Direct drive transmission. Now i am super excited to be driving this here, ionic for a couple of reasons, but mainly the fact that it is one in ev and two only sold in certain states in america back in illinois. We cant buy these. However, out here in new york, you absolutely can so youll have to check your local listings to see if you can find one. But before we get on to anything else, i have a website, where you can buy stickers like this retro sticker pack or a big friggin bottle sticker. You can also read my behind the scenes blog to see what im filming before it comes out on the channel, and you could submit your own vehicle to be reviewed by me through a quick and easy submission form, but lets get back to that electric drivetrain. Well, there were three different trim levels offered in the hyundai ioniq. There was a hybrid, a plug in hybrid and, of course, the full electric. Now the hybrid was sold pretty much everywhere. You can find that at any hyundai dealer across the nation, but the electric version. This version was saved for just a handful of states, much like the kia ev of a couple of years ago, and its actually not that uncommon to have evs restricted to certain states that have the infrastructure to allow them and to have the restrictions required to have These as youll notice up on the fenders it has this weird sticker on it.

Ive been driving around long island here for the last couple of days, and i keep seeing these stickers on cars. What the heck does that mean? Well, there are something called hov lanes here and what that means is that its a carpool lane, so you have to have two or three people in the car in order to take those lanes its to encourage carpooling. But if you drive an ev or low emission vehicle, they allow you to use those faster lanes on the highway alone without anyone else in the car so thats what those stickers are but lets actually get back to the electric motor. It makes 134 horsepower and right now, its sitting at 99 battery and giving me 181 miles of range now thats on the lower side of evs that ive driven. But this was a less expensive ev mid 30 thousands and its really a commuter car, the owner ian, which thank you ian for letting me do this video hes, a photographer hes, not driving across country in this car. He has a different car for that and so, as a commuter car 181 miles a day, its rare that anyone drives more than that. So its fine here in the ionic, like i said paired to its single speed transmission, nothing to note there and last but not least, it is front wheel, drive this car was designed to be a hybrid, so you dont get a frunk up front.

The electric motor actually sits there and it has a traditional front wheel, drive setup, which is kind of interesting with that out of the way lets talk about the interior. Well, in front of me, i have some digital gauges, which i love on. The left is charge versus power, so thats, basically like my tachometer when im off the accelerator pedal and my regenerative brakes are working, you see it go down to the charge, but when i put my foot into it, it goes up into the power. The center screen is my gauge cluster and when you switch drive modes it actually switches, colors and stuff too, which kia has been very, very good about doing kia and hyundai together, so im happy to see that its made it to the ionic then to the right. I have a little charge bar on the steering wheel on the left. I have my voice command mode volume, phone options and skip track and on the right i have my page select and my cruise control. So this does have adaptive cruise control, which is really really fantastic and really really useful, especially commuting here on long island. The overall steering wheel looks nice, but the most important thing about the steering wheel is whats around back. These are paddle shifters, except they dont shift. The car theyre actually for the regenerative, braking how much braking you want so up at level. Three, the car will basically break for you, but it wont come to a complete stop.

However, you can make it come to a complete stop by holding down the paddle. With your foot off the accelerator pedal and then itll bring it all the way down, this is just my hand and were stopped, so that was just using my foot off the accelerator and just using the left paddle, which is very, very interesting off to the left. I have my dimmer switch blind spot monitoring lane keep assist traction control, my charger door open and my charger scheduling on the door. I have two different memory seat options. Then i have auto folding mirrors, which is very nice and the power mirror adjustments. Then i have my lock and unlock child box and my window switches moving into the center. We have some hyundai infotainment, so lets pull over and talk about it. All right lets talk, ionic, infotainment, really hyundai infotainment. So we can come home here and i can swipe. I have a bunch of really nice buttons. The nice thing is that this looks different than other hyundais, which is very, very cool. Of course, i get my beloved sounds of nature. I get a couple different sounds. I can go through. These are pretty much standard in all kias and hyundais these days, and i can scroll through a bunch of things on here: apple carplay and android, auto blue link things like that, but i can go to this ev page thats, going to be the most interesting now Of course, we have energy information and battery remaining range remaining tons of really cool information things i can look at eco driving our carbon dioxide reduction.

Ev settings range warning ev route, its going to take you on the route thats going to be the best for reserving charge things like that. So this is unique to the ev ionic, which is pretty flippin sweet but other than that pretty standard, hyundai stuff lets throw it into reverse. Here. Take a quick look at the backup camera. It does play a backup chime because it is an ev and people. Cant tell that you are backing up, but, as you turn the wheel, the lines turn as well, which is very, very nice down below that i do have some physical buttons for the radio. Very traditional hyundai slash kia, two climate control vents with a hazard switch and the climate controls themselves. Unfortunately, i dont seem to get dual zone. However, i can turn on just the driver, climate controls, which is sort of interesting and actually sort of useful. If youre trying to save charge here in the ionic down below, i have two 12 volt outlets, and a usb in this is for the infotainment system, which it does have wired apple carplay. The next year 2021 got the wireless apple carplay, but 2020s are stuck with the wired. Then i have a giant center console and moving up. I have a different center console more of a command center center console with a bunch of interesting things off to the left. Youll find the shifter, i have drive park, reverse and neutral, and it gets this little hand.

