This also happens to be the first fully electric car to wear the m badge. Now its not a full on m car just has the m sports package, but its still pretty cool. This is the 2022 bmw. I4 m50 were going to take a look at how it drives what it has to offer and whether or not it can fairly lay claim to that famous letter m. But first, if youre new to cargurus welcome and if youre returning welcome back either way. Please make sure youre subscribed and if you have a car to sell, we can help you out. You can now sell your car 100 online with car gurus just plug in your info and well source a top dollar offer from the thousands of dealers in our network. Well pick up your car and youll get paid couldnt be easier now. The reason that this looks like a true bmw is that the i4, like the entire 4 series, is based on the quintessential bimmer, the iconic 3 series. This m50 is the grand coupe version. That means that, even though its got a couple extra doors on top of the traditional two of a coupe, it also has this sloping roofline and a hatchback. I love this color, its called brooklyn gray metallic, although its really more of a gloss than a pearl, but either way its very of the moment. Now, because this is the m50, we also have the m sport look and the shadow line exterior trim, which would be an extra charge on the base.

I4 wed have to pony up for the extended shadow line. If we wanted these funky partially floating mirrors, which are aerodynamic to be black too, instead of cerium gray 18 inch wheels are standard on the base. I 4 and 19 inch wheels are standard on the m50, but ours has the 20 inch wheels as part of the high performance package, theyre not great for range, but they do look awesome, especially with these red m sport. Brakes now, im not a huge fan of the door handles. I keep wanting to put my hand into them, or else expecting them to pop out like a teslas, but they do look great. The way that theyre flush with the door. Now, speaking of looks, we have to talk about the bmw grill now i know the new grille has been a divisive topic lately, but i happen to actually really like these new kidneys. If youve seen those old 328s from the 30s, they have super tall, skinny nostrils. So, for bmw to sort of stretch, the kidneys vertically after having them horizontally oriented for decades is really kind of a throwback. If you think about it now, im happy with the interior looks too. I love this curved display. It just looks so much better and so much more intentionally designed than sticking an ipad in the middle, and it really makes this dash area feel like a cockpit. Now i have to say im not so sure how i feel about all this silver color.

I do like that you can put this little cover down and you can hide the cup holders when youre not using them and thats, so bmw to just hide the cup holders away. But i wish it was a darker color, and i also want to mention all these little controls. They dont feel as substantial as i would really like them to the ones in the mazda3 feel more premium than these do now in the rest of the four series. Lineup, this area has your climate controls, and this has the radio presets and then your hazards and defrosters live right about here so effectively. The i4 is just making less use of the dash real estate. Now, personally, i think that they could have stood to keep the physical buttons but im not so sure whether thats an industry wide pet peeve or something that car shoppers really care about. So why dont you tell me: do you want physical climate controls as much as automotive journalists think you do? Let us know in the comments these seats are just gorgeous. The color is called takora red after a volcano in the andes, theyre, not the super grippy hold. You in place seats that ive come to expect from a sports car, but they are beautiful and theyre nice and comfortable. The seats in the back are comfy too, but its not so spacious back here, im 52 and i can fit comfortably behind my own driving position.

But no one, not even i – could fit comfortably behind a six foot. Tall passenger or driver now leg room aside, weve got climate controls down here, got two usbc ports, its pretty standard fare. Are you looking for the cup holders? Bmw behind these rear seats? We have 10 cubic feet of cargo space. Bmw has not published the specs on cargo space with the rear seats folded down, but the space feels sufficient to me its worth, noting that theres no frunk, as you might expect, on an ev because theres an electric motor under here now its covered in plastic. Just like any bmw engine so actually at first glance, you might not even know that this isnt a regular 4 series. The bmw i4 is available in two trims. First theres the regular i 4, with e drive 40. its rear wheel, drive and has a single electric motor, which makes 335 horsepower and 317 pound feet of torque and then theres this one, the i4 m50. This car is all wheel drive, so it has two electric motors one for the front axle and one for the rear axle altogether. That powertrain makes 536 horsepower and 586 pound feet of torque. Now its direct drive, which means it doesnt, have a transmission. So technically we dont need this tunnel running through the middle of the rear floor, but maybe theyve got some wires in there. Both versions of the i4 have an 81 kilowatt hour capacity battery and its supposed to take just under 12 hours to charge the battery from empty to full using a 240 volt outlet.

