There are plenty of other videos that have shown you kind of a bit of quirky things to do with it. You know going around a mcdonalds takeaway that kind of thing, so im not going to do any of that. What i am going to do is im just going to show you around it really closely. So you can get a really good feel as to what this car is like, so lets get to it. So the first thing you cant ignore about the citroen at me is the fact that it looks pretty much the same from the front and from the back, and it looks pretty much the same from the left hand, side and the right hand side. So much so that the doors actually open in opposite ways, because they are literally the same panel of moulding so the amii or, as i probably say in this video amy, because im used to the british pronunciation, is a quadricycle which has a special category of taxation. Class in france, meaning that you dont have to have a driving license to drive it, and i think you can also drive it from the age of 14 years old, so its fantastic for younger people who want to have a bit of independence, especially if they live Somewhere, where its not easy to get around on public transport, having said that, it only has a top speed of 46 kilometers per hour and a range of 70 kilometers, meaning that unless you live in a city, it isnt particularly practical.

Unless you feel like having an enormous irate queue of traffic behind you, although i said earlier that the car does look the same from the front and the back, it really actually doesnt, because the roof molding is entirely different, where the headlights are in the front. The tail and brake lights are in the back. The ami is not metal, its actually plastic, so its the sort of same sort of material, as you would see, in sort of a portaloo kind of thing, uh, its a sort of molded plastic and its built on a metal frame or chassis. Going all the way around the bottom and actually around the cage of the car and well see that when we go inside in a minute, one of my favorite features is the 3d effect citroen badge which in actuality, is completely flat. Its just drawn on to look like its a proper metal badge, reflecting the light, but its not. I think one of the main things i want to get across in this video is quite how basic the ami is. So everything is paired down to the absolute bare minimum that you need in a vehicle. The first thing to start with, as well as obviously the the cheapness of the body moldings uh, is, as you go to the car youve got two keys. One is the door key and then one is the ignition key, so its just like a uh, an 80s or 70s volvo 340.

In that respect to get into the car youve got these little push buttons so thats it in the locked position, which means you cant, open the door. So you put your smaller door key into it and give it a twist and then thats unlocked. So then, if i push it, it now pops the door out and of course, this drivers door opens as a suicide door, so it opens backwards essentially, which makes stepping into it a little bit more interesting than it ought to be so lets have a look around The door to start with – or this is the drivers door, its a left hand drive car and they only make them in left hand drive by the way, and we have first of all, this quite large, useful door pocket with hat and sunglasses in ill. Come to those in a minute um you do have. The exterior body is completely uh visible here, uh in the door pocket, i think a bit like an original mini. Actually, you have a fabric door, pull so that you can shut the door from the inside of the car very basic uh, also very dirty, and this cars barely done any mileage. So really i wouldnt like to see how dirty that is, with a little bit more use up higher on the door. There is a window and it is hinged in the middle and opens upwards just like a two cv. So you click this little handle down and it pops out, and then you can lift the window up and it will click into place firmly like that which gives you a bit of ventilation.

To be honest, not a lot. It is, though, very difficult to then reach out of the car when youre inside it to pull this very stiff window down and slam it shut, um, its functional it works, but its very basic and just to finish off the tour of the door. Weve got these uh little round door mirrors, which are adjustable on both sides lets step inside the ami and see how getting into it is like right, im inside the army, so lets give you a little flavor of what its all actually like ill. Just continue with the theme of the door for a minute and show you the door pull to actually open the door theres no way of unlocking the door from the inside or locking it all you get. Is this little pull here that pops it open like that? Youll also see that the passenger door pull is in a different place, its down there because uh. Obviously this door opens like a conventional door, opens the other way. Ive put my phone in as wide angle of video as possible. So i can get as much of the cars interior in uh as i can so that you can see exactly what it feels like in here. One of the first things you notice being inside the ammi. If you look up is that youre surrounded by this metal frame, that goes all along the sides of the roof and the front and across behind your head or above your head, youll, also notice that the quality of the welding is perhaps not the highest ever seen On a piece of transport, and neither is the quality of the uh sort of seam sealer or whatever it is theyve put in certain areas as well.

It very much looks like it was not made by robots. I would say the other thing you really notice in the emmy is that you sit really far back in it. So if you see where my head is its kind of concurrent with the back door, pillar and the little window behind the door, so the whole of the door and the whole of the front wind side windows are way way in front of me. And there is no way i can reach the obviously the steering wheel but its impossible to reach the dashboard or the front of the dashboard without really really leaning forwards to get to it. So this cup holder, thats in here, for example, is completely pointless when youre driving, because you cant steer the car and also lean this far forwards to get out your cap, so its not the most ergonomically designed vehicle in the world. Looking around the cabin we have a sea of grey and orange, i think thats, the safe to say the theme of this car so lets start with the driving controls and show you those. So we have a steering wheel, which is actually relatively comfortable, but it is made of very hard plastic and these citroen symbols in this are actually 3d. But the um sort of shadowing is also sort of part of the symbol and no airbag. Funnily enough, in terms of actual controls, uh on this left hand, stalk weve got the controls for the horn very loud, the wipers, so we have intermittent and low and the i think theres a wash.

