Welcome aboard the mercedes eqs, the most advanced luxury car currently on sale. The eqs is essentially a cutting edge electric version of the s class and, as a result, mercedes has crammed everything it knows about technology into it. There is so much to dig in here from the remote control parking feature to the insane hyper screen. Infotainment system and dont worry well be showing you all of its best tech features in this video. Its even got the longest range of any ev you can buy, which is useful for jumping between time zones at warp. Speed lets get all the basic stuff out the way. First, what is it like to drive? What is essentially an s class of the future? I mean ive, never driven a car like it ive driven a lot of cars. This feels very different in a wonderful way. So this is the mercedes eqs, 450 plus amg line premium, plus long name, but there are some good numbers that come with it. So weve got 328 brake horsepower, nought to 62 time of 6.2 seconds and a range of 453 miles, 453 453, which is the biggest battery thats ever been put in a production car. Although lets be honest, if you want to get 453 miles, youre gon na have to switch off all the air con or the heated seats and probably drive 30 miles an hour, but its doable. It can be done now, its not the most powerful ev available, but this is the entry level model.

If you want something with a little bit more pizzazz, if you will, then you can go for the mercedes amg eqs53, which is so powerful, its actually more powerful than the lamborghini aventador sv, oh yes, the thing is is even though this car weighs like just under Two and a half tons it does shift along pretty. Well, i mean its not going to knock your socks off, but it might surprise some sports cars or some hot hatches at the traffic lights. The eqs really isnt about going fast, though its been designed to make every journey as seamless as possible and its better just to kick back while being massaged by those comfy seats and playing your tunes through the 15 speaker, burmester stereo. And when you do that there isnt much that comes close, this may well be the quietest car ive ever been in. I mean theres, just no noise, it feels as luxurious and as well isolated as an s class, but theres no engine noise. There is no vibration. I mean you can practically hear your own heartbeat in here. I feel like im driving a pillow Music. The ride is very nice and actually the air suspension is sponging up all the little lumps and bumps that you get and you dont even really feel it. So you know when you spot, like a lump and bump in the road, and you kind of go, oh im going to feel that or im going to hear that no, i mean maybe like a massive pothole.

You might be able to feel, but this isnt bad at all. This is really quite lovely and the fact that the steering is really light. This feels really relaxing to drive the one pedal driving mode works well as well, which is a good thing since the actual brake pedal doesnt feel very natural. You have to press harder than you might expect, and it feels quite odd. Pushing the eqs hard in the corners also doesnt feel quite natural either it doesnt seem to break and turn like a normal car. I guess you would just get used to that after a while, though, and the thing is, is you dont really notice the cars weight when youre driving it normally? You do feel it a little bit when youre taking corners quickly, thats, probably because the really soft suspension, but if youve just had enough what you can do is take advantage of this cars level, three autonomous driving capabilities. Well, unless you live in the uk, where these systems arent legal, yet they will be at some point, though meaning that youll be able to take your hands off the wheel and let the car take control at speeds of up to 37 miles an hour. While you watch the latest auto express video while youre there, you can um like and subscribe. Thank you in the meantime. Should we stop and have a look at the design because lets face it. It looks a bit blobby and i want to know why now it might just be me, but i actually think that the s class is just a little bit more stylish theres something about this eqs.

That looks a bit like a snapping turtle, but theres good reason. For that you see, this is the worlds most aerodynamic production car and you can see why, right its around the front, the air hits the front of the car its just going to stick to the body work and glide all the way over the top, which is Going to improve range, its going to improve performance – oh shout out to the headlights, these are super snazzy, so each of them project, millions of pixels to light up the road ahead. Just think looks so nice, oh and plus its not available here in the uk, but they can project symbols so say: youre driving and the road is icy. It can project a snowflake onto the floor, which is really cool. I dont see why you would use it, but i think its quite cool, but the one thing that i think is going to be the headline grabber for this car is the mbux hyper screen which, by the way, is bigger than my telly at home. Let me show you: youve really got a yank that by the way throughout the door, look at this i mean this ill switch this on. There we go. This is one continuous 55 inch screen, okay, its not a continuous screen, its continuous glass separated into three screens. One for the driver, which has your instrument cluster on there, one for the passenger and the infotainment here in the middle, which i mean it just feels like youve stepped into the future doesnt it dont get me wrong.

This thing is going to cost you eight thousand pounds, eight grand, you know what you can buy for eight grand a 2015 ford fiesta. You can buy a whole car for the price of this, which is completely bonkers but ill. Tell you what you cant do in a fiesta you cant boss, it around, like you can in this, like this, hey mercedes, hey mercedes. How may i help you turn on my heated seats? Im. Sorry. Can you say that again, please turn on my heated seats. Im increasing the temperature to 26 degrees that wasnt the seats there was it. She just did the climate control. Okay, whatever uh, hey mercedes, hey, hey mercedes! How can i help open the driver door? Im? Sorry. Can you say that again, please open the driver door. Im opening the drivers window with the window open. I wanted the door open, it does actually open, but i hear it does open the door, another cool thing, fingerprint recognition, so you come in here. You put your finger on there and it registers that its you and what it does is. It puts your seat in the perfect position it could put on your favorite radio station and just make everything customed to your needs and what you want when youre driving it registers your eyelids. So it realizes when youre starting to feel a bit tired.