Bmw also includes two years of complementary 30 minute charging sessions at electrify america public charging stations. These are dc fast chargers, which means you should be able to add up to 108 miles of range in just 10 minutes plugged in in theory, the base i4 has a driving range of around 300 miles on a full charge. This one with its bigger wheels and its double motors, has a range of 227 miles on the 81 kilowatt hour. Battery that comes out to about 2.8 miles per kilowatt hour and ive actually been getting pretty close to that, even though, as youll see in a second ive, been having some fun with the car, i just love that startup sound it lets. You know that the vehicle is actually on, which is something that i think more. Electric and hybrid car manufacturers should think about doing. Music, bmws tagline has long been the ultimate driving machine, so youd better believe, im expecting good things here and the car really lives up to it. It does zero to 60 in 3.7 seconds, and let me tell you, you havent lived until you floored it in an electric vehicle and felt that instant power having all of that torque available immediately is astonishing, and it just makes it so dangerously easy to glide right Up to maybe even over speed, even when its warping up to speed this car is very quiet, its almost creepy in the m version you can choose to turn on something called bmw, iconic sounds.

They were created by the legendary composer, hans zimmer and its a pretty cool thing. They will give you this auditory sense of, if not driving a car, then at least piloting a spaceship. But personally i found them comical and also distracting like all electric cars. The i4 has regenerative braking, but my favorite thing about the regen system in this car is that you can turn it down. Switching to low makes the braking much easier to modulate, especially in city driving, but i realize that there are people who may prefer the level of assistance that the adaptive regenerative braking gives you. Luckily, you can set your preferences and the car will remember them. The question we posed at the start was: does the i4 m50 deserve the m badge im gon na say? Yes, the variable sport steering thats standard on this trim and available on the base? I 4 really goes the extra mile to make sure that this car handles great at any speed. It gives you a snappy, fun, driving experience that just feels authentically bmw. It also rides nicely, especially considering the size of the wheels and the low profile tires were working with here, but thats to be expected thanks to the standard rear, air suspension and its self leveling. So if the car is really loaded down, it should still handle just as well. This car is really the definition of effortless speed, but its not scary, because you can feel that its not going to just take off on its own.

This is not one of those sports cars thats trying to kill you its just a really invigorating driving machine. I could even see where you might get ultimate Applause – Music Applause i mentioned earlier that i really like this giant panel here, its called the bmw curved display and technically its made up of two different screens. We have a 14.9 inch screen for infotainment and then we have a 12.3 inch digital gauge cluster for the driver all together. The whole thing looks great: it does cost an extra grand, but you also get the head up display into the bargain. Now on this infotainment screen were running bmw i drive 8, which is bmws latest infotainment system. It can be accessed through this rotary idrive controller, and this little control station down here incorporates some physical buttons for key actions like home and maps. This can also all be managed through the touch screen in general. I found that to be faster and easier, but the beauty of it is that you can take your pick. Just do whatever comes naturally now in this infotainment system is also where were going to access. Bmw id, which is one of the really cool features of idrive 8.. This lets you save settings like your seat position, your preferred ambient light, color, your radio settings and your preferences for your drive modes like turning down regenerative braking weve also got wireless charging down here. Thats, an optional upgrade, the i4 comes standard with wireless apple, carplay and android auto, and the m50 has the upgraded harman kardon surround sound stereo, which is excellent when it comes to safety.

The i4 also has bmws active driving assistance standard. This includes frontal collision warning lane. Departure warning and active blind spot detection. I 4s also get bmws active protection system standard, which is pretty cool if it senses that an accident is about to happen. Its going to close your windows and moon, roof, pre tension, your seat belts and activate post crash braking adaptive cruise control is also available, and this particular m50 has adaptive led headlights, which are a 1 000 upgrade lets talk a little more about cost. The i4 joins the bmw lineup at a pivotal time in an increasingly competitive space. Now there might not be many vehicles that can exactly match it right now. In fact, if we want to compare it just to cars that are roughly equivalent in terms of price range power and luxury appointments, we may be limited to the tesla model 3 and the pulstar ii for now, but dont forget that there are more luxury evs coming Soon, like the lucid air, grand touring and its important to keep in mind that in the ev space, the difference between a car from a mass market manufacturer and a car from a luxury manufacturer is rapidly shrinking for reference. The base i4 starts at 55 400, but if youre, a bmw fan youre going to be feeling the allure of the m badged offering so youre going to be looking at a 65 900 starting price and hours as tested actually clocks in at seventy.

Six thousand. Six hundred seventy dollars that does include the nine hundred ninety five dollar destination fee. Now, in a typical comparison, we would never have a ford or a kia up against a bmw, but were in ev territory now and cars like the ford mustang, mach egt, and the upcoming kia ev6 gt could be considered genuine competition for the i4 m50. The mustang mach egt starts at 61 995 dollars, four grand cheaper than the m50 and its even faster. It does zero to sixty in 3.5 seconds. The ev6 gt is reportedly just as fast and its not likely to be any more expensive than that, but heres. The thing theyre not bmws – and this is so if you as a car shopper, are thinking to yourself german sport sedan lets, keep it under 80k lets, make it electric youre, either going for the i4 or youre waiting until the mercedes eqe hits the market in 2023. Until then, theres really not much that can challenge this. Hey thanks for watching dont forget to subscribe to the youtube channel and head over to to read our full written review of the 2022 bmw i4 and check back soon because well be driving something else.