That was yesterday today its about the toyota bz4x, the first all electric vehicle for mass production. Here with thomas on autograph fuel lets dig into the details b: z for x or b z for x, doesnt, mean b, z or b. Z stands for beyond zero and thats the new electric vehicle lineup. Other models will also carry that name for x. Then, in this case yeah i mean its also available. As all we drive x. Crossover like you know, you get the picture, and toyota also has a cooperation with subaru. The subaru zoltera will be the sister model of this one. Here in the front, you can see closed, grill, ev structure, slim daytime running light led below that, and there are two different trims for the led main headlamp unit. The optional one is then the matrix led, but already in front. You can see that these crossover design elements begin three strings, so how the main had them unit connects or not connects to the hood here, because then that looks rather like a panel gap interesting by the way here on the side. In the front, this air does go through so its indeed a functional element. We can see here in the lower right part yeah. This is what i mean you know with beyond zero, of course, its about like beyond zero carbon emissions in general, you know no exhaust, fume and so on, and so on and the length of it four meters 69 or 185 inches.

So this is then the segment, for example, the vw id4, the ford mustang mach e and the tesla model y, and so on. Interesting that here we have 18 inch wheels soon were going to show you a vehicle with 20 inch wheels. So this like a low spec and also you can see here in the gray color. This is also the gray color in the top part, where the other one has the contrasting roof soon that one to come here in the side profile, design wise, you can see once again huge crossover claddings here, i think its a little bit too much or what Do you think by the way front, wheel, drive or all wheel drive one or two electric motors, then the frontal drive model is 8.4 seconds in the acceleration figure, and the overdrive model will be 7.7 seconds in the acceleration in rear, clean styling. Here also with a light strip, then here the bz4x logo lower part once again, huge crossover, cladding top speed will be 160 kilometers an hour or one miles per hour. The range well remains to be seen: the battery is 71 kilowatt hours net and they promise or lets say that we can somehow calculate it with four kilometers or 250 miles soon. They will also extensive range and driving test here on autograph. If you subscribe, if you havent done so far and well, keep you updated if that figure will be realistic. Its our first estimate, recharging, 6.

6 or soon also 11 kilowatt, ac, 150 kilowatt dc and 30 minutes to 80. They promise – and here now the secondary vehicle. This one has the black contrasting roof, and here also the higher trim with the 20 inch wheels. Of course, it looks sportier with that. However, if you think about dampening comfort, while driving the 80 inch wheels will have a softer ride instead of the doors soft touch here at the top part. However, here a lot of high gloss, piano, piano, hangers, piano, like a used here, this looks rather cheap. The first seating choice would be this: you have fabric inserts here with they feel actually really nice really soft, also right here and then theres some leather red on the outside. So already this seat is completely animal free, and this is here the full softex, the full leatherette seat, so different from the fabric seat weve shown to you, but it has a perforated structure here and really feels very soft. So great material quality is also a good, sustainable and animal free solution. This one, of course, when you want to wipe things clean, maybe if you have kids or something the other one, the fabric seat is a little cozier and more breathable in summertime seating position. Nothing special kind of i mean it feels like standard toyota thats, not a bad thing at all, definitely similar to a rough four. Maybe you know not that large, it feeds a little bit smaller, actually um here from the seating comfort, the um leather red is really very soft nice.

It is good, definitely for a little bit of the fabric from the you know, cozier feeling, but they are both. Actually, fine also ergonomics. This one will be. You know controllable, of course, up and downs on one means 89 or six for two. Yes, if you missed it, i measured. You know me again and its obvious a little bit taller than the passport says so um. I always have to do like 189 or 642. Now, sorry about that so and here some headroom left, although this one here is equipped with the panoramic groove, you can see it here there we go either completely shaded or then theres. This split in the middle like this stays there where it is, but then you can see theres a second opening at the rear part. You cannot completely open it in a way that you can leave air in its just a panoramic: a fixed panoramic roof. Basically, oh by the way here, the full softex, the full leather red seats are available, as it is here in black or in the us, also in gray and in the uk. They are also available in beige like a brighter color interior overview. Really interesting. Everything is cleaned up, hardly any buttons left, but gladly for the temperature. You can still see more than that that stinging wheel is really strange in a way like this whole thing. There will be the different one: the yolk steam wheel with an open area right here, laid at a later stage available, and the thing is really here from this area: it is blocking the instruments, yes from the view, so in this case the yolk steering might make Sense, however, handling wise – i always do – prefer normal round serious units to grab over.

