My name is derek riley today were looking at the citroen eber lingo, and is it the best value for money in the electric vehicle space at the moment, because it has space it can have up to seven seats. It has three isofix along the rear. If youve got five seats, its got a massive boost lets get straight into it from the front on. It is very citroen burlingo vanish, but they have tried to make it less than looking at the l element. You have that front grille with the closed off because you obviously its an electric vehicle. You dont need the air cooling, but you do have active air cooling underneath and then you also have that ionized blue electric e, with the two omelets on the top bush youve, got your double chevrons. You have your daytime running light up here, bit sad to see that theyre halogen lights headlights and then you have fog lights and they are the turning type as well. So when you are turning um, you have these anodized blue as well air bumps on the front and then, as we move down along the side, you have them as well here and depending on the marker, will dictate whether you have choices in those colors in ireland. Weve got one trim level one length, so theres comes in sometimes in a medium wheelbase and an extra long in ireland citroen ireland has decided just to go with the long wheelbase and you can spec that out then with either a five seater or a seven seater Option the seven seat – sorry, the five seater is coming in at aftergrand 36706 and then the seven seater options, an extra thousand euros on top of that, but they have stock of these on the ground as it is, weve talked about the front.

Moving down along the side, then you have the 16 inch 16 inch wheels, uh with glass black alloys, specifically on this trend on this level, the field pack youve got your indicator on the sheet that i have it says: theyre body, colored wing mirrors, but obviously theyre Glass, black indicators on the side not built in and these are retractable youve got these air bumps on the side with that cladding body color door handles maybe thats where the mix up is and then on. The top youve got some glass black roof rails. Long long vehicle youve got again practicality, sliding doors which is great on both sides and then youve got your charging port at the back left hand, side uh on ac, its a 7.4 kilowatt charger and on dc it goes up to a 100 kilowatt charger. Battery is 50 kilowatt gross 48 odd usable, so lots of commonalities, with the other stalantis ranges your opals, your peugeots, but i think this is great practicality. You can see how long it is because it has that option of the seven seater and if you dont have that seven seater youve got a massive boosh. This is also eligible and its on the irish taxi database for a wav wheelchair accessible vehicle, because there is a large enough boot in it will have a wheelchair that can stand up. So if you are a taxi driver, this may suit the thing that might go against. It is the size of the battery.

With that 48 kilowatt hour battery you, it might not be long enough of a range for you, so wltp theyre, saying 280. When i got into it it said 280 kilometers as well, but you have to take into account motorway colder weather all that kind of stuff. So youre, probably looking at the 230. So if 230 can do you as a taxi driver, this might be the perfect vehicle for you as a family passenger vehicle. I think its excellent again. If that range does it, and if you do need to fast charge, it has the capability of going up to 100 kilowatt hour on dc, so thats the front and the side lets have a look around the rear. Have a chat have a go inside and then check it out for a drive moving down along the side, and this is the opposite side. So youve got that sliding door on the other side and well talk about that. Once we get inside and we talked about the roof rails already, youve got some halogen vertical brake lights. Youve got high level brake lights, youve got your halogen brake lights, so youve got that glass. Black spoiler youve got the ability of opening up that rear, mirror. If youve got if youre tight on space and you can drop stuff in and out of that, and then youve got this large citroen badge kind of like two tone with glass, black and silver and youve got your eberlingo second latches in underneath there, just above the License plate, and that opens it all the way up, so you may need that extra length to get in and get out so underneath that parcel shelf that comes all the way back.

It is just over a thousand liters, a thousand and fifty liters to be exact and thats. Before you put the seats down and the seats when they go down, they go down flash and then from roof line to bottom. Its nineteen hundred liters towing capability on the citroen eberlingo is 750 kg whats it like on the inside of the citroen eberlingo, so on the door first of all, because its based on a van you do get a bit of utilitarian plastic usage going on up here. So stuff thats easily wiped down there isnt a lot of soft soft fabrics and soft squeegee plastics, its more of a its a harder plastic going on, but thats not a bad thing. Sometimes the door itself is you have all your electric windows and its nice to see that in row two there are electric windows. If there was a road three, there are no window opening options. So, just remember that you have the ability to retract your wing mirrors and you also have the ability to lock the windows as well. Youve got a nice flash of color and you get that around the bottom of the dash too and on the doors and then the door bins are decent size as well. So well able to take my bottle and it seems thats. The only place that my bottle would go if thats, where we were putting uh, because some of the other pockets that are around the place arent wide enough for that so door, pretty standard stuff, but its easy to get into seats are good and nice and comfortable And you have the ability to have the armrest on passenger and driver front seats.

