The premium arm to hyundai arrived only 12 months ago in 2021, but it has already launched five models with this: the genesis gv60 being the sixth and arguably the most important. That is because this is the brands first pure electric car. It is based on the same platform as the kia ev6 and the hyundai ioniq 5.. It gets the same 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. You can have it in rear wheel, drive form which gets 226 brake horsepower, or there are a couple of four wheel drive models, including this sport plus that gets 483 brake horsepower and well do not the 62 in four seconds, which is a bit mad, really isnt. It uh, but that of course does affect the range. So if you go for the four wheel, drive models then youre, looking at around about 290 miles according to wltp regs in rear wheel, drive form. Well, then you get 321 miles in terms of the way. It looks well apart from the fact that, obviously, this one is extremely yellowy. Greeny lime, i think, is the official color um. I think its quite good. Looking its quite interesting, i dont think id call it pretty thats for sure, but its very sort of smooth, edged, theres kind of something appealing to it. About that. I do want to kind of address the fact that were calling everything suvs these days, including the gv60, which is classed as an suv. But you know what this height is not very high at all, actually, its one 580 mil.

So, just over one and a half meters high its barely any taller than a golf, and i mean that height is probably partially to do with these rails yeah. Its got suv, styling characteristics, these chunky, black wheel, arches and obviously the fact that the arches themselves are so huge thats. What gives it that suv, esque look and the fact that you get very deep body, particularly on electric cars, because those batteries are in the bottom. In the floor pan, so you end up with quite a sort of deep sidewalk side to the car that all gives it kind of suv kind of characteristics, but in terms of height, its really basically hatchback height um. I quite like the wing on the back. I just think its quite a distinctive looking car and i like that. I like cars, that sort of dont look too sort of the same as everything else really, and i think genesis have done really well on that front. A lot of people sort of argue that genesis look almost a bit sort of bentley esque, but i think the gv60 looks very different to the other genesis models already, like i said its a very young brand and the fact that theyve launched so many models already And already have quite a distinct sort of styling character, i think its all credit to them and it feels like the gb60 is already the next sort of step forward for the brand.

So it does feel like its kind of theyve, launched a brand and theyre kind of like doing everything much more quickly than everybody else. So its a really interesting thing anyway, thats the genesis gv60 lets check out the practicality. Practicality is very good, too sure the boot isnt, quite as spacious as that in the vw id4 or ford mustang machi, but theres still over 400 liters and more than enough space for a buggy making this a really decent family car. The back seats, dont disappoint. Either there is vast amounts of leg, room and plenty of headroom, even with the panoramic glass roof in place, so youll get two tall adults or a couple of bulky child seats in the back no problem at all up here. The gv60 really showcases the technology. That is kind of its focus really starting with well this. This is the crystal sphere, which uh i dont know: ive always wanted a crystal ball to live out my dreams of being a witch, and finally, genesis has uh supplied me with one its all good fun. To be honest, all it does in practice is actually supply ambient lighting when the cars moving, but it is cool, so you get in turn the car on and voila. It turns over and becomes your gear shifter, which is all good fun lets face. It uh. Sorry genesis, it is a massive gimmick, but it does look cool and its quite fun. So why not? The rest of the materials in here all feel really decent.

I have to say um. My i think my only issue is that i do feel that the design of the window switches and these sort of the the buttons on the steering wheel there is something that doesnt feel quite as premium as perhaps you might want. I dont think its quite up. There with audi mercedes, bmw and even volvo, quite yet in terms of the sort of feel of the switch gear other than that you get this enormous touch screen up here, complete with a rotary controller. You can swipe, through your menus, its all quite recognizably, sort of high end ikea software theres, no problem with that at all, because theyre really really good, so its actually fairly straightforward. You get your apple carplay. You now have your charger search. All of that stuff. Graphics are really great too so, no issue with that at all. You get your big colored screen up here, really again easy to see. The graphics are great. I dont think theres any complaints there, its very clever, i mean you know you do get all the safety stuff that you would expect as standard as well, including blind spot thats, all included on every model. The camera mirrors im going to talk about a bit more when were driving the car, but suffice to say the gv60. I have some qualms with the perceived quality of some of the switch gear and the look of it other than that. I think it looks really smart up here.