They have a reason for that, and here this is the way it goes up and down in and out and so on, instruments in seven inch in german base version. For example, eight inch in most other versions also standard for the uk, the one you can see here and then you can see basically its just like this really old school style, rather simplified in 2023 car on the steering wheel. Here. This is where you control the instruments here then volume jog and i mean at least we can touch real buttons here. The same also goes for the right side here with adaptive cruise control. Wow. Look at that responsiveness of the map, the best weve seen in a toyota, yet its really nice check here you can have you know all the hotkeys here on the left side and the speed of the system is actually quite decent and you also have the apple Carplay or android auto connection its wireless by the way – and this is also equipped with the jbl sound system here – the optional one and the sound is really good. So um music lovers need to go for this optional. Jbl sound system really nice. So but i mean usually, you would use the maps with a carplay and auto. Most people do that nowadays, but here it seems that you can even use the car internal map in a way. You know that is decent and theres, not too much clutter in this infotainment system overall.

Well, i also change the volume right here. This is also possible other than that at the steering wheel and whats, also good here in the lower part when the car is properly on with the ignition. You still have this temperature unit. You can have the real button for that so good to have that. Still the other areas, then, for example, here for the heated steering wheel and so on, or for the heated seats they are with hashtag capacitive, bs, slow, interesting, lower area here, sumo to the gear shifter this one here um it looks like it would be like a Solar roof or something inside the car, but this actually just you know like that gaps in between you and then you have the inductive charging pad underneath the shifting lever. Look at that i mean i think, like oh whats going on here. This is also fixed. The thing is, you have to press it down and then reverse neutral p or down into d too complicated isnt it. Why why i mean why would i have to press it down? First, i mean nice and soft leather red cover here slightly backwards. This is then, here the cup holders and then more storage space underneath really beautiful that we have here a fabric cover on this top dashboard. Thats, really nice feels good, but there this car does not have a glove box, and this fabric cover by the way is also here left next to the steering wheels actually quite nice and also in the small area here left next to the screen below here.

That middle console, you see there are two usbc chargers: 12, a power supply and another storage space rear seating, unlike they have soft material, also the top dashboard here and theres enough legroom, even if tall drivers are present so its no problem, headroom wise also fits for Tall adults, no problem, theres, no substantial rear middle tunnel. The bench is maybe a little bit too short, maybe uh. But overall you can easily house five toes here also in the middle part. Well, that gets a little bit closer with the head, so um yeah, but it somehow works overall, really cozy and comfortable. Indeed, you do only already fold the seats from here in the middle part. You have this armrest, not adaptive these cup holders and in the lower part here you have also seat heating and two more usbc chargers. Oh a quick look here at the rear bench when you have the fabric seats. Once again, i do prefer the fabric seats because they look cozier somehow they feel cozier dont get that hot in summertime. Its more like a living room atmosphere here, but both seats, of course, will do fine, the trunk area, 450, liters or 28 cubic feet here. Backpack fits in easily well usable overall. This cover here is a little bit wobbly here. You have to secure it like this, then and see you can fold the seats right here also from the trunk, so that is actually possible. The standard length is a little bit less than a meter or 40 inches, so a little bit less there and see here.

The width is here still a meter or 40 inches a little bit less than right here and a little bit more in this area. The overall height here at 78, centimeters or 31 inches so overall a well usable vehicle, no problem. As for that total length, if youre interested here goes yeah, almost 190 meters or 73 inches thats, actually good, and underneath here you can store also a charging cable. The hatch here opens quite wide. You can see, i can easily stand underneath it at full opening and you can also get it with an electric function. Towing capacity will be 750 kilograms by the way and it will feature a heat pump stand equipment not only in the higher trim levels.