Now all the buzz has been around the top trims. However, if you guys are on a budget, this is the base. F, 150, lightning pro designed more for contractors. So in this, video were going to take a quick little walk around and show you guys exactly what you get for your forty thousand dollars Music. Now i wan na clarify because this truck actually starts at under 40, 000.’ 974 and for a base model truck ford. Has thrown in a lot of equipment this vehicle? This trim is designed to appeal to, i guess more contractors, because you can only get it with certain features, and you also cant get it with some of the top trims like on the platinum or the lariat. Some of those top high end features, but you can see theres the front end of the pro it has a completely different grille. You can see its more of like a cheaper, looking plastic. I think it actually still looks good. This is the a dark blue called anti matter. Blue that looks a little bit black in certain lights. You can see all of them still have these full led headlights. You even have an led daytime running light, led turn signal led low and high beams. Then you can see this little outline for the daytime running light looks pretty good, although, unlike the xlt and up trims, theres no led light bar that kind of connects the two headlights together, so thats, certainly a much more.

I guess conventional look its not quite as premium but still looks really good. This thing is still instantly recognizable as an f 150. You still get the usual things like the tow hooks in the front. You do have some functional air vents in here. However, the grill has been completely shut off and then once we get past the grill, the one thing i want to show you guys real quick. Is you still get that mega power frunk now its still power actuated? It takes a second for it to open, but just check out the space in here guys. This is a game changer in the industry because it has 14.1 cubic feet of space or about 400 liters of space. This floor can actually hold up to 400 pounds. So i actually had a chance to put two roller bags in here. My my camera guy. My editor also put his bag in here with our backpack. It all fits you can see. Even the base trim comes with these power outlets at the front you have four of them over here you have a usb a and a usbc 2.4 kilowatts is actually standard. If you guys want to upgrade it for a thousand dollars, ford will sell you. The 9.6 kilowatt uh pro power on board kit um. This right here is all lit up. It even has um an emergency escape button, its a really huge game, changer, the largest front that ive ever seen but since were under here lets, go ahead and talk about some of the specs, because the pro version comes standard with the standard range battery pack, which Means you have 98 kilowatt hours and ford has actually upped the power slightly versus when they first showed us the lightning in the base form.

First of all, you get 230 miles of range 452 horsepower that is more horsepower versus what you get in the f 150 raptor, the high performance off road, capable version of this truck. You still get the same 775 pound feet of torque ford says this should get 60 in about five seconds. If you guys want to see our full driving impressions on this and the extended range battery pack be sure to come back on may 11th at 6am eastern standard time, well upload a full driving impressions review because right now theres an embargo on uh driving impressions. If you guys also want the extended range model, you can get it on the pro which ford wasnt originally offering at first, but thatll extend the range to about 320 miles and also give you 580 horsepower. The frunk is definitely the best part. I mean really youve. Never seen anything like this on a truck before and i think ford said that engineering the front to have that much space was the biggest design feat for the actual engineering team. Now, looking around the side profile, you can see. This looks like a conventional f. 150, ford still is only going to offer it as a crew cab configuration with the shorter five and a half foot bed, which means its around 232 inches long. This is about 15 inches longer than something like the rivian r1t, so its a more usable truck youre going to get the usual space in the back seat.

You can see the wheels also on the pro. These are actually a really attractive wheel. I think they look better versus the lariats rims uh. These are an 18 inch wheel, wrapped in 275, 65 uh all terrain tires or its kind of more like an all season tire, but it has a little bit more of an aggressive, tread michelin. You can see primacy across terrain tires. These are actually a really good tire, um theyre, going to make for a good ride. Quality. A nice noise suppression out on the road because remember this is an electric truck theres no noise in terms of charging all f 150s lightnings. They come standard with dc fast charging. This vehicle runs on the 400 volt architecture and it is lacking a heat pump, but ford says that they have done extensive testing in cold weather and theyre, confident that the range of this vehicle will suffice. For those of you who do live out in those colder climates, this will accept up to 150 kilowatts max. So essentially, what that means is this model here, because its the standard range pack can go from 15 to 80 percent in about 44 minutes. Surprisingly, the um longer range battery actually charges smidge faster about 41 minutes in that same time, period. Im not entirely sure why, but it probably has to do with just the electrical system where the standard range battery pack doesnt charge quite as quickly now, of course, being the pro model, you do have less body colored accents.

