. Its called the bz4x come on now. What a stupid name come up with a little bit better name than that i dont know they really lost their imaginations. With these things, what a stupid name, you know it doesnt roll off the tongue at all bz4x. What a stupid name come on dory to come up with a better name than that now the two wheel drive version just start at 42, 000 and the all wheel drive one starts at 48 740 and you might wonder when theyre gon na start selling them well. Uh its kind of a little game here they say the spring of 20: 20, 22. Okay, it is the spring of 2022. Now i dont see them yet, but they said its going to be very limited commodities, because toyota, of course, is late to the game to bring in an electric car. So who knows exactly when its going to be out? Toyota says its going to be extremely limited. So you know theyre not going to make that many of them to start out with they said its going to have a range of 252 miles and, of course, as usual, theyre all playing games. This doesnt include your destination charges which they estimate will be about. 1250 bucks – i dont, know how they get away with that. If you cant buy the car at that price, that should not be the list price. It should be what you have to pay when its there.

You know shipping not included and its not amazon. Prime. You dont get it shipped free and, of course, theyll have that 7 500 tax break, like i say, im the type of guy im gon na wait on electric cars and especially its toyota. They make great cars right, but i wouldnt buy the first one. Who knows what kind of bugs they have? They came late to the game. Who knows? Maybe theyll make great electric cars, but i dont like the idea of electric cars unless they change the infrastructure anyway, its going to be out in the spring of 2022, which is here but its not going to be a volume thing, theyre waiting and seeing how its Going to pan out how many people are going to buy they didnt rush in head. First, like fools do but right. The auto workers in detroit are furious over stolondis lean, a whole bunch of them off. Phoenix has plenty of massive layoffs at the michigan planet. Their illinois plant an unspecified number of indefinite layoffs, now heres. What theyre doing this is what scumbags are its the longest. They have record profits because they kept charging more for their cars, no more discounts right, even though they made less cars. They made a massive profit. Well, theyre making a massive profit right. So what are they doing? Theyre laying the workers off just typical these greedy swine at the top, when all the money for themselves and heres what theyre trying to replace them with realize that salon has made 15.

2 billion dollars in 2021. three times what they made before right, so theyre laying the Workers out so they kind of get more money for the greedy swines on them. They made these guys work non, stop some are doing 90 hour work weeks, so they can make a production, so the rich could make more money, but get this. They recruit supplemental workers. We only make and 78 cents an hour working in a factory boring repetitive, work right, peanut money like that pay, the workers nothing so the rich can have more cigars and swimming pools right and these workers, i quote, face their regular work schedule and no job protections. Workers can be hired and fired as needed with little cost to the company. My understanding is, we will be working nine to ten hours six days a week, more beneficial to the company thats the history of takeovers. One company takes over another and then they start firing. People so they can make more money, pay people less and then dont have the union guys do it? Have these supplemental workers right working for 15.78 an hour doing the jobs its just insane that they can get away with little technicalities here and there well uh theyre! Just supplementary workers, you know blah blah blah used to be. There were laws for that, but if a company was big enough, it had to have so many people who were actual employees, making actual pay but im sure theres a little technicality now that well, we dont have to hire the union guys.

We can use supplementary workers right well, here. Are these scumbags in europe wouldnt still honest firing the american workers after they buy the company, its typical crap, that these corporations do when they take over? And, of course, if you know anything about chrysler and fiat, their qualities are, and if they have hassles like this with their labor force, the quality is going to go even further down because the people arent going to care. You pay somebody 15 78 an hour. They are not going to care about the job theyre doing the quality is just going to go while the rich men float around in their pools, smoking cigars, its too much. You know i mean its just too much agent demo says shut up. I use mustang im. Looking at a 2014 mustang its ‘ 000 miles for 17.5, i was wondering what you think about used: mustangs ‘ thousand miles, isnt much heres the thing about mustangs, though, what do you want? My tax account? She got a mustang as her last dream car a little mustang convertible right. She didnt got like a maniac. She got a v6 engine, shes totally happy with it right. If youre happy with that kind of power, not a bad idea, i would never ever buy that four cylinder ecoboost engine they fall apart, but in 2014 they didnt have those out yet so you dont have to worry about that. You got a v6 or v8. Now the v8s are more powerful, but they eat a lot more gasoline, but the big caveat in buying a used v8 mustang is generally the people who buy v8 mustangs drive like lunatics.

