are and uh massive massive thick bucket of Bulky seats for the front there with these huge side bolsters and theres sort of one piece back to it, so they do take a little bit of room, but actually i think the seat is quite far back when i get in the front ill, adjust it and Then well be able to see just what the the situation was. There blue pinstriping there. I guess that denotes the fact that this is the i4, the electric version, but all as you would expect nicely uh done back here: um theres, the uh typical beam. This is quite interesting. Actually i dont know if i can show you this. If i turn around this way, its got that that sort of ribbed upholstery, but its narrower than it would normally be its very interesting.

This is like mini versions of the season. You would normally expect to find in um in the four series or three series. Even so there you go generally fine. The feet are quite tight down there, thats theyre, literally locked in there. Let me make that out. I cant wiggle that at all um and the knees are quite tight, but again i need to see what that is like, but other than that, not bad. I think, maybe because it might be to do with the floor, because the batteries and stuff right anyway lets get in the front, see what thats like and then lets take it for a drive. Yeah lets start it up. So its quite a familiar arrangement in here. Its all pretty familiar its, not that surprising, you know so all of this stuff is there lets close that just to make it look good lets find the start so theres a start. Stop lets. Look at this big screen. Lets see what that does there look. Did you hear that one boom so the beginning of a movie its like the cinema, just starting up this cinema size? Look at that screen. I mean it is massive. This is my hand, look how massive that screen is um im assuming its touch screen yeah. It is so wow look at that, its all one piece, all the way along here, its one piece. So let me turn the steering around so this the seat actually talking about how the seat was adjusted for the rear.

So actually the seat is perfectly set. For my position, so im actually finding the seat. So that means that i could sit back behind myself just about for normal size people. It wouldnt be a problem at all um, but they look at that instrument. Panel thats unique anyway, lets give this a go um. I wont have time to uh: oh see we can go into. This is straightforward, the good thing about being in the bmw. You know, theres no surprises, you know exactly what its about and you can easily figure everything out. So well try the modes once we get him into the the hill circuit. All right cool lets give this a go right, so here we go so like straight away. I mean this is a thing being back in the bmw and as now, once again, a bmw owner its just straight away. It fits like a glove, you feel comfortable in it. You feel familiar with the surroundings um, it all just kind of makes sense, doesnt it its just its got that sort of thing about it: um and thats thats. True of this, as anything else, the ride is firm, but this is the thing about the bmws like firm ride as it may be, but nonetheless um. You know its its still very well damped its very well controlled um. There isnt an issue as such um theres. No jarringness theres, no harshness or anything like that, so its pretty good in that sense right there, so whoa wow.

I, like the noises making interesting right lets just go straight into sport, boost oh okay, sport and sport, boost whatever that means um and wow. The noise has gotten even louder, wow thats, very interesting, so theyre really focused on giving this thing like this crazy sci, fi, uh, warp, speed, kind of noise thing thats going on here, um just to really give it a sense of purpose as well. In the sense of speed, just from the aspect of the oral uh participation of the car, i dont know if you can hear that, but thats extraordinary its almost like, in fact, do i remember reading somewhere that this was uh done by some composer, its so easy To place this car compared to other cars ive brought around here, i can place it exactly where i want. You know again its that familiarity that you have with this model in this chassis, and you know what its capable of that really really helps. You know um doesnt feel as rigid as i was expecting, as some of the electric cars always seem to do seems to feel fine. Um well hows this, but definitely accelerates hard when you wanted to um and can corner pretty hard as well notices at all feels very composed. I could do with a bit more heft on the steering um but thats pretty much it, but the steering is pretty accurate. Theres no uh hint of oversteer on this thing either maybe its a slight understeer there, but then i was really pushing it through that bit, and this is the thing though, ive had the confidence to push this one instantly getting into it uh much harder than i Have anything else that ive been around here um and im, probably enjoying it more just opening it up again on there really really good, no issues at all and just going straight into there just settles so nicely and just very, very accurate and responsive to what your Inputs are and what you want it to do.

Theres no surprises here um, but also, at the same time when i say theres, no surprises thats, not to say that its dull, its definitely an engaging and uh spirited electric car. The spirit of the three series four series lives on in ev format is basically the takeaway from this uh. So far, this drive in the i4 ive come up behind a slower ix now. So this is why ive had to back off. Otherwise, i would have kept going because Music, i mean theres like a double kick there. I dont know what its done there, but its like it accelerates, and then it accelerates again its like. What are you doing? This is like theres, a fair bit of uh performance. Uh on hand here for sure, so that 544 horsepower they were talking about theyre, not joking and its deployed fairly solidly. You know i mean its, not you know theres, not i dont know if this person is letting me pass or something im, not sure, but anyway um it was indicating wow. Oh my goodness, im enjoying this already. You can probably tell that uh. This thing is putting a grin on my face. This is an electric car right, all those people that say, electric cars are no fun that youre just not getting it youre, just not understanding it. Oh, my goodness, wow this this is uh. This is actually really good. Im actually tempted to take this around the course again.

I might know, because um that has given me a pretty good uh idea of what this is capable of um. You know what, if youre thinking of getting an i4, if you can charge a car at home and um youre, okay, with with doing distances in electric car, i dont know what the range is ill put it up on the screen. Whatever get this, get it its great just get it i like it. This is really good. I am so tempted to go around the game, impressive, impressive car. I mean its basically keeping the spirit of the three series and the four series, but just translating it into the the future era of electric cars and what you know, elective electric motive power can do is able to do Music. But yes, you know wow, i mean and also its very interesting that sound really keeps you engaged as well, because youre kind of like just like the revving of an engine. You know you want to hear that sound and thats kind of what youre getting with this. You know youre actually getting that that that sensation of sound along with speed this is kind of what youre doing here wow just oh man. This is this is really good. Theyre, really energetic um youre working hard but youre enjoying it because its its something thats fun. I just like the marshals are probably just seeing me flying around there with the grin on my face because thats what this thing is doing its just putting a grin on my face.

You know its absolutely bonkers Music, but i like it. I think you know, if you know all those naysayers for electric cars – and you know worry about what theyre going to do to performance and stuff um need to drive a car like this one, because yeah this puts it into context and all of a sudden youre. Like okay yeah, this makes sense, you know. Actually this does work, i mean you can and the thing is like you know, the limits are so high in this car. I mean youre, not really, you know going to surpass those limits at all its, not really going to be a problem um as long as youre not being silly. You know it seems it just holds really. Well i mean it just you know its very predictable. It hasnt been, you know, just yeah theres no surprises here, as i said before its not a car that surprises, but its, not a car, that you know dulls either its not a car that boards or anything like that. This is a car that definitely engages entices and excites. Oh look the traction just cut in there, so it just cut the power there, because i dont know the traction decided to cut the power. Wow utterly bonkers, theres a little bit of a crest there. So you do end up sort of. I dont know not quite getting your one, but it certainly feels like a little bit that youre getting airborne, thats great, really good thumbs up for this thing, yeah.

Definitely what i said earlier get one so cool. Let me know what you guys think of the i4 in the comments below a big shout out and thanks to jay williams over at air technic, who are top tier sponsors of brown car guy check them out at air technic, co, uk for exhausts brakes, suspension and Body kits plus our other major sponsor naijan solutions, much appreciation also to tier four sponsors: muhammad ali humay, tom conway, gordon and reza deal.