My name is derek reilly. Today we are in austria and if whether this is the first video or the second video youve watched, we are all about the id5, and this is the pro performance version in this beautiful moonstone, blue. With some of the id versions, you may not know the difference when youre meeting them face on, but definitely with the id5 and the pro performance version. You will notice those because of this body, colored slightly different front bottom youve got full led, matrix, headlights, youve got that light, bear and in europe we dont have the illuminated ew badge, but you will get that in north america, gorgeous colors that you can get across The range sizes of wheels you get 19s, 20s and 21s and the pro version comes with 19s as standard. It has that half flag with the pro identifier on it that large winger body colored with the indicator and theyre retracting and like all id fives youve, got this cladding at the bottom. Here that is body. Color youve got the body colored door handles with that panel. Internally, it looks like its going to open, but it actually just pops inside and then, as we get down towards the back youve got that sloping. Roof line, panoramic sunroofs across all the id5s youve got that contrasting roofline, but slightly higher with the black lets. Have a look around the back so from the top we have that black glass black shark venereal youve got the charging port on the rear right hand, side youve got a ac and 11 kilowatts and dc up to 135.

With that new software update all id5s come with those lovely 3d rear taillights. This is the business end here. Youve got the coupe line. Youve got that spoiler youve got that light bar. That goes all the way along the side and a lot of people go for the volkswagen id badge as the opener, but actually its in underneath power tail lift on both all models on the id5s. This is 550 liters because its slightly taller 500 liters for the id4 lots of space in there 20 40 split with the ski hatch, and there is some storage in underneath as well a subfloor and then theres another subfloor in underneath that closing this down. So inside the id5 there is slight difference between this and the id4, but theyre only slight on the door. Youve got some body colored panels on it. Youve got the glass black youve got that wing or winger and window instrument cluster. On the left hand, side the one where you have to change between the front and the rear, not a fan of that youve got your automatic light cluster over my left knee and, in the right hand, drive that will be over my right knee steering wheel. Three spoke same as the id3 and id4 and youve got those haptic feedback buttons on it again. Some people arent a fan behind the steering wheel. Youve got a five inch screen with the gear selector on the side, and this is reach and rake.

As always, and with the id5s, you have the 12 inch infotainment screen again with those touch panels underneath new software that has augmented reality upgrades voice upgrade it has the faster dc fast charging, but it didnt put any lights behind the temperature and the volume so at Nighttime, it is sometimes difficult to use this system center console. Do you need it on a meb platform? Potentially not, but youve got some cup holders here. Youve got a wireless charging bay, two usb type cs: youve got your cup and bottled water and holder, and that can be covered up as well overall, with a head up display its not a bad driving experience. But sometimes people are thinking that volkswagen are cut in some corners with some of this stuff, but youve got your panoramic sunroof as well thats the front of the inside of the id5 im 188 centimeters six foot two lets see if i can sit in the back Here we are in the back and, as i said, im 188 centimeters six foot, two. That seat is set for me and theres lots: five, six centimeters in leg room headroom because of that panoramic sunroof its actually not bad about two three centimeters on the side, but lots in the height. These are the integrated seats, so the headrest doesnt move. Also. I didnt talk about the armrests that are in the front, but nice flat floor. Weve got some usb type c in the back here and tri zone climate control, some pockets at the bottom and at the top for your devices seats.

The bench is actually a small bit low, so your tie support isnt the great and were finding that with a lot of battery electric vehicles, youve got two isofix in the rear. Youve got the microfiber in the middle with the leather and then you also have the armrest with the integrated cup holders, but they arent the adaptive ones. This is a ski hatch, so it will come all the way through good space in the back here, three headrests would you fit five adults? Sorry, three adults across the rear. If the middle one was small, otherwise nice that panoramic zone, if im a big fan of it, doesnt open, but there is a blind built in lets – take it out for a drive before we take it out for a drive. Weve got some stats and figures. So obviously, this is built on the same platform, the volkswagen meb platform, and it is very similar in styling to the q4, each one sportback and the skoda anya coupe. But for whatever reason, volkswagen have decided to call this one. The id5 irish prices for the starting off on the pro side of things and the pro performance are starting after grants of 54 995 euros all the way up to the max version, with the pro performance of 71, five hundred and forty five euros. The pro and pro performance version all come in rear, wheel, drive all id fives come with a 77 kilowatt hour battery usable uh, with the pro it is: a 128 kilowatt electric motor, giving you 174 brake horsepower and the larger 150.

