The porsche tycoon and the audi e tron gt are the first high performance models from their respective car makers and they both claim to offer similar levels of driving thrills as their internally combusted counterparts. Now that is a bit of a tall order, because these cars are electric and, as we know, electric cars are great fun in a straight line, but driving thrills are more than that and the other problem. These two cars have well. They are based on the same platform. These cars belong to volkswagen group, and these share the same underpinnings. These cars are based on the same platform. They share the same drivetrain in fact, and that makes you wonder, because these cars are electric, how different can they be? In terms of driving well, weve got both the cars with us today, so lets find out Music. The porsche and audi may share the same platform, but their poles apart in every single way park them side by side, and you can tell that they have been designed for different tastes. The tigen doesnt look extraordinary or outlandish. In fact, every crease and curve on its body tells you that its a porsche its slow, wide and oozes typical porsche flare. I especially love its rear end, its got that typical 911 like fly line, and i think it looks spectacular now not only is the tiken sleek, but its also quite slippery thats, because it has a track coefficient of just 0.

22 meaning it is the lowest of all The existing porsche models – the rsetron gt, on the other hand, has a lot more aggression and an in your face design beat its muscular haunches aggressive stance, massive wheels or overall dramatic shape. The rs utron has a bold and brash appearance. Personally, i prefer its over the top design to take and subdued looks. I would actually go on to say that its the best looking audi since the original r8 hop into the cabin of these cars, and you can see them distance themselves from each other. Further. The porsches interior feels exactly like a porsche. The drivers seat is low and sporty, and your body fits in it like a glove where it differs from regular. Porsches, though, is when it comes to the gizmos inside this interior is a tech, nerds wet dream, as it has got one too many screens, especially the 16 inch curved driver display well its hands down one of the most advanced screens in any car at the moment. Overall, the diakons cabin definitely feels like its from the future Music step inside the audi, and it follows a more conservative approach as compared to the porsche mind you. The quality is as good as youd expect from an audi, and there are creature comforts of plenty, but the design and layout of the cabin arent revolutionary being an rs. It gets familiar sporty bits and bobs such as stainless steel, pedals body, hacking, sport seats, rs, badges, contrasting red, stitching and more, but it doesnt have a curved display like the porsche.

Instead, you get the same virtual cockpit driver display as you find in other audis. Even the touchscreen infotainment system is the same as that of the other models in the family whats more, unlike the tie again, which gives you access to every single menu, including the airflow controls through a touchscreen audi, has decided to go all sensible with physical buttons. For the aircon Music, since the porsche audi sit on the same wheelbase of 2900 millimeters, the rear seat experience is more or less identical in both cars. The rear seats arent as spacious as sumptuous as a panamera or an rs7, but are quite acceptable. Considering these are the first ever high performance evs from both brands. The porsche we have here is the base rear wheel, drive tycoon, whereas the audi is the top spec rs version before we tell you about our driving experience with these cars. Take a quick look at their spec sheets, Music, Music, so the rs eater on gt well in terms of performance in terms of acceleration. This is mind blowing, because this car does 0 100 in just 3.3 seconds now its not the numbers, but its. The way that this car does that it literally assaults all of your senses, 3.3 seconds. It just blows your mind. The way this thing pulls, so you have to put it in dynamic mode and then it has got launch control boost mode when maximum power is available and the way it shoots off the line.

It really boggles your mind now, uh, you know, uh ill show it to you in a bit like how this thing accelerates and nothing prepares you for that sort of assault. It feels like youre being stabbed in your heart by the g forces, because it is absolutely breathtaking now uh this goes against, or this is a close sibling to the turbo. So the porsche we have here is, of course, the base model, but this one has all wheel drive this has motors at each axle, so it feels like an all wheel, drive car now in terms of driving handling. Well, this feels more like an audi. It doesnt feel like a porsche actually and it has those typical audi bits, because the way it goes around corners, the steering is quite direct. It is not as direct as the tie can, but this is again a very precise and very direct steering and the way it takes gone is it. It is a proper gt car and it is a really sublime handler now. What i really love about this car is that it behaves like an audi in the sense there is a bit of comfort, dialed in and the way this car walks along at high speeds. It feels like a proper gt car now uh. This actually reminds me more of the rs7, because this is the car that i can relate to, of course, its not a v8. It doesnt have that noise.

It doesnt have the drama, but the sheer performance, the handling. In fact, the grip is just unbelievable. Now i got to drive this car at the track a couple of days ago and i think uh. You know this thing the way it grips the way it just grips and goes like thats thats the whole mantra of this car. So in that regard, it feels very audish. It doesnt feel like a porsche in that regard, and i think audi engineers have done a great job in differentiating this from the porsche. The platform is the same. The underpinnings are the same, but this feels so much like an audi and kudos to them, because this car, when you are behind the wheel, it feels like an audi. It feels so comfortable. It feels so precise. It has the performance and the steering also. It feels a little inert like how youd expect in an audi, so everything is very audi like and whats really satisfying to know is that if youre used to an audi – and you drive this car, it feels exactly like, like an audi theyve, sprinkled their magic on This car as well and in that regard it is completely different from the porsche so uh. For me, i think this is a clear differentiation between both these cars. They feel great in their own right, but they dont feel similar, and i dont know what magic trick. These guys have, but both these cars they feel absolutely different to each other.

