As an all electric sub brand of gmc, the resurrected hummer will appear first as a pickup truck and later as an suv. The new pickup truck is quite the beast, with up to 1 000 horsepower from its top powertrain option, which uses three electric motors offers an estimated range of 329 miles per charge and a leap to 60 miles per hour in acclaimed 3.0 seconds. The hummer ev also features removable roof panels, an optional adjustable air suspension and a cool four wheel, steering feature that allows it to crab sideways drive, diagonally, all of which should make it fun to take off road exterior, bold and brawny. The gmc hummer ev pickup truck and suv, deliver aggressive, yet sophisticated, exterior design. The accompanying list details many of the key exterior features available on both models. The broad trail ready appearance of the iconic hummer is reimagined in the gmc hummer ev, with a sleek redesign and an array of high tech features, state of the art, expressive, lighting systems, exclusive hummer, ev accessories, infinity roof with modular, transparent sky panels, power, front trunk storage. Also known as a frunk multi pro tailgate are all part of what makes the hummer eevee look stunning. There is also a power swing gate with rear mounted spare tire available only for the suv, unique body paint color options like moonshot green matte, which is only available for suv edition one interior. The hummer ev takes the form of a crew cab, pickup truck with a 5 foot long bed.

The interior can be open to the elements via a novel, removable, roof that reintroduces a t, top esque design popular in gm sports and muscle cars in the 1970s and 1980s when in place. The transparent panels are akin to a normal panoramic glass sunroof, but lifting them off and stowing them in the hummer evs front trunk gives the truck a convertible vibe similar to that of the jeep gladiator inside several moon inspired touches such as a moon boot footprint on The dead, pedal and speaker grills that show the sea of tranquility serve as not so subtle reminders of gms connection to nasa astronauts and the electrically powered apollo 15 lunar rover that the company helped engineer. A large 13.4 inch display serves as the infotainment screen and theres a 12.3 inch digital instrument panel as well. Gmc has contracted epic games maker of the wildly popular fortnite video game to create the graphics for the hummers ev infotainment interface. The high resolution screen and advanced graphics, look great. A host of connectivity features are standard, including apple carplay, android, auto capability, a wi fi hotspot and gms onstar telematics system. The interior design of the gmc hummer ev truck, delivers a clean, modern look with undeniable comfort performance power and performance are one area where the dmc hummer ev truly shines. Its all. Electric powertrain is available in two motor and three motor variants on both the pickup and suv models. The hummer ev offers up to 1 000 horsepower on the pickup and up to 830 horsepower in the suv, with up to eleven thousand five hundred pound feet of torque and a scalding rate of acceleration from zero to sixty miles per hour.

In as little as three seconds using watts to freedom launch control mode, the hummer ev offers truly revolutionary features too, including four wheel. Steering and selectable extract mode that lifts the body approximately six inches for easier rock crawling. If thats, not enough, you will also amaze onlookers with the available crab, walk feature that permits low speed, diagonal driving the range for this. All electric vehicle is up to 350 miles before needing a recharge, and enough range for 100 miles can be charged in 10 minutes safety options. The hummer ev is the latest version of the super cruise, which offers hands free, driving and automatic lane changing driver assistance technology on more than 200 000 miles of compatible roads. A three year supercrew subscription comes with all gmc hummer ev vehicles with ultravision. You can see every detail that surrounds your hummer ev. This system includes up to 18 camera views on the hummer ev pickup and 17 camera views on the hummer ev suv youll receive waterproof under body forward and rear facing cameras for real time terrain. Views other features include a camera, washer function and replaceable lens protectors, towing and payload capacity. Speaking of towing and payload gmc has not yet released that information in order to be competitive with a tesla cyber truck and rytheons r1t and r1s models. The hummer ev would need to boast towing capacity between 7 500 and 11 000 pounds, as well as a payload capacity between 1500 and 3500 pounds price.

There are actually three options open to potential buyers. The ev3x has an msrp of 99 995 dollars. It comes with 830 horsepower, 3 motor drivetrain and a 300 mile range. Frankly speaking, it lacks some of the detailing of the edition one, but is the closest to it. The ev2x is priced at 89 995 dollars and has a two motor 625 horsepower drivetrain with again around 300 miles of range and last of all, for now there is the ev2 costing 79 995. This has the same two motor drivetrain as a 2x, but lacks the air suspension, 800 volt fast charging, crab, walk and four wheel steering pricing for the two row. Suv version of the hev starts in an identical 79 995 for the ev2 version. The ev2x and 3x variants cost the same for both suv and pickup models. The famous preferred edition, one cost 110 295 dollars, and it comes with all features at launch. Only the top edition one trim and its six figure price tag will be available. The hummer ev3x will be the next one to launch and it is scheduled for fall 2022.