You have these uh grape. Are these gray, unpainted mirrors and door handles? Luckily, you still have the led turn signals. This one here has the tow technology package for an extra 1900. It gives you the full 360 camera and the extra toe stuff which i imagine most of you are going to want to do. Anyways you can see looking at the back uh. The suspension is now fully independent on the lightning so thats, something that they had to do, because youre still riding on the same frame as the gas fm50. The battery pack kind of sits between them and they had to beef it up and strengthen it. So well talk about the ride and handling balance in our second video. When we show you guys how both of the models essentially drive, you can see at the rear. The pro model has a different look to the tail light. The xlt and up trims have an additional led piece that kind of connects the two taillight modules together kind of like in the front you dont have that here. Instead, you just have a single tail light design, but it definitely looks different. You can see its an led turn signal. Led brake lights, led reverse lights. Um. You still have that little lightning badge back here, along with the side with the american flag, because remember this truck is built in michigan and its not built in mexico like fords, uh, mustangs, mock e, and then you can see the tailgate is not damped.

You do have the available power, lift gate or power tailgate in the upper trims, but this one here also has the accessory spray and bed liner for about 600. I highly highly recommend that, and then over here you can also see it still has those power ports, because this model here has the optional 9.6 kilowatt hour or kilowatt pro power on board, which you can still kind of connect a mobile charger in here and level To charge a vehicle, another electric vehicle or a ford, mustang monkey or any electric vehicle, this is a thousand dollar extra charge, but the 2.4 is actually standard. So again, ford is giving you a ton in here of equipment, and you can also still get all the usual bed accessories. This one you can see is also lacking the tailgate step it doesnt have that built in ruler here. So, as a contractor, i would say you can add that back in, but you have to remember the price point. This truck comes in at under forty thousand dollars. This one here is like around forty four thousand with some of the the options it has. You can see i like the lightning badge here at the back: its got the blue, uh backlit or its got blue and script and the behind the actual lettering. It even has a little lightning bolt there on the t, which i think is clever, and then the one thing i want to ding forward, however, is this: is such a modern truck? Why are they still using this like? This? Is for the am fm radio? I think that ford needs to get rid of this because it kind of just cheapens the look it makes it look like too much like a regular truck and then youre probably wondering does it have an extra charge port door here? No, this is actually just for.

Looks, i guess ford wanted it to have a little more symmetry, so they also put this little piece here on the side on the passenger side just to have it be matching on the drivers side, but lets go ahead and show you guys the inside of the Truck im going to go over there and rob you can kind of go over there on the passenger side. You can see this is the all vinyl interior, its a gray, vinyl interior. This is the only interior you can get on the pro model and i have to say for a base truck its actually pretty nice and obviously it doesnt have the luxury touches that you get in the lariat or the platinum trim, but this ones lacking running boards. For somebody, like short, like myself, i probably want that the door has a really nice solid, sounding thunk, and this seat only adjusts. Sadly, in four ways i can move it forward and back and i can recline it, but theres no way that i can adjust the height theres, no lumbar adjustments. So remember you might want to go to the xlt. If you want a little bit more adjustability in the seats, you can see, the steering wheel has lots of buttons and controls for the blue crews. Well go ahead and well turn this vehicle on, and i want to show you guys the key fob for this truck. Its the same key fob for a lot of other ford vehicles.

You can see its a fairly large key and theres also a button here where you can open up the front. Just push that button twice: theres, no obviously tailgate release because it doesnt have the option for it uh and then the power stop start stop. Button is right here where youd expect it to be. If you guys go for the higher trims, affordable option in that 15.5 inch screen from the mustang maki, but i have to say this is the base screen its 12 inches. It runs on sync 4, and it also has wireless apple, carplay, android auto. This is the screen you get for forty thousand dollars. This is incredible. It also even has built in factory navigation, which is great. You also have a 12 inch digital display here, which is totally customizable. The one thing i dont like is the steering wheel is not leather wrapped, but remember its a work truck. You dont, you cant, expect features like that. The steering wheel itself also has manual tilt and telescoping lots of adjustability with the range, so you can kind of get in this vehicle and get pretty comfortable. This particular one here also has the ability to fold the shifter down and kind of create just kidding it. Doesnt actually have that ability, so you can still fold the shifter down, but literally my editor was like no, it doesnt do that. I thought it did. I thought it did, but i guess ford still gives you the ability to fold the shifter down, but you cant.

Actually, you have to add in that option, which i dont think is expensive, like 200 bucks, if you want to have the flip out table for those who want the workstation, i think its a great great feature to have. You still have, of course, some of the features you get like the uh trailer brake controller, this pro trailer knob here, where you can kind of go in and customize things theres your drive mode, so its slightly different. You can still turn on the one pedal drive. It has an e locking, differential or kind of mimics a locking differential, because remember it doesnt actually have a mechanical one. Um drive modes are pretty simple. You can adjust that there and then, if you go to features this is where you can access things like the onboard scales where this vehicle will actually show you how much weight is in the back. You can see the pro will carry a little bit more weight versus the lariat that i was in yesterday 2152 pounds. I think thats a really great feature that its very handy, especially for somebody who constantly carries a bunch of stuff in the bed and then you can also access a couple of things like the pro power on board. This will show you how much energy youre actually pulling from the front circuit from the rear circuit. You can also set it to do a power reserve. So if the battery drops below a certain level, itll essentially allow you to turn off the power.