I love the upholstery sort of suede finish up here, really comfy loads of seat adjustment, its actually a really lovely place to sit. The gv60 shows off its tech savvy when it comes to charging too itll rapid charge up to 240 kilowatts, making this one of the fastest charging cars on sale, and that means it will get a 10 to 80 percent top up in under 20 minutes. If you plug into a 350 kilowatt ultra rapid charger, a full charge from a 7 kilowatt home charger will take around 12 hours, theres even the option of charging another ev or another electrical device from the gv60s battery. If you add the necessary pack Music, so how does the gv60 drive very well? Actually, im really quite taken with it when you first get in um default, drive mode, is comfort and just feels very relaxing, quite calm, despite this being the sport plus, with all that, you know oceans of power and torque its something that feels like its setting out To try and soothe you and just be very smooth and uh it gels perfectly. I really like it part of that is the brake regen very smooth bleeds in really nicely and youve got full control via the paddles here, plus an automatic mode. So it slows down when you ever senses a car in front. The rides really good too. So the sport plus gets electronically controlled dampers with a camera system that reads the road ahead, so its adjusting those dampers as its going along and uh.

It works really well. So the car feels taut dont get me wrong. It doesnt feel all sloppy and kind of slow and boring, not at all. It always feels like a car. Thats got a bit of something to it, a bit of intention but, like i said its just quite relaxing, it feels more like an executive tourer in its standard comfort mode, partly that ride the brake regen. Everything about it steering weight quite meaty, but nice and progressive easy to judge, but there is uh something of a schizophrenic nature to the gv60, because you can stick it in sport mode via this button here and all of a sudden everything kind of becomes taut the Seat grabs you, it just becomes much more alert, its really noticeable its actually one of the bigger sort of differences in uh characters by drive mode that ive experienced in a car, much more so than i remember experiencing in the ev6, and this kind of thing. Interestingly, its not as involving or as tactile as something like a jaguar eye pace, i have to say it doesnt feel sports car like quite like that does, but its still got more than enough about it that youre going to intentionally take the long way home. If you want to in the gv60 sport plus its really cool, and not only that but its got yet another trick up its sleeve with the boost button down here so youre already in sport mode youre enjoying things and then you hit boost and you get 10 Seconds with an additional 27 brake horsepower at each of those two electric motors, so it doesnt actually sound like much in the context of a car with this much power anyway, but blimey does it make a difference, so you hit boost and its its absolutely bananas its Like i said its quite schizophrenic, its such a relaxing chilled quite easy car to drive, and then you discover sport mode and boost and its just uh sort of a slight kind of its sort of foaming at the mouth, all of a sudden, its its quite its Brilliant, its really cool.

I like it a lot for that dual nature. I think it really does that very, very well theres, a real tech focus to this car. You get all your safety drive raids that youd want you get semi autonomous, drive mode as standard blind spot. This car has got so much equipment on it as standard its one of the real uh. I think selling points for it. We cant ignore the uh side. Cameras here can we, which, of course, are there in place of mirrors. Genesis are hardly the first to do it, weve seen it with honda and audi and a few others as well. Actually – and i have to say, i think, its one of the better camera systems. Ive, experienced graphics are really good. I havent driven it in low light conditions, so i cant really comment on what the contrast might be on that. Personally, i prefer standard mirrors because i like the fact that, with a standard mirror, you can just adjust your your seating position. You sort of just like you know, and you get a different field of view, thats all very normal and intuitive, and i find it frustrating with cameras that you dont get that i know you get a wider field of view. I know the benefits personally. Call me a dinosaur: if you will, i prefer standard mirrors, and that is fine, because these are optional anyway, on the gv60 you dont have to have them, but theyre there.

If you want them – and i can completely understand why you might – because they are very cool. So there you have it, it really is quite a technical tour of force and uh a very good one. At that its got masses of power in this one. I suspect that that mid range four wheel drive car might be the sweet spot because thats hardly short of performance as it is, and its usefully cheaper, but nonetheless, this sport plus model is quite something Music. The genesis gv60 is delightfully split personality when it comes to how it drives its practical. It looks great its reasonably good value by the standards of premium rivals. It is offering a lot not only that its massively significant to the genesis brand feels like the brand is already revolutionizing. Despite only having been around for 12 months, we really like the gv60 and were really looking forward to getting it in the uk and up against its rivals to see how it fares dont, forget to like the video subscribe to the cargurus uk youtube channel. Turn on your notifications, so you dont miss any of our other videos and while weve got you head to cargurus.