Uh in mid june june july, well have first production cars available. This is a pre production car, its the smaller battery were getting a very first look at it today and then well. Take it around the track here in mondello and weve got a very short, 30 minute slot here, so theres two factory sizes. Let me give you some details about it. This is just fresh out of the oven in terms of detail, so the entry level advanced model which im told, has heaps of spec again, we havent got into that just quite yet. After grounds 48 995 euro 63 kilowatt hour battery, then the 87 kilowatt hour battery evolve model is 66 995 euro thats a 529 kilometer range wltp and the smaller battery, which this car is, is 402 wltp, thats kind of changing all the time. In fact, it was slightly less yesterday and nissan ireland told us they were actually able to get a bit more out of the range in the last 24 hours, so the cars will be made in japan, not sunderland, like the qashqai, so that will mean production in A full operating year with normal volumes nissan are looking for 1500 euro areas in ireland. In a fully accommodating year, production will be tight at the start like so many cars saw like like so many electric cars. We got led lights. Weve got a little bit of air flow, going on massive big black, all the sensors in the front of the nose uh.

This is the color that every concept arie has had, and it is a its a nice color in the flesh, its kind of like a a rose gold, sort of copper, color and yeah its its good. Looking i like the daytime running lights, the way they they look. It is quite a large car, but it sits fairly low. Then side on i mean its. It is quite similar in size to the id4 from volkswagen. For example, weve got black mirror housing. Ccs charging is here with your two slots: chatimo is not involved in case youre, watching this video with the nissan leaf in mind. Weve got black high gloss down the sides over the wheel, arches wheels that this car is uh sitting on again. This is a very first look: theyre 20 inch alloys not going to give you a full vibe of what theyre like on irish roads, because here in mandela the track is obviously perfect, a bit of a sloping roof going on. So it would lead me to believe theres not going to be an aria coupe. This is the area. Yes, it has a bit of a sloping, coupe vibe, going on and a nice big black roof spoiler and then im getting lexus vibes in here. Huge big daytime running lights, um and red light brake light nissan logo, uh, electric boot release. Boot is really really substantial. We havent got exact figures today, ill throw them under the screen.

Youve got split. Partitions youve got a floor that can be lowered yet again little bag for housing. Your type 2 cable tie away your granny cables down here, parcel shelf uh a really really useful, boot, far bigger uh to eyeball it anyway. Then something like the cash kite waiting to confirm are things like an electronic boot is standard on both versions of spec doors, open, really really wide thinking of families and getting child seats in and all that stuff and fairness. The new cash guys very accommodating in that area too, the leg room is pretty good. Actually so, drivers seat not quite all the way back but im, very comfortable im sitting quite high up ive got heated seats, ive got usbc and standard. Usb charging ive got air vents to keep me cool um. There could be a little bit more tight support on the back of the seats here very good quality leather used in this car, decent room for cups going on here, starting to buckle down rain. Yes, the glass roof will impede a little bit into your headspace. It is getting a little bit tight there, but you know if youre sitting properly like this, then actually maybe its, maybe its quite okay, and i welcome a glass roof in any car just because it affords so much light and good visibility. Um all around the car is a good use of space on on the inside and again high quality alcantara going on here and backs the seats have a bit of recycling vibes going on um yeah its its well put together totally flat floor, of course, as well.

In the front, weve got a real sense of space. Again, you never feel like this is a small car by any stretch, look it on the outside or certainly to sit in the front. This center console can be adjusted to your liking. To give you more room at the back for passengers, or maybe just light things closer to you, theres, really great storage, uh wireless charging seems to be a little oh yeah theres an extra, not quite sure what thats for, but that comes out – and this is your Little adjuster for your position, reverse park b mode as well same way. You can use your e pedal very sleek buttons here, just like very, very simple and kind of flush. It feels like a fancy hotel same with the climate control display. I love the way. Its just buttons, built into the actual architecture of the of the car armrest, is its just very, very sleek. Now there are haptic buttons and if youre familiar with the volkswagen ones, for example, you might be going good buttons but theres a bit more pushing in them. So they look like haptic buttons, but actually they are buttons theyre, not not just clicking. As you press weve got park pilot profile, i think nissan call. It weve got good decent displays, a heads up display in this car um. The rear view is digital. You can flip that, and it just turns into a typical uh rear view.