So you dont drain the battery completely, and everything here works pretty well its just like the other sync 4 systems. You have a separate screen here on the side that has all these different cards, where you can kind of change how this looks while this side doesnt change so again for a base screen. I think this is going to suffice for a lot of people. The 15 inch screen gets rid of these uh controls for the climate, which you can see. You still have dual zone automatic climate control, which is incredible for a base truck uh, and you have lots of big knobs and buttons tuning knob volume, knob, big knobs, for the audio or for the hvac controls, which is great no wireless phone charging pad. However, instead you have two usb ports over there: an a and a c port theres, no lid that covers up to close this, and then you can see some of the materials here are a little bit cheaper. But lets talk about some of those materials, because the lariat that i was in yesterday had really nice materials. This one, however, you can see its been downgraded. This right here is all hard touch plastic. It is even hard right here for the armrest so not really liking that um for those of you who want something a little more padded, obviously go to the xlt trim. The windows front windows are a one touch automatic for the front, however, not for the rear.

Although i do like how fords using the same high quality, high quality switch gear with the chrome accents, it all looks pretty nice over here on the dash. You can see the material has a soft touch, injection molded plastic. With this faux stitching over here. You have some aluminum look trim. This is how you open up that secondary glove box theres – also a really nifty storage area over here which, on the higher trims, if you guys go for the bno stereo, this would essentially be taken up by a speaker which you dont have in the pro model. The mirror you can see is surprisingly still auto dimming. I wasnt expecting to see an auto dimming mirror here on the base trim, which is nice and then over here you can see tons of storage. If you open this up massive massive storage amount of or storage space here, where you could hide a purse, you could hide a laptop in there. What not and these seats for base seats. I think the vinyl, actually you know, feels okay and obviously it kind of feels like the last like school bus i was in, but its gon na be very durable. Its gon na be easy to clean up. If you guys spill anything on it, there is no sunroof available. You can see a ton of headroom in here uh, but, unlike you know some older trucks, you can see ford still threw in some led map lighting in here and also also theres.

Probably no ambient lighting in here thats, something you have to go for. The lariat trim, but let me let me hop in the back seat, show you guys that space and you can see a ton of legroom back here, like 44 inches of legroom, so as a family car, this will certainly uh, obviously still suffice. Um these seats still flip up, unlike the upper trims, which gave you like some uh more storage over here. This is lacking that, but again, if you want to put something big back here, you could probably fit a bike back here um and you can actually have it in the cab. So thats also really great theres a strap here that you pull thatll, bring the seat down and then getting back here you can see i like how the floor is completely vinyl, so you can kind of get this dirty. Youre not gon na be worrying about dirting up the carpet uh. You still have rear seat air vents back here, which is great. You have two usb charging ports, uh actual power outlet back here and a 12 volt, no heated rear seats, obviously thats reserved for the upper trim door panels back here are still pretty cheap and then uh no armrest here, thats, something you get on the upper trims And you can see the rear view or the rear glass right here is just one single piece: the upper trims have that kind of sliding window in the center.

So obviously this is easy. This is a lot cheaper for ford to manufacture, but without that sunroom or sunroof you can see. I just have a ton, a ton of headroom space in here, but lets go ahead and take a look at the back again, because i want to remind you guys what this truck costs. I mean yes, its not quite as expensive or its not quite as nice as the lariat or the xlt, even or the platinum version, but at a starting price of ‘ 974 thats before the 7, 500 federal tax credit. Now ford is probably going to run out of those tax credits later this year, unless the new administration decides to up that credit and change the the terms of it. This one here with the tow technology package, the spray in bedliner this ones around 45, 000. So 45 000 for a base truck with nearly 500 horsepower, remember 452 horsepower. This was showing about 225 miles on a full charge when we got into it, but well talk about that. Of course, when we go drive this vehicle later on, but still for 45 grand. This is one hell of a deal and i think for those of you who are thinking lightnings or electric pickup trucks are gon na be too expensive. Fords about to prove you wrong, because this truck is going on sale this month, theyre being built now, youre gon na have to probably order one, though, because trying to find one at a dealership that you didnt order is probably going to be a tough proposition and Theres, probably going to be the hefty markups on these, but said hope you guys have enjoyed this uh really quick in in depth.

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