The same platform, batteries and charging even much of the same interior tech, so look, we wont, beat around the bush – were excited about this one. We were given a look around the new gv60 in a studio a few months ago and i admitted at the time, but i actually quite liked the proportions. But ultimately we wanted to get it outside here in spring sunshine, before we cast any real judgment, but ultimately its up to you what you think of it, but personally, i think its quite a cool. Looking car youve got these split headlights big wheels. Youve got this sloping refine and cool subtle details like this vault signature as well, but what i couldnt tell you in the studio is what genesis first, pure electric model is like to drive now for context. All versions use a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. The same units found in the kia ev6, but each gv60 is offered with a different motor combination. Entry level cars get a single 225 brake horsepower motor driving the rear, wheels mid. Spec sport adds one to the front axle for all wheel drive, while sport plus turns up the wick for even more punch, so weve driven the two bookends of the gv60 range, the entry level premium, the rear wheel, drive car and this the dual motor sport plus. Now being a brand with very little history or heritage, its difficult to pinpoint which car is going to be the biggest seller? But if you ask me, i think youd be mad to spend the best part of 20 grand on this looney all wheel, drive model.

You see as lovely as it is that the gv60, with the most powerful motor, gets the best part of 500 horsepower and will do not 62 in four seconds flat. In its entry level guys, it will do a claimed 321 miles on a charge and thats. What will matter to most its got some of the fastest top up times of any car currently on sale, but what, as a whole, is it like to live with? As we said, weve driven both and this sport plus car is rapid. There is no two ways about it: it pins you back in your seat, just as youd expect a car with this much power and performance to do so, but its different to the experience you might find in the fastest teslas its the power delivery, its more linear Its more progressive and thats a good thing, but if you do want your genesis to feel like a tesla and who knows some people might then, if you go for this top spec model, you also get a boost button on the steering wheel. In addition to the standard drive mode, you press that, and you get 10 seconds of full power and if this thing absolutely flies, this is not a light car. You can feel the inertia when you start to push on theres a bit of roll through the corners, but on the flip side, it always feels like the car is communicating with you. Grip is really good and you can even apply pretty decent amounts of throttle on the exit of corners, which kind of slingshots you out of the bends.

The steering is, perhaps this cars biggest weak point, its a little bit light for our liking and theres a bit of a dead spot around the straight ahead, but it doesnt overall detract from the driving experience. One particularly good point is the brakes or, more specifically, the regenerative brakes. Theres four stages: you can adjust them using the paddles on the back of the steering wheel and in the intelligent setup you can pretty much drive on a single pedal. It measures the distance from the car in front and adjusts the strength accordingly in town. Certainly, you can drive pretty much. Only using the accelerator pedal refinement is fantastic as well. Its only really at really high speeds were talking. German autobahn speeds that you can start to get a bit of disturbance in the cabin and, if you go for one of the cars with the bang olufsen stereo. Naturally, all of these launch cars do and you get active noise. Cancelling tech, which filters out even more of those unwanted, sounds one area where we will have to reserve judgment until weve driven the car in the uk is ride, comfort, its definitely better on the smaller wheels than it is on this car on the 21s. But these roads are so smooth, so its very difficult to come to any kind of proper judgment about bumps lumps and potholes, but if it was our tip and youre ordering one right now wed go for the smaller wheels.

You mentioned those quick top up times. Just now and thats, thanks to this cars, 800 volt charging tech twice what youll find on most mainstream cars like the volkswagen id 4 and 5, and the ford mustang mac e. That means the genesis. Gv60 can recharge its battery from 10 to 80 percent in as little as 18 minutes using a 350 kilowatt charger. The max charge rate is a little lower than this, but its still faster than pretty much every other car currently on sale and a match for its kia and hyundai siblings. Im, not personally a fan of some of the chintzy details and the blue leather. But im going to leave most of the styling aspect to you, what you want to know and what i can tell you is what its like, from a quality perspective, what the technologys like and in a moment whether it can function as a family car. First, those points is quality whats it like from a from a build quality perspective. Well, the news is overwhelmingly pretty positive. The materials used, theyre luxurious. Everything feels solidly built, theres, lovely, contrasting stitching. As i said im, not a fan of the blue leather. You might be thats not up to me. The second of those points was technology now were off to a good start, using hyundais user interface, its all massively responsive its all nice and easy to use its full of functionality. Youve got apple, carplay youve got android, auto youve got bluetooth, sat nav.

Everything you would need is within that screen all pretty easy to access. Youve got these digital dials behind the screens. Here, its all again pretty easy to read, and i love the little touch in the middle there, you get a visual representation of the car youre driving its even the same color. The final point of mention is this: climb control panel down here, which is kind of mixture of half touch sensitive, half physical buttons, but thankfully its just as responsive as this main screen here in the middle. So while it sounds complicated, it really isnt, oh and ive, not forgotten about practicality. Well, talk about that in the back. Choosing your gv60 is simple. You pick a trim premium, sport or sport plus, as mentioned before, and with that you get a standardized kit list and a set motor combination. Premium models come with led lights, 19 inch, wheels twin 12.3 inch screens, an electric tailgate and a reversing camera prices start from fiverr over 47 000 pounds. The mid spec sport costs an extra 6 600 pounds and brings that extra motor and more power. The only visual difference is the alloy wheel, design, sport plus cars, add a limited slip. Differential even bigger 21 inch wheels and different interior trim. Prices start from 66 405 pounds back here its good to know that this cars, electric specific platform, gives you loads of room in the back. The wheels are right out in the corners and the wheelbase is really long, so ive got loads and loads of knee room.

This seat is set up for me as a six foot driver. Now. One thing to note is that this car has got the panoramic roof. The ones without do actually have a little bit more headroom. So me again, six foot tall im just brushing the ceiling in here which it wasnt in the car without the pano roof, but otherwise, in terms of cool little details and storage solutions. Youve got a net down here. Youve got a couple of usb ports, theres a pocket behind here cup, holder in the door and another door bin and, of course, central armrest boot space isnt, quite as generous, its almost 100 litres down on the ioniq 5. With the rear seats in place, though, thankfully genesis has seen it appropriate to offer storage in the nose for the charge cables. Beware, though, its smaller in all wheel drive models thanks to that added motor. The genesis gv60 feels like another win for hound ikeas egmp platform, with seemingly very little compromise we made for this cars sleek profile, especially if you go for one without the panoramic roof it drives. Well, it charges quickly. You can even have it in acid green. If you should so wish, thinking of still buying a tesla, it may not be the default choice that it once was head to for all the latest electric and hybrid car advice, news and reviews and check us out on twitter, facebook and instagram.