Now this is the two wheel drive version, so this version is the one that starts at 71, 990, its also the most popular and most sold out. So the first three lots of allocation are actually already sold out for hyundai australia. However, this is a fantastic car and we really are excited to show you what this car is about and why theres such a demand for this full electric car of the future. It looks funky and groovy, as you can tell so, thats, not where it stops. So, starting at the front we dont have a petrol or a diesel engine like a traditional car. In this hyundai we actually do have a full electric engine or electric motor. I should say an electric battery. What that means is you do get additional storage space in the front where that would sit. Uh the car itself has 160 kilowatts worth of power: 350 newton meters of torque and a 72.6 kilowatt hour battery, which means youre good. For about 450 ks worth of driving around town on the highway and everywhere in between moving on to the styling, this is quite a polarizing design, but it is fantastic and i love it, and the reason for that is, it looks so different to most cars on The road, as well as every other electric car, it doesnt, follow that same design, language that basically, everyone else is trying to replicate, which means that it just looks like a funky retro car rather than a electric car.

You have these cube headlights that are straight out of night rider from 70s and 80s. If anyone remembers, you do have front parking sensors as standard. You have this light bar that sits across the front plastic section here, which has little slits that let the light through this comes on as a daytime running light, as well as during nighttime operations, but its not too bright. Its just more of a subtle highlight indicators are built into it and are also in that led cubed type fashion and led headlights for high beam and low beam are standard on this car five star and cap safety rated, and it does come with hyundais warranty, which Well put in the comments, but five years, unlimited kilometer warranty and the battery itself is covered by 160, 000 kilometers and eight years worth of warranty all right. So another standout feature with the ionic 5 is that you do get these massive 20 inch alloy wheels uh. They are aerodynamically designed and tuned so that you will get a lot more efficiency, both with braking and with just the aerodynamic flow over the whole wheel. They also stand out from a lot of the other evs on the market, because a lot of other evs have gone with the option of a smaller rim size and a larger tyre with a lower rolling resistance. In order to try to get that extra distance. Out of the battery from a charge level, uh hyundai has just gone to go.

Lets have a look at what tyre will actually look cool in this car rather than whats. The most aerodynamically functional tire so makes it stand out, makes it look really nice and makes it look different. So moving on to the inside handles are actually recessed back into the body panel and just pop out when you go to open the door when you close the door they fold flat straight into the body work of the car as well, but lets take a look Inside the car before we go inside, the car lets check out the side of the door door. Materials on each of the doors are super soft touch materials. They are nice, they are refined because this car does have the ivory interior um. They will get dirty. So unless youre a clean person just be mindful that you will probably have to clean it a little bit more frequently if youve got kids, youve got no chance, but the bigger part to it is. It looks really nice because it is different. So once you get inside the car that white interior gives it a nice airy vibe to the car, you have this nice light that runs along here then reflects up onto that surface. So if you have, for example, um a blue light set as your ambient light, it will reflect blue down near the speaker. You do have a bose surround sound system as standard in the car, but that speaker, grille also has a ring light around the edge that ring light will turn either blue, green or red, depending on which driver mode you have.

So if youve got sports mode, it will go red. If youve got normal mode, it will go blue and if you go into eco mode it will go green, so keep an eye out for that. All your window controls theyre all traditional, nothing different. This isnt a weird fancy car its just an another car, but with an electric motor drivers seat, you do have two positions for your memory. So if you share this car with a partner or with just anyone else, you can set your memory positions here for that seat and with bottles. If you like to drink water or and like to have bigger bottles, you will have plenty of space to store them. Just here so youre not going to be without space in this car, so real good job by hyundai, moving on to the interior, the steering wheel is height, adjustable and reach adjustable. Simply let the release down and you can pull it, move it backwards and forwards. Do whatever you need to do to get it into the seat position that you want, as well as the front seat, has a range of adjustments, so youll be able to move yourself backwards and forwards up and down move the backrest and everything else there. The only thing it doesnt have is a built in massage function, which is the only disappointing thing and its not really expected, but it would have been really really nice, heated and air conditioned seats are part of it which well go through in a second, but one Of the other things that youll notice is really different, with the way that this is set up, because theres no central controls here for shifting all the shifting is actually done with this dial here.

So this will do your park, your neutral drive and reverse the one thing that ive noticed is its a little bit counter intuitive in that reverse is actually at the back. So youve got to tilt the the lever backwards, to put it in reverse or twist it forwards to go into drive. It makes sense if youre thinking about the direction in which the car goes. But if you are thinking about how a traditional shifter works, a traditional shifter will have reverse at the top and drive down the bottom, so its just one of those ones youll probably take all of. Maybe you know the first couple of goes to just not have to think about where youre going to position it. Luckily, it does come up on the screen and tell you if its in reverse plus, if the reverse camera is not on, you know, youre, not in reverse um, but its just one of those quirks that i thought was a little bit odd. Its definitely not going to stop me buying on if i was looking at buying one and it shouldnt stop you buying one either outside of that auto headlights auto high beam, auto everything um lane departure alert lane keep assist all standard autonomous emergency braking is standard as Well, so as youre driving along, if you have your cruise control set or without the cruise control, if a car jumps in front and goes to hit the brakes, sorry and and cuts you off in a distance where youre about to hit the car, i should say The car will automatically apply the brakes for you to try to save itself sure theyll sell it to you as if its trying to save you but lets be honest, its just trying to save itself um moving on to the digital side of it.