Mirror display is nice and wide and graphics and it it does feel like a well put together. Car weve got memory, seats, weve got a bose, sound system, heated everything uh have we got a heat steering wheel. Handbrake is down here, yeah its minimal enough for an electric car. In the way, a lot of electric cars are going, but i i love that climate thing thats very cool like that um and essentially, if you slide into the the new generation qashqai a lot of the screens and displays are all quite similar. So um a nicely put together car the steering wheel is first of a kind. I havent seen that in any other nissan thats currently on sale right now so were sitting into a car. That again is going to cost just under 50 000 euro. I think we need to readjust what 50 grams of our heads would get in a normal ice car, because you do have to sacrifice a bit of gave in terms of overall quality, its, not to say its poorly poor quality. Because i do like all this alcantara and stuff, but in what used to get into an executive saloon with that kind of price and that in the interior youre not quite getting that in any of the the evs but yeah it does in. In terms of nissan. Build quality and materials used. This definitely feels like theres, a an upsell in the quality of the area.

So here we are, this is this: is kind of exciting were in the area? Finally, after all, the talk and uh, i think were good – were good to go right on a racetrack, no less. I do like that. Camera ive, seen it in stuff, like the honda e of course, and with different modes. Okay, so drive mode well go normal for the for the moment. Standard okay standard is good. Oh cones, right just to test out the handling very good yeah yeah, like that im. Not sure does that does the lead car leave me after a while, or does it stick with me its also very, very reassuring if this thing was to run at a range of the track, i can just park it and go not that i would. Of course, oh theres, more cones coming up right, so these are literally ive jumped into the car youre as youre as youre. Seeing this this is. This is me getting into the car um im reacting to its feeling of the steering is quite firm, quite heavy lets chuck it into a corner now and follow the line, plenty of grip it like its. It is obviously a heavy car, its its its an electric car brakes are good, but it certainly seems to go into a corner and shift pretty well so im gon na head into mid lane here in a second youre gon na, do three laps and then on Your to start from your floor top ill pick you up again and lead you back in okay, its all mine, then yeah right lets be having you.

You can interrupt the voice prompt and give a command immediately by pressing the push to talk button, say: phone navigation, audio information, vehicle information or ev to see more commands for each category, youre: okay, youre! Okay, did you mean okay, brocky? Please say yes or say: a number from the displayed list yeah brakes are good. Was that about a hundred and please say all selected shut up, please say: shut, cancel in voice recognition. Thank you. So i was hitting about 130 kilometers an hour there theres a lot of tire residue on this corner. Oh yes, no! The grip is very, very good because sometimes you do really feel that weight transfer in an ev and like even last minute changes from different directions. It feels very composed so im happy out there. Okay next were going to go into sport mode, so sport lets see what that does. My bag is absolutely upended anyway. Here we go again. 11823 130 brake brake brake brakes are very good. I tell you what, if you were to be in a very sudden needing to come to a stop on something like a motorway in this car. I feel very, very confident, despite the weight of it uh, despite the height of it, that really handled that very very light. Braking at about 130 kilometers an hour there very well same again, here 120 brake brake brake its excellent, absolutely excellent. How quickly itll stop thats very, very impressive, and the thing is you dont, i mean ive been lucky to drive some really cool cars on this track in mandela, but actually this kind of everyday normal stuff, not so much so to actually put a car like this Through its paces is, is very, very interesting again brake brake, brake motorway speeds.

