The second half of the year is expected to be even busier. As the companys three brands are preparing for the release of no less than 11 new models for the global release, and in this episode we will explore these new models and find out why you may want to defer your new car purchasing decision to the latter. Part of the year there is a surprise ending. So please hang on until the end before we go on wed highly appreciate your support by subscribing and turning on the notification bell. If you havent already and please dont, forget to like comment and vote on the question. Thats presented at the end of the video when it comes to winning awards its kia niro that first conquered the world with numerous awards and accolades for the company before there was ev6 that has won the prestigious. What car car of the year award this year. The kia niro evie became the first ever pure electric vehicle to win the prize back in 2019.. The first generation nero first introduced in 2018, also became a winner two years in a row for jd power ownership experience among mass market battery electric vehicles this year. As the all new second generation model is about to be launched, the new kia nero is more advanced than ever with the latest third generation platform thats lighter and stronger than before, which works with the revised drivetrain that makes kia niro ev, actually drive longer and faster Than the base ev6 thats, similar in price, combined with the increased size and the respective cargo and passenger space, the new nero now also features the beautiful ev6 like interior, featuring a dual panoramic screen.

That would give the ev6 run for its money. Also, thankfully, the fantastic first generation, nero evie, will still be around for the years to come, as the new kia niro plus, which is a modified version of the original nero eevee, will be released starting next month in korea. Kia niro plus, is kias first foray into the purpose built vehicle or pvb, for the commercial sector to be released is either a taxi version or a personal version that could be used as a ride. Hailing service car, as well as a recreation vehicle with a new taller roof and other space maximizing features unique to the plus model. There is also to be a camping option to take advantage of the bigger real estate inside, which would make the new nero plus the lowest price. Recreational vehicle around next to be released is a vehicle that probably does not need any modification to be used as a camping vehicle. Thanks to its sheer size, telluride three row: suv is the largest vehicle ever to hail from kia and a car that practically changed. The brand image of kia as a purveyor of the attractively styled cars with good performance and quality, which caused the public to pay up to ten thousand dollars in premium towards the most desirable models, even before the time of the supply chain, calamity currently affecting all automakers. Just introduced at the new york auto show the facelifted telluride comes with a new, more aggressive fascia, with a new led lighting signature which may not be to everyones taste.

However, whats going to be the unanimous favorite is the new interior, in particular the new kia telluride. Now comes with a curved and seamless dual screen: measuring 12.3 inches each as well as a redesigned dashboard with revised trim panels and hvac vents. In addition, the steering wheel has a new modern look furthering the interiors luxuriousness. The drivetrain stays the same, though, with a proven. 3.8 liter, normally aspirated engine good for 291 horsepower and 262 pound feet of torque that can tow 5000 pounds, no rumored 2.5 liter turbo engine or the hybrid power plants, as the platform does not get upgraded to the aforementioned third generation platform. However, you will be treated to the new advanced driver assistance system or adas features that now offer navigation based, smart cruise control, intelligent speed, limit, assist and forward collision avoidance to work in conjunction with the companys latest level, 2 self driving autonomy called highway driving assist 2 To make the new telluride one of the most advanced vehicles in its class, the same adas system will also be featured on the newly revised and facelifted celtos as well position between soul and sportage. As a premium compact suv, which is a unique category, the kia celtos was the first ever car to make a jump from being a concept car to a production car overnight, without barely any change and, accordingly, its quite a looker. With its futuristic fascia featuring the unique led daytime running light, combined with a smartly designed suv body for the mid cycle facelift, the popular suv will receive a new front and rear end design, thats akin to the new sportage.