The car could be completely worn out. So if youre talking about looking at a v8 2014 mustang, i would have a guy like me, check it out with a fine tooth comb with a scan tool, road tested to say yes, its good, no, its, not, i would have them do a compression test on Each cylinder all eight of them on the engine, because if any of them are warning engines going out, i would not buy the car. Have a mechanic go through with a fine tooth comb? It could be a good car with that kind of mileage. You have a lot of life left in it if it was taken care of and not beaten, but if you got some kid driving it 35 000 miles, you can completely aware they could wear it out in 5, 000 miles if theyre doing burnouts all the time. Kevin air says i got a 2011 toyota. Camry has a clunking noise release the gas i hear clunks on from the passenger side, i think something loose. I dont know where to look. I can just about guarantee you what the problem is, because i see it a zillion times the camrys have this weird mount on the top of the engine. We call it the dog bone mount because it looks like a bone that a dog would have in its teeth right, theres, bushings on each end and they just flat wear out. Look at that and youll probably see the rubbers ripping.

And then, when you let go it clunks back and forth a little. That is the very i changed. Hundreds of those things in the toyotas lexuses its the same design, its the mount on the top on the passenger side and thats, where it is and it will clunk i can guarantee you thats it now. If it isnt, then jack it up see if you got ball, joints tie rods, are worn and then pray its, not an internal transmission problem. And if you let loose of the gas and you get a clunk, it could be internal transmission noise. Now, if it goes that far watch my video finding the sources of car noises, scotty watch that on youtube – and you see, we mechanics – have a machine that we put with different sending units wear headphones and then we can see where exactly the sound is coming from. And if you wanted, you could buy a new one for 150 theres, not chinese versions that cost 80. ive got one of those and it works quite fine, and you can always pinpoint its very easy to replace it. Just bolts on and off you could do it yourself, because you dont even need to jack the engine up and just bolt on bolts off theres two bolts, thats it well. As ive already predicted, this virgin hyperloop, the hyperloop, is going to connect cities right with the vacuum tubes and cars and stuff in them. Well, it looks like its pretty much a pipe dream since they were using pipes to send them.

I guess you could call it a pipe dream: the hyperloop pipe drink. They said their proposals, connect chicago pittsburgh and columbus well, thats on hold now and in february the company laid off half of their staff, so thats telling you no theyre not doing too hard. Now they got another scam, well, well, build them for freight right and heres what they say, and i quote at this time we are still working with virgin hyperloop to learn more about their technologies, application and freight movement. So now theyre saying oh theyre, going to use it to move freight around right, come on. It costs a fortune to build these. When i was a kid okay, they had vacuum tubes in the department stores and then theyd send the bill to the person that took care of it. Then the money would go inside the little container go by suction tube, then theyd fill it and theyd. Send it back right: okay, thats inside a store, and it was just little bitty things right transporting freight. The whole thing is a joke. Anybody that falls for this hyperloop nonsense and elon with this boring company, where theyre gon na pour tunnels, i mean weve had subways before right. They cost the fortune theyre limited in big giant cities. Youre not gon na have these vacuum tubes going all over the place. What a joke! Anybody who fell for that and put money in it they deserve to have their head examined now they admitted well, this ones on hold between chicago and columbus permanent hole.

Probably well. If you want a really odd mode of transportation, do like colin jost did he bought a staten island ferry that he wrote when he was a kid going to school? They had pictures of him. You know hes on the front and theyre going hes with his 96 year old grandfather. Then you see the truth. You see the other picture, the thing doesnt work anymore. The tugboats were pushing the thing, hes, obviously not going to use it for transportation. You know the guys going to use it, for they said an entertainment venue where maybe they get a thousand people at parties and music and whatever you know they only paid. I dont know 280 grand or something for it: the motor broke and thats why they took it out of circulation, no worn out ferry with a broken motor, because you found out how much money that costs im sure theyre not even going to be driving a thing And fixing the motors theyll, probably dock it on a dock and turn it into a party boat right, but it wont be moving around. It costs big money to get those old engines going to get them certified by the government to be able to drive around. Have people on it? They had his big time money, so he got him more as a toy hell, probably park it somewhere and have parties on it. It wont be his mode of transportation and go to staten island and back.