Steering wheel is your citroen. Your three spoke on the left hand. Side is your voice, control and your volume and the ability to change what the dash looks like and that dash is a 10 inch wide its narrow but its its not fully digital. On the right hand side, then you have the ability to change. Youve got your phone and list options in there and a bit of glass black underneath this. Behind that, then you have lights on the left hand, stock and underneath that youve audio and the right hand stock. Then you have your wipers. It is a traditional key. That is where were getting used to not having them around. Now you have the ability to raise and lower your lights, and then you have traction control and uh whether you have central uh, the chai locks locked on or not small bottle holder up here, but it doesnt fit my bigger bottle. More so for coffee cups, youve got a large dash, uh cubby hole on the top there. Some more storage in underneath love. The fact that theyre bringing over this element from the van youve got your arm hole, handles and the ability to store stuff up on top and i believe in some markets, maybe even in citroen ireland, you have the ability of specking a glass roof and then the Ability of putting more storage up on top its a 8 inch screen here and it has radio youve got your car features.

Navigation navigation comes through your phone, so its not built in youve got some apps um and youve got a usb type. A and a physical volume knob underneath that youve got your center locking youve got your hazards. Youve got a physical up and down heating and ventilation system with air conditioning built in you can have automatic air conditioning so its dual zone, and then you can have the ability to control it all from the drivers side. Youve got a coin holder, a tiny little cup here i think its for either paper clips or a little take away shot of espresso to be confirmed. Youve got a holder for your phone. Its not wireless charging pad youve got that stellantis switch gear. With regards to the drive modes, and you have power, you have eco and then you have comfort, and then you have your reverse, neutral drive and two stage regenerative brake and its not once one pedal driving another cubby hole in underneath you have a 12 volt. You have a sec center section thats, it theres nothing there, so you could store stuff in it, but like a lot of these cubby holes, there isnt any lining in it, so stuff will be rattling around. So you may need to get some aftermarket lining. First, on the passenger side, then you have the ability of having a cubby hole, another cubby hole and then a fairly decent glove box, which is good to see another drinks holder over there love the ability of being able to drop the passenger seat down.

If you need extra space for luggage again, if youre a taxi driver but just even for more space, its great back of the seats well talk about that in a second but pretty much thats. Everything in the front of the citroen eberlingo utilitarian, practical, lovely seating position. Again because its based on that van, which im a big fan of second one, is where it gets really interesting, and i like the fact um well talk about that in a second, so ive set the seats for me. Id be happy with that. Im six foot two 188 centimeters so lets see what the space is like in the back sliding doors on either side. We talked about that somewhere on the inside nice. Big step in were getting maybe three or four centimeters in front of my knees. Headroom were going to have no issues there, theyre, probably talking 10 12 centimeters. The model that theyve gone with in ireland is they have the tables in the back here as well, so something for the kids or the adults in the back to put their stuff on to and with those sliding doors. Theyre a nice size. Aperture youve got your electric windows. These seats dont slide forward, so the ability to be able to fit in beside a tall driver is good. No climate control back here number one number two: i cant find any usb type cs or charging sports. So again, it would be nice if they had the ability to put those in youve got a pocket behind the drivers seat.

These covers look like to be that theyre, the ability to come off as well theres, some zips going on. So with these sleeves theres little tugs on the top little tabs on the top of them and they go all the way flat, so you nearly have a full flat floor all the way through and you can theyre all individual. They have isofix seats positions either side. Sorry in all three so youve got i get last and a lot im looking for an electric vehicle that has three isofix in the second row. I think this is the first one i know weve got the eqb im, not sure. Does the tesla model exhibit as well but theyre not available, but so thats the second row? All these seats can fall flat, theyve got isofix, they dont move forward and back. There is no usb type chargers and unfortunately there is no climate back here, but its great to see that you have the ability of using electric windows, because sometimes you get sometimes those pop out ones. So lets have a look in the take it out for a drive. A couple of taxi drivers have reached out to me wondering um some questions on the citroen eberlingo and let me quickly run through what theyre asking so we have price on these before the grants. So i talked about it already so 36 706 after the grant for uh non commercial non taxi drivers, so work it backwards there.