The interior will also be upgraded to the dual panoramic type like the other kia products of late. Like the telluride facelift, the base gasoline power plant will remain the same with a 146 horsepower. Naturally, aspirated 2.0 liter four cylinder engine paired with a cvt. However, the latest seltos will now also be receiving the hybrid power plant borrowed from kia niro that offers 1′ horsepower and 195 pound feet of torque from its 1.6 liter four cylinder engine to appeal to those seeking attractive and small eco friendly suv. Those looking for the ultimate in eco, friendly transportation, now have the option of delving into the supercar like performance of the new kia ev6 gt, the ultra high performance version of the ev6 that improves already neck snapping, zero to 60 miles per hour time of just 4.6 Seconds to asphalt tearing 3.5 seconds thanks to the improved dual motor, all wheel, drive power electric system that is rated at 577 horsepower and 546 pound feet of torque. The gt also offers an elsd limited slip differential to balance power between all four wheels and michelin. Pilot 4s tires mounted on 21 inch wheels for the ultimate control in the meanwhile. The ev6 gt still maintains all of its practical traits of the standard ev6. With the long range 77.4 kilowatt hours battery good for 263 miles or 423 kilometers, the unique egmp dedicated ev platform features such as the v2l bi directional charging system and the ultra fast 800 volt charging architecture that offers blazing 18 minute charge time when charged at 350.

Kilowatts more good news is that this faster, accelerating, faster charging and more versatile crossover is expected to be sold for around sixty thousand dollars, which is forty thousand dollars cheaper than the similar porsche taken 4s. If you prefer exhilarating performance, but in the lap of luxury. Look! No further because kias sister luxury brand genesis is offering two spectacular evs that will satisfy your diverse needs. The first is the long awaited electrified version of the g80 sedan, which will finally be available for sale this summer, while offering top luxuries that are on par with the likes of the mercedes benz e class and the bmw 5 series. The large electric sedan offers sports car like performance of just 4.9 seconds from 0 60, thanks to a pair of electric motors rated at 182 horsepower each for the combined system, power of 364 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque paired with an 87.2 kilowatt hours battery. A big sedan that measures nearly five meters in length attains up to a respectable 265 miles or 427 kilometers, although not an egmp based ev. The derivative electrified g80 will still offer the 800 volt bi directional charging system with v2l. If this is not good enough, there is the gv60 that cuts down the 0 60 time to around 4 seconds from its dual motor performance power. Electric system thats good for 483, combined horsepower. The gv60 is a sister model to the ionic 5 and the ev6 and as the egmp based ev, it also offers the same great 800 volt egmp, ultra fast charging system that charges in 18 minutes 10 to 80 percent, as well as offering the long range 77.

4 Kilowatt hours battery with a v2l function, when paired with a standard 225 horsepower single motor rear wheel, drive setup, it will offer 280 miles or 450 kilometers of range or, with a 321 horsepower dual motor, all wheel, drive system. It renders 250 miles or 400 kilometers of range. The fastest performance model will get 229 miles or 369 kilometers of range. The gv60 will be the first ev offered by the korean automaker to offer the wireless charging system, which could be a standard feature in all hyundai group products to coincide with the complete self driving autonomy that the company hopes to achieve in the near future. Another first for the company, the shooting brake version of the award winning g70 sport sedan will make its way out of europe where it was specifically designed for and is now expected to be available globally to be available in korea late in the year after it was First introduced to the european market last year, shooting break and station wagon aficionados all over the world will finally be able to indulge in the delightful european treat by next year. This has ironically, been made possible due to vehicles. Poor performance in europe attributed to the lack of brand awareness and history in the old world where they value such traits in their luxury vehicles, more so than in other regions, as genesis is attempting to recreate itself as being an exclusive electric car maker by the year 2025, starting in europe, its releasing the diesel and gasoline only g70 shooting brake globally.

In order to recoup its investment. However, no further investment will be put forth to add the excellent 3.3 liter turbocharged v6 power plant as the only the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that offers 242 horsepower and 260 pound feet of torque will be available and not the 2.2 liter diesel engine thats also available. In europe, its a potent unit, however, as it can rip through 0 to 100 kilometers in just 6.4 seconds when configured as rear wheel, drive and 6.9 seconds, is all wheel drive at a price thats, not much more than the standard 2.0 t sedan. This may be the most european like car available anywhere at a very uneuropean like price and quality. This concludes the first part of the video and the second part will continue next time. So please stay tuned. As for the end of the video question which of the new vehicles covered in this video, are you attracted to the most please vote and share your views by clicking on the link in the comment section below or in the description, thanks for watching auto vision? Your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell so as not to miss any of our new videos. It would help the channel greatly if you could view our videos as soon as they are uploaded and watch them all the way until the end, which would help to reach more people also to support our channel even further.

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