We go polluting the environment, extracting every ounce of natural resource, thats left in her its heartbreaking isnt it well it quite literally. Is electric vehicles are the best current sustainable future and today at car, india, we have two very interesting evs, the nexon ev and the tigari v. And we are here to make a change, a change to take one of my closest friends and try and convince her to make a better, more sustainable change for tomorrow. Music and the reason why we have the nexon eva with us today is because i am proud to confirm that the tata nexon ev is the very first. All electric compact suv thats been made right here in india, so its about time lets go pick up. My really good friend sanvi and change her life for the next 24 hours with the nexon eevee Music. I know that you daily a sedan and thats exactly why we chose to give you the tata nexon ev, which is a compact suv, thats electrified. So tell me: what do you feel? What are your first impressions of the car first impression is that the car looks super futuristic. I love the color of this car. Also that youve given me today and the clean lines, the blue accent details are absolutely fantastic. So first impression a 10 on 10.. So what do you say? Lets start this day with a grocery run that you were talking about absolutely lets go lets go.

Fortunately, today was a fairly chill day for tanvi, so we could scoot through the city, and then we had to do some grocery shopping on the way and the nexons 350 litre boot would be perfect for all she required. So its been about an hour that im behind the wheel – and i must say that this car has really impressed me uh. I dont want to bore you with the numbers because of course thats. What glenn can tell you about, but uh with 100 charge. We are able to do about 200 kilometers, which is absolutely more than enough for my daily communities. So thats, pretty cool Music, a holiday home will take a little bit of time is what i feel. Why dont you tell us what is kappa all about so at scapa we build prefab houses now a question that i always get are: what are prefab housing? Absolutely man, its been a big question to me too yeah. So they are factory built houses and they are only installed on site. So the installation takes not more than 10 days for a three bedroom unit, what yeah so its a faster, better, cheaper method of construction and which is absolutely perfect for the indian weather conditions. So its perfect in the range, no leakages, no waterproofing required the materials are made in india and it is for india and made in india so which i feel very good about absolutely yeah. So loving the way the company is growing and how people are accepting this new method of construction and this new material also of construction, which is not the conventional, exactly its very unconventional and rather its more sustainable.

I feel like absolutely just like evs. This is like the future of the construction industry. I will say how well i am sure and im glad that people are accepting a more unconventional way which is quicker and more affordable, also and this at the same time, and more importantly, we dont have to – or rather we dont need to waterproof it because yeah, I mean leakages is something that weve experienced quite a lot. Ive experienced it in my house as well for the longest time so yeah. This is an amazing thing to hear and im sure that its going to go a great way and now im really really excited to see the house yeah im excited to show you the house. So lets go yes. So while the journey to tandis house is going to take a little while, let me show you what were up to with the tigari Music hi. Oh, this is the surprise. You were talking about absolutely wow lets, go Music, super instagramable, isnt, it absolutely very beautiful Music. Sadia khan, who goes by the name of sassy sadhya on instagram, is a lifestyle and food blogger with over 19 000 followers who adore her content, however thats not it. Sadia is indeed a multi, talented woman who runs a social media advertising agency in pune. That takes care of social media for a few renowned organizations and restaurant chains across the country, so glenn im super duper, hungry and my instagram sure needs some rule worthy content.

So why dont we go and grab some bite. First absolutely lets go Music, so sadha. How has the evie experience been for you len, i wont deny i enjoyed this experience. Well. This is my first time behind the wheel of an eevee and i absolutely loved it. This is so silent. It just feels like a regular car to drive and the features and creature comforts are absolutely perfect. Well, i am really really glad that youre actually considering nav im so so happy to see this change Music, honestly glenn, i didnt expect to be as ecstatic as i was, and this has indeed made me want to buy one and with the distance that we have Covered today i highly doubt there would be any range anxiety for me well, sadha, honestly, im so so happy that you are actually convinced to consider any me because, yes, range anxiety is a very big problem that were facing in india and looking at the charging infrastructure. I am sure that now things have changed drastically and im very happy that youre considering buying an evening. I am, i am Music, sir tanvi. How was your experience with the nexo considering the nature of my work? You know i travel quite a bit between cities and looking at the current ev charging infrastructure. I dont have that much range anxiety anymore, that i used to have before so im quite sold on the tata nexo. Well, im so glad to hear that you know where im going with this right: electric vehicles are not a substitute, they are an alternative and they always will be an alternative, an alternative for a better tomorrow.

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