If you are a taxi driver, um people ask me about have i got reviews coming on the e space tour and i do um. They sit on under waiting for the larger 75 kilowatt hour battery. For that, as i said, this one is the 50 kilowatt hour gross net about 48 kilowatt hours. Uh e traveler comes in two sizes: uh, the on the same platform, obviously 50 kilowatt and um 75 kilowatt iron was asking about. How does it compare to how does the emp2 chassis handle compared to others as its louder or quieter than its competitors? Its a great question uh, i havent, tested the other ones, so this will be my first one, so what ill do is ill? Take it first spin out the n11 bring maybe come back up on the m50 right at the bottom of it, where we get 120 kilometers an hour and see what were like there um. There is a large grant available. If you are interested in this, because it has that wheelchair uh grant available paul is asking about range range range, so wltp, as we talked about already, is 280 kilometers, youre, probably near the 220 to 230. But it has that faster charge on dc up to 100 kilowatt hours. Uh charles came in and gave an answer to that so yeah youre losing um about 40 or 50 kilometers off the wltp um speed of charging we talked about already on the road price morris was asking, so we have that there for passengers but go in and Have a chat to your local citroens dealers: these are on the ground in ireland, so youre not waiting for them battery size.

We talked about already the range maximum charging capability and realistic availability in irish market, so theyre all there, and is it a seven seater? What is the range please thanks, uh at karast and so the price ive, given you for the five seater and if you want the seven seater its an extra thousand euros, an unusual thing actually that i spotted uh also in the its this design element here. So the window will go all the way down, but this bit kind of stays there, which is a bit funny, but could be worse things about it. So the seat is a lumbar as well, and this i saw when i was putting down the thing very good. Its manually, adjusted though, and to you, need to turn the key another way: d for regular mode and then b for two stage: regenerator braking and away. We go whats it like driving the citroen eberlingo. I love the seating position im a big fan of vans. As you know, if you havent already subscribed to the channel, you will know that and please do if you havent it is – were on a drive to 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year. So all subscribers comments likes engagements of any sort will help the algorithm see that theres an appetite so were just going over 7 300 subscribers. But getting back to the van um, i like the steering wheel, i like the seating position.

I love the seat with an armrest uh. The driver display, i think i feel, is a small bit low youre looking out and you kind of have to look down to see the um, the actual driver cluster. The instrument cluster visibility is great lots of glass in front of me into the sides and even the rear view when the headrest is down is actually pretty good in the middle headrest. When its up it starts to get a bit uh busy bush, you cant see whats going on back there, the just behind the a pillar theres a good big chunk of glass as well. So your blind spots are at a minimum. Now there isnt blind spot detection on this car um fan and i would love if the wingmers were small but bigger theyre, a bit small on my. In my opinion, driving wise youve got those different driving modes. We talked about already normal power and eco, depending on will dictate um what you get out of range, but also performance and thermal. So if you go to eco, your thermal air conditioning is limited and also the throttle all of the stalantis cars have a kind of a funny kind of a soft brake system uh with their electric vehicles. You kind of really have to hold down the brake and then it engages, but what i find is putting it into b mode, the two stage regenerative braking and that kind of smooths it out, which is great.

What else have we got going on road noise at? Were were cruising along here, but at 25 30 kilometers an hour, so youre not going to get much road noise at this level. But we will be hitting the um m50 at 120 kilometers an hour and so looking forward to seeing what thats going to sound like. Otherwise, youve got your um cruise control. I call that actually, this volume and radio stuff, but its actually, your your cruise control and your limit control, isnt um, it isnt adaptive. Unfortunately, another thing id love on at the salantus cars is auto handbrake. They dont have it on any of them. I had the e208, the 2008, the opel maca, the vivaro e, the expert van its delantis, and they dont have it, unfortunately, right im going to come back when were on the motorway at 120, because theres zero road noise. Here because were not moving so see in a couple minutes last section of the day, and it is whats the sound like at 120 kilometers an hour and were just coming along the n50 now and we are at 119 kilometers an hour traffic in front of us Whisper quiet, great road noise, insulation. Obviously we dont have a big diesel van in the verlingo that its used to diesel engine weve got that nice, smooth electric motor and lets get it up to 120. So you can hear so 120 kilometers an hour there perfect. So smooth, so quite you can see why that electric car is a choice of people that are going in the taxi industry.

One of the elements and one of the benefits of going electric is that smoother quieter ride. Hopefully, youve enjoyed this review of the citroen eberlingo. If you havent already make sure you subscribe, leave a comment to, let me know whether youre going to be interested in this or what are you interested in getting and remember if you think any v is for you leave it to me and ill review.