And if you are someone whos been sitting on the fence, who is a petrol head, but youre not sure if electric cars can give you the same sort of thrills or drama? Well, i think this thing it has its own appeal, uh. Of course the noise is not there and it will take time you know getting used to these cars but performance handling. It begs belief that this is a 2.5 tonnes car, but the way it goes around corner the way it grips, the kind of steering it has. Despite all of that weight, it feels like a proper performance car and, at the same time, on the road it feels just as comfortable as an rs car should, as audis feel so uh. I think on both the areas youre covered, and this thing this is being engineered like an audi, should be and honestly from what i can tell theres no compromise on that run. So lets find out how hard this thing accelerates. So we are going to try the launch control on this thing. So first things: first, you have to put it in dynamic mode, so from the drive select menu its already in dynamic mode. Now the suspension is being lowered and left foot on the brake pedal and right on the accelerator, and you can see there is this boost building its more than 100? This is when well have maximum acceleration so lets find out Music. That is really really crazy.

Nothing prepares you for that, like i said, and this is just mind – blowing Music, so the porsche in comparison to the audi. Well, of course, this feels totally different. This is so much like a porsche everything in here that controls the steering. In fact, the first thing that you notice is the steering wheel, so this is uh really thin rimmed as compared to the audi which has a thick steering wheel with alcantara and all that. But this is so thin and it feels like a proper porsche as if youre driving a 911 or even a panamera. So in that regard, the first impressions are that this is indeed a porsche now. The next thing you notice is how this thing handles, because this is again it feels like a sports car. To be honest, the steering is so direct, so precise. I mean this feels like a sports car. It doesnt feel like anything else. It doesnt feel like a fast photo sedan or saloon. It doesnt feel like a panamera. It feels like a sports car wherever you point the nose, it goes exactly there, the precision, the kind of directness it has, the kind of communicative the steering is well. This is in a different lead now uh. This is what separates it from the audi as well, because uh, you know again like i said these cars are based on the same platform, but they couldnt be more different because uh, the porsche has its porsche element and thats, for me, is the most amazing thing, Because theyve been engineered completely differently, you cant even compare these cars because the audi is for a different audience and this thing is for a different audience.

This is for porsche enthusiasts. You know who want to get into evs who want to have a taste of the future of motoring, which is going to be all electric, so everything in here from this rotary dial, where you can select the most the different modes it has. So you have got range, youve got normal, youve got sport, youve got sport plus and youve got individual as well so uh. This thing it feels like a proper drivers car. It feels like a sports car and im really glad that you know uh. I drove these cars to my hearts content today, because now im sort of convinced that electric cars, well, they can have their own identity. They can be different theyre, not just about straight line speed. Both these cars, the audi e tron gt, as well as the titan. They feel completely different around corners, they have different ways of countering corners and they have a different appeal, because the porsche feels fully tied down the suspension. You can feel each and every wheel what its doing you know it feels so connected. It feels so sharp, and this is the base version remember. This is not the full blown turbo version, which is a match for the rs e2 on gt. So we are not comparing both the cars here. We are just uh, giving you a brief on how these cars feel so the porsche. Well, of course, if you have the turbo, i cant even imagine how good that thing is going to be, but even this base model this has just got one motor its rear wheel, drive.

This feels absolutely amazing and if youre someone who just wants to drive it daily well, i think you can live with it quite easily. This has got a air suspension and this is the base model, of course, its a little low to the ground. But if you drive daily, so you have to be careful about our road conditions, but you can raise the suspension and it is a bit low in its standard setting. So you will find yourself scraping the speed breakers, but on the whole, the right quality also is actually its its, not bad its, not uh, stiffly sprung, it doesnt feel uncomfortable. In fact, it uh gobbles up all the bumps quite confidently and, to be honest, it doesnt feel like a sports car. It feels just as comfortable as the audi, if not more so uh on that front, also youre more or less covered. What i love about these cars is that i can now taste the future of motoring, and i feel if these manufacturers, whether its porsche, whether its audi, if they can give their cars, that unique identity, if they can make their car posh enough or audi enough. Well, of course, there are going to be a lot of takers, and you know whatever doubts you have about evs. Well, of course, when manufacturers such as porsche or audi when they make a car when they are going to put all of their resources, all of their knowledge into building an eevee well, the result of all of that is going to blow your mind and they know What theyre doing they know when theyre making an ev its, not a half, baked effort its, not a compromise these cars? They feel exactly how a porsche should feel or an audi should feel, and these are brilliant cars, and i think the future is bright.

Its mind. Numbingly fast and the only doubt that i had if these cars wont be as involving to drive, but of course they dont have the noise. They dont have the drama of a v8 part car or a flat six. You know the engine running all the way to the red line. That thing is missing but, like i said, this is something that well get used to as we get used to the newer technology over time and in that regard, in terms of fun, i think these cars are fun. These cars can handle, and these cars, of course, are going to excite you over time, if not immediately so five years down the line. Imagine when ev technology has evolved and then you can imagine with this kind of power with with this kind of performance. Well, these cars are going to set new benchmarks, they already have to be honest and as a petrolhead, i have to say that you know these cars, whether its a v8, whether its a flat 6. Those cars are always going to be edge in our memories. As the ultimate drying machines, but these cars, what the eevees do with their technology with their performance, they immediately make uh the v8s or conventional internally combusted cars feel outdated. They feel old immediately. Of course, they have their emotional value, but if you want to get on with the times what i think eevee is the way to go and in the future.

This is what its going to be im quite happy about it because performance wise driving, thrills wise these manufacturers, especially audi and porsche. Well, they have delivered a phenomenal package and i think the future looks bright.