Rest. I guess, if youre shifting from drive to reverse, to neutral, to park, to drive to reverse to neutral to park a lot, you can rest your hand. So you dont fatigue, i guess kind of interesting and down below that we have heated, seat options, drive mode, auto, hold and power parking brake and off to the right. I have a wireless charger for your phone, which is fantastic. You kind of slide your phone into it, but again a little redundant because i dont get wireless carplay, so my phones gon na be plugged in anyway. One thing i just noticed this is just an iphone 10. I know im a little out of date, but it only fits in when it doesnt have the case on. I had to take my phone case off in order for it to fit, which is a little bit annoying. Then we do get cup holders, so we will do a big friggin bottle test here in the ionic electric. However, it fails, but the owner ian actually did put a giant holder in it that does pass, but that is not the factory cup holder here in the ionic. So unfortunately it fails the big friggin bottle test. Then i get a little center console and the seats. The seats are heated, however. Something interesting is that this ionic is actually fully specked out. It has all the options, but up in canada they actually get a heated steering wheel and ventilated seats.

Us yankees dont get that not sure why, but you can actually get more features up in canada kind of interesting. But speaking of seats, we do have back seats, so lets go. Do a back seat review all right, throw in the back of the 2020 hyundai ioniq electric and a couple of things to note back here knee room, great headroom grade, i mean really on par with a lot of other sort of compacts. I dont know what you really want to call this car, but on par with a lot of other cars in this size and at this price point gasoline, hybrid, electric, whatever it may be, my knees are not hitting the seat in front of me. My head has room its getting a little close to the headliner, but to be expected, i do have this little center console. I can pull down in the center. I really like that, but thats pretty much it for amenities back here. Nothing too crazy, but i am really impressed with the backseat space, at least in terms of a vehicle like this lets, go. Take a quick look at the trunk and then well talk about the looks all right so were on the back of the ionic press and hold here on the key fob and you can pop it up like that. I do get a really nice privacy cover. That is very, very nice that you can sort of pop back here and itll slide back, of course dissolve ians filming equipment and you get some more storage down there very very nice.

This is a hatchback, as you can see tons of storage space in the ionic, which is fantastic, especially for an electric car. Sometimes the batteries take up a lot of space, whatever tons of space back here really happy with it. Now we got to talk about the looks, and i actually really like the look of the ionic. I think its different, i think its unique and something that always catches. My eye is the front grille. You can tell its the electric one by the front grille, and you see these little two panels. Those are actually technically active arrow and what i mean by that is when youre driving around those panels are closed. However, when the battery and electric motor needs more cooling, it will open up those vents to allow some cold fresh air in to circulate over the battery and electric motor. Overall, i really like the color of this car too, its a hatchback which is kind of quirky, and i think overall, its pretty presentable. Is it my favorite car in the world, not quite but thats? Okay. Now lets get to my final thoughts here on the 2020 hyundai ioniq electric. Well, i think this is what we need for evs. If we really want to say here in america or really across the world, if we want to double down and say everyone should be driving electric, which i think is a pretty common idea right now, then we need more cars like this here ionic.

The reason i say that is because this isnt that weird yeah it looks a little bubbly but driving it its just like driving another hyundai, its not exciting its, not mind bending and thats good, because i think right now we still have that sort of idea that Evs are these weird different, strange vehicles and not everyone wants to drive a weird strange, different vehicle all the time or at all spend their money on something thats weird, so we need more cars like this ian is a regular dude. He has a fun car, too hes a car enthusiast, but just for getting point a to point b going to jobs going to work. This is perfect, its no frills, its nothing crazy, but it works and its electric with these gas prices. Right now, in april of 2022, even im, looking at electric cars, how can you not traffic light camera ahead? Thank you. This car is a snitch, too Laughter it just tattled on the new york police department, thanks ionic youre, a real wingman, so thats it its a normal ev, and i think we need more of them. I hope you guys enjoyed this video huge. Thank you to ian. For letting me take out this car, we also filmed his sarah, his toyota, sarah just recently, so please go check that video out. He is absolutely awesome for letting me do this on such short notice cant. Thank him enough and im happy to have this car.

Under my belt now its so interesting that we dont get these back in illinois im glad i was able to drive one out here in new york, but i hope you guys enjoyed the video dont forget to rate the video comment on the video and subscribe.