As you can see, there is a massive amount of screens in here. Theyre super, clear, theyre super bright and whats. Really um quirky, i guess, is they went for a full square screen in the middle, even though the steering wheel cuts off the corners. So they probably should have gone a curved screen for that central display. The middle display well talk about that in a sec, but really nice and beautiful electronic handbrake is just here so once your foots on the brake, you can push that or push it. The other way to release it as well as all your controls to automatically open and close the rear tailgate as well, is all in there. Moving on to the inside, you get this beautiful, big, responsive, color touch display. Now this touch display does a number of different things and because satellite navigation is built into it, even in the ev menu, it will actually tell you the distance between where you currently are, and your closest ev charger. So at the moment, im 3.3 kilometers from the university of queensland car park, one charger now its always worth getting either an app like charge fox or plug share, just to double check that those charges are online at the time that youre going to use them. Because this doesnt check that, for you, due to the recent flooding that weve had here in queensland, some of those are active and some of those are not. But it will tell you that on here it is worth noting that the apple carplay and android auto do require a cable to operate.

So it is wired its not the wireless apple, carplay or android, auto that other cars have at this price point. Moving on to the central screen, it is bright and super responsive on here in the ev screen. You will get all the information around your car, how much driving distance you have with the air conditioning on how much driving distance with the air conditioning off, as well as the closest distance to your charging station, so were 3.3 kilometers away from the nearest one. You do have the ev charge transfer now what this button here is its a little bit different to other evs. It will allow you to actually change sorry to charge another car or another device uh from the main charge here. So if you press that you can actually do this here on that screen, there and youve got all your climate control buttons and everything up the top here. Moving back to here, you have your apple, carplay and android, auto controls, so super responsive screen once again and and moving back through here. You then go back to the screen where you will have your cooled and heated seats uh all through here, um or ventilated and heated seats. I should say so. All these functions are all through here as well as um. The rest of your driver controls for the top. The heated and ventilated seats are for the front two seats and when you go back into the camera mode, you do have a full 360 degree camera.

So it will show you where youre positioned in your parking and if you want to even go full tech and have a look at where your car is positioned to everything else uh. It will allow you to do that too. Moving down to the central controls here now these are the all important climate control settings. So if its super hot or super cold, you can adjust all of your controls here, its dual zone for the left and right hand side as well as being able to be on auto mode, and you also have your stop start button just to the right hand. Side, the heating and ventilation, as i mentioned before, is controlled through the screen, and it is for the front two seats, so the driver and the passenger will get those through here. Music in the middle youll find additional storage up the top. Here you do have this floating storage, central location here perfect if youve got a handbag bag or just anything, really a makers bag. You do have fast charge usb ports up the top here and down the bottom. You also have a wireless charging pad for your phone, which is just activated by simply grabbing your phone, sliding it and dropping it into that spot there and some more cupholders moving into the back seat. You do have plenty of space uh for headroom and width and legroom, except in the middle, for whatever reason, theyve pushed this tunnel the whole way back, which means, if youre in the middle, trying to sit here, youre kind of restricted of where youre going to be Its going to be a little bit awkward for your seats, so they could have been designed a little bit better if im being honest because theres so much space in front of this.

So this could have been moved about that much forward and you would have had a little bit more space. That being said, its still functional. It has fast charge usb ports in the back a little bit of storage down the bottom and moving into the seating side of things you do have iso fix seats on the outer two seats, as mentioned legroom and headroom, when youre actually seated behind each of the Seats on the outer seats is going to be plentiful. You have no issue there and air conditioning vents on the doors mean that you have air in the right space rather than just cooling the back of your knees or, if youre in this car. If the air conditioning events were in the back here, youd be cooling, your crotch, which is probably why they put them on the doors massive panoramic roof on on all ionic 5 models. It looks fantastic and is just crisp and clear. Definitely one of the highlight features of this car and outside of that with the seats you can actually adjust them. So if you want to move this seat backwards and forwards, so you can go forwards. The whole range. So if you want to set the seat back, lay back and enjoy the view outside your panoramic roof, youre good to go in the rear. Youll find plenty of space for all your bags suitcases strollers prams everything theyre gon na fit in here comfortably this rear shade is actually removable, so you can pull it out completely.

Should you wish, or you can even move it to the forward position? To give you a bit more access space to everything else, and up here you have everything, including storage, for your charging cables, as well as your tire mobility kit. It has a time ability kit, because it doesnt actually have a spare wheel, possibly to save space and because its quite a large spare wheel so take up a lot of room, which would also mean it would add extra weight which, on an electric car, the less Weight, it is in the car, the more distance youre going to get out of each charge, but really usable backspace. Once the seats fold flat, you get a tremendous amount of space in the rear and its an electric tailgate that goes up and down and can be programmed to whatever height clearance. You need from a ceiling point Music. So there you have it guys thats. What i think about the ionic 5 in the rear wheel, drive from hyundai, we are reviewing the the all wheel, drive dual motor in a couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for that view, and obviously, as always, the full length review will be on our Website with all the details around servicing and any other things that weve picked up while weve had the car weve done about now on this car, about 1500 ks worth of testing, and to be honest, i really like the car and i think its definitely worth consideration.

If you are looking for an electric car – and i cant forget to point out that these little cube lights are possibly the coolest design of any car on the market, so definitely have a look at the ionic 5.