It just steers you right around, like cones that have like the tiniest bit of a gap to fit a car through and its like yeah no problem, thats very interesting. Okay, now, im gon na calm, everything down were gon na flip into normal mode, were going to put into e pedal and much like the nissan leaf. If you havent, experienced e pedal before, basically you lift your foot off the accelerator and as soon as you do this severe enough regen braking being applied to the car and it makes it a very relaxing. Is this experience about to say hes joining me or not? No hes, not not yet, okay, so very relaxing experience. It means youre, essentially driving the car with one pedal. So here are the the cones yet again, ive taken my foot entirely off the accelerator and i just calmly relaxingly steer through the cones without having to touch the brake. So i like that its nice to see that theyve literally taken the e pedal solution from the leaf and put it into the area. It works beautifully taxi drivers if youre thinking of one of these cars they have it there for you, because i know a lot of taxi drivers have embraced the leaf from the first day handling wise. I really think they have done a great job with that. Theres. Very little body roll – and i mean im talking late breaking into corners on a racetrack youll, never drive a car like that in real life ever on the roads and its very, very composed.

This is kind of the slowest ive driven the car around the track. 50. Kilometers an hour everythings, calm, everythings a bit more real life, uh. Obviously a really really smooth surface so its hard to comment on what these larger wheels would be like on irish roads. I can feel like ive got um air coolness going on into my seat here. As well, i can feel that very direct steering like very, very direct. I wonder if i lashed into sport mode one more time would he let me go around again e pedal again yeah higher speed sort of 70 kilometers an hour. I was happy to let the speed bleed off there same here again actually saw somebody having to do this on the m50 last week when they hadnt properly checked someone who was merging – and i kind of wondered – was the car going to topple over um, because it Was such a last minute, swerve and again at those speeds, really changing direction last minute, very, very little body roll. It is impressive. Now my nissan qashqai friend here has joined the track again, so ill have to ill have to behave myself now, its a pre production vehicle, so im not getting full displays its saying its currently doing 2.5 kilometers per kilowatt hour, its been on a racetrack all day With loads of people driving it um, interestingly enough, the guys this is the smaller battery which will do about 402 kilometers wltp, its got 25 its been on the road since 9.

This morning, its now 4 oclock, its got 60 kilometers left in the range and all the guys here have been using is a 7.4 kilowatt charger just to keep the car topped up. Theres been no fast charging going on with this car at all. So you know there has been a lot of that sustained motorway speed. That youd expect oh qashqai wants to play well lets show him, then sport mode, so you can have e pedal mode on with sport mode. No problem thats me not the car squealing for those people from nissan, watching it, seeing if im trashing their car id imagine they might need some tires by the end of the day. Thats. The only thing so well just be heading back into mid lane now. Well, that was fun while it lasted slow and steady, slow and steady there we go very planted very solid, very drivable, very composed and yeah. I think work worth the wait: thats the lawn thats, the fact just before we wrap up today, uh thanks to nissan for giving us a look around the all new area. Again, it will be coming soon, youll be able to test drive within dealers very very soon. Just the charging speeds on the car, so 130 kilowatt charging, which is fairly future proof again compared to what you can do today, theres very few 130 kilowatt charges in ireland anyway um, so you can get to uh the on the larger battery from 10 to 80 Percent in about 45 minutes and 87 kilowatt hours to charge on a wall box, just by going from experience, thats going to be around 12 13 13 hours towing weight braked is 1500 kilos, as, as i mentioned, its actually its actually 14 hours for 7.

4 kilowatt charging. Uh 9 hours, 30 minutes for 11 kilowatt and 445 for 22 kilowatt, which arent to be afraid of fairness, those those charges um once the car can charge at those kind of speeds for charging. On the more typical irish current charging setup of 50 kilowatt. That will be about 85 minutes to get to full and 100 kilowatt will be 45 minutes, so still not not too bad and um. You know and enough to get a bit of a blast into youre, never going to charge the car fully uh to 100, a public charge just wouldnt, be in your pockets interest and your times interest and youre. Just getting too many dirty looks from people. So this is the aria very exciting car from nissan very striking. Looking in this color, i think its going to do very, very well for them whos going to buy it exactly will qashqai buyers stretch to it. I dont know the entry level. Qashqai is about 10 grand and a bit cheaper, so it is quite a jump for cash guy owners. Will it be downsizers or down branders? I dont know, but youll see more of these in the world very, very soon any comments or questions please subscribe. Um. Thank you for supporting us theres ways to link us up on patreon and paypal with a tip anybody can support the channel massively appreciate it.