If you push it towards you and then the indicator left and right and they dont self cancel either lets do a wiper test. Shall we just one cute little wiper as we do a squirt test as well, go on then push it towards me in the middle? Is the dashboard instrument cluster ill come back to that in a moment to the right of the steering wheel? Weve got a few very basic controls here. Weve got a place to store your phone uh there and then a usb socket to charge it hazard warning lights. The fan which blows air through that little vent there just in front of the windscreen and then the other button is to make that air warm, so its, not a guarantee that you get warm air, its just air, warm air, its very loud ill show you so Thats air and warm air, the air also uh quite significantly depletes the battery life so uh. You dont want to be using that too much. If youre worrying about your range over on the passenger side of the car, weve got a shopping bag hook there a little space there in front of the passenger seat for some luggage and actually its quite spacious, weve got the passengers floor and then the passenger seat Itself, so one thing thats particularly noteworthy is that the passenger seat is set way way further back than the drivers seat and its in a fixed position. You cant move it forwards or backwards and thats so that you can have that space in front of the passenger.

For the luggage, the drivers seat does obviously go forwards and backwards, which then does give you a little sort of cubby hole behind to hold a few bits and pieces. Weve got a hi vis jacket in there and obviously the passenger door is identical to the drivers door in every way, including the direction in which it is built. Let me show you the amis driving controls, then so the first thing you need to do is in order to start the car is put your foot on the brake, take the ignition key and put it in the ignition. There turn the key on and then youve got to twist the key and hold it towards the back for a second until it beeps there, and that means the car is now on it started, which is quite fun. The instrument cluster is kind of hard to see, and that is actually true of reality, its very, very difficult to see it uh if theres some sunlight, and so you can just about see that its zero kilometers an hour at the minute were in neutral. The car has done 416 kilometers in total, and its got a 45 kilometer range left in the battery and the parking brake is on. The next thing we need to do to set off in the car is to select gear, and that is down here to the left of the drivers seat and you then press the button for d for drive after reverse or n, which is what were currently in Neutral, so if i click d for drive, nothing happens other than the d comes up now on the dashboard and then r, for example, comes up if i press r, but if i press d were now ready to go before i actually go, i would need to Put the handbrake down, which is the clunkiest most manual feeling handbrake ive ever come across in such a an advanced feeling car and then just to get going.

All you do is put your foot on the accelerator and off. We pop to reverse the car is incredibly simple: um i select the r button there and go backwards and because the car is so small youre literally knowing the back is right behind you, so you can exactly see where the back end of it is, which makes It really easy to drive and maneuver up here on the dashboard. Weve got some funky color coordinated, well orange anyway storage facilities. So i think a cup holder or some nonsense in there weve got a little hinged pouch here, um pen holder. Maybe i have no idea. Some lego ive, no idea this does come out and become a baguette holder as ive, decreed it to be theres a cup holder just in front of the sort of instrument cluster here, which again is slightly pointless, and the passenger doesnt get any cupholder activity at all. One of my main criticisms of driving the hammy is this glass roof which, although is really nice and makes the cabin feel really light and airy. It means that the sun, if youre facing it at all, is searing into your retinas, and you cant see anything. You certainly cant see the speedometer, because the reflections are so bad in it, and so you end up having to drive around wearing a baseball cap most of the time because of course, there are no inbuilt sun visors of any kind uh.

Although i think there are some accessory aftermarket ones that you can get theres, also no central uh rear view mirror, but actually having got used to the car thats, not a problem. Youve got pretty good visibility in both door mirrors right and left. Another big criticism. We have of the army actually using. It is that it really does steam up in here, because theres no proper ventilation other than these tiny side windows and that little fan there. The windscreen can really steam up quite a lot and you cant reach it from your driving position, either to give it a wipe if its misted up so thats a little bit problematic, sometimes and along the same lines if its cold weather outside it is freezing. In this car, because there isnt really a proper heater, yes, you can heat the air thats heating, the windscreen, but thats not really enough to heat the cabin so really its a case of layering up and having a scarf and a big coat, and that kind of Thing almost as if youre outside, but you happen to just about be inside, so lets, take the army out on the open road. So you can see a little bit about how it drives. The sun is quite annoying coming in through the roof right directly into my retinas um. So i think the only way of driving this car with any amount of sunshine is with a baseball cap. So i should, i think they should have a citronary baseball cap as standard equipment feels really fast isnt it.

Whatever speed, you do its very fun, though we get so many looks this wasnt really loud for an electric car. I was expecting to be silent. Its also really really bad on speed bumps, because i dont think it has much suspension we discovered earlier. Whilst i was driving well, i discovered earlier so i was driving it around the little lake where um it has the most amazing turning circle ive ever experienced. So it just sort of turns on nothing almost in its own space like its on casters, which is quite fun. Oh, my gosh, so many speed bumps does kind of feel like its screaming when youre really going for it its the popcorn sound. If i sing it doesnt it isnt copy right, is it now stop singing? Also in the really bright sunlight you cannot see the speedometer or the instrument panel at all. All i can see is a reflection of my face. Uh just really unhelpful for saying me what speed im going. Luckily, i cant break the speed limit, so i suppose it doesnt really matter what speed im going ill go. Whatever speed, i feel, like thats appropriate, for the circumstances were just entering a 20. Oh no ive! Actually got to look at my speedometer for the first time to make sure im not breaking the speed limit. Interestingly, because this car isnt doesnt have a gearbox, it just has the motor that goes faster and faster. The faster you go, theres no gears means its always in the right gear to be doing this slow speed, which is quite nice, because every other car i take down here and try and do 20 in second, is too low, and the third is way too high.

So its never fun its quite fun just kind of going flat out. Well there we go top down 45 kilograms per hour, flip down to the floor. Dont go any faster anyway. I do hope. Youve enjoyed this little tour around this fabulous, but flawed little citroen of me ive tried to make it a little bit different to some of the other videos that are online, because i wanted to show you really what the full experience of being in it was like. So i hope youve managed to get that. All that remains to me to say is thank you very much for watching, and i would be really grateful if you would consider subscribing to my channel because uh well, it makes me feel a bit better if there are a few more people watching these videos.