The pro performance gives you 150 kilowatt, um electric motor with 204 brake horsepower. The maximum speed of the id5 pro on poor performance is limited to 160 kilometers. An hour tone capability of 1200 kgs break uh. The chargers we talked about 11 kilowatt on home will get you if youve got a regular wall box, 7.4 kilowatt hours, thatll get you from zero to 107.5 hours and then the dc fast charging capability of up to 135 kilowatts. It will do 5 to 80. In 30 minutes heat pumps, i always get asked about this and they are only available on the max versions, rear visibility. You can see it here with that spoiler is slightly less than the id4, but because of that coupe air line, you have a better aerodynamics and it has a drag coefficient of 0.26 Music. Software updates is a big thing on the volkswagen id 5 and you have software update 3.0. We actually better testing 3.1 uh, some of the things that were interesting in it. There will be the capability of biodirection bi directional charging, which is like a two way: power transfer more details than that coming soon. Another update we have is over 90 kilometers an hour. You have active lane changing, so you just indicating the car actually changes its lane for you, so all getting very handy with this autonomous driving stuff, then we have travel assist from volkswagen, which is their adaptive cruise control and their lane keeping, and that will give you A swarm data now so its going to learn from itself so its going to understand where it is in the road.

Even if it hasnt got a center line, it knows whats out of the road it should be on if there, as uh all the cars ahead of us. Have this data swarm data turned on and theyre avoiding a pothole whatever that may be so theyre going to look the more cars that are using this, its all anonymous, the better the lane keep and the travel assist will be within the volkswagen group of cars. Next thing, then, it has park assist plus with memory function, and that allows it to remember certain removers up to five maneuvers uh in certain geographical locations. So it knows where it is its picking up the uh using the cameras and the ultrasonic sensors around it, and it can record if you drive into your house and then reverse back into a parking space or all these unusual stuff. So it does all of that. For you and you can record up to five different memory, ones, memory, memory positions it has over the year updates uh – and the last thing i want to talk about is the wltp so on the pro theyre saying its going to get up to 520 kilometers and It has a listing of around 17 kilowatt hours per 100. Kilometers were getting really good when were were driving to and from the airport. The the efficiency was very good, so id say youre, probably going to get a 4 20 to 450 real world. In fairness to it anyway, thats enough stats and data lets take it out for that drive it like driving the id5 in the rear.

Wheel, drive version sometimes its difficult to figure out whether this – and this is if this may be your first video on the channel for id5, or this me youve – already watched the gtx one and now youre watching this one. So you will recognize these roads. It is the following day, and this is the rear wheel drive, so it comes in pro and pro performance, so that will dictate what size electric motor is inside and in turn, then that will dictate the power level that youre on at bush. Otherwise, steering is the same, a suspension you can get normal or you can get dcc, which is dynamic, chassis control and its a lot smoother than the gtx. I like the gtx suspension, i think its not too firm for what it is with regards to it. Being a sporty large suv, but this one is very nice going over some potholes there and some manholes there and it just wafts over them. So yeah this one had the head up display and has the larger screen. As always, this uh the regular id5 the pro and the pro and the pro performance, because theyre rear wheel, drive single motor. They have a slightly lower towing capacity, so its about 1200 kgs, its nice, its very like the id4 like youre youre sitting in it. Looking out, you wont know what car youre in um the larger screen may give it away, but this one is the steering wheel, isnt the gtx steering wheel and so theres theres, always that um slight visual difference, but otherwise the driving of it and these these roads.

I think the steering is well weighted. The seats are nice. These are the integrated headrests as well, so to double check, theyre, jumping in and out of different cars. All the time. Um visibility is good. Yeah, the power is there. If you need it, even with the rear wheel, drive its not gtx level bush plenty, absolutely plenty. Hopefully, youve enjoyed the review of the id5. Hopefully, youve already subscribed to the channel were talking uh that were looking to get to 10 000 subscribers by the end of 2022. Leave a comment, and let me know what you think its all about the engagement. I get back to every single comment, so let me know what youre thinking, if you have a question, i always get back to all of my comments and remember, if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review.