I should let you know right away number one theres going to be no opinion or impressions in this particular video, its just factual. Just to give you an idea of what you would expect, if you see one of these in the showroom, but with a more in depth perspective as far as possible and two, if you have any jokes about ultra pro max pro max pro whatever it is. Those combinations go ahead, drop them in the comment section, no problem at all: we love the engagement dont we so lets get into it. This is the tata nexon ev max, which is getting you uh an extended range, so the standard nexon av is managing about 312 kilometers per ari. This goes up to 437 kilometers, so thats a bump up of about 125 kilometers in the claimed range. The battery pack has gone up from 30 about 30 to about 40 kilowatt hours, so thats about a bump up of 30. With that, the car is also heavier by about 100 kilograms and they have also altered the performance of the car because its making 143 ps so thats about 14 horsepower more and 250 newton meters of torque, so thats five over the standard car. So now lets talk about the price. How much is one of these going to cost you, so its prices start at about 17.74 lakh ex showroom going up to 19.24 lakh ex showroom is the exit plus and exit plus lux variants, and within that you also have a 50 000 rupee optional extra? Is that just because youre feeling generous no its because as standard the nexon ev max will come with a 3.

3 kilowatt ac charger 0 100 charge in about 15 hours, but with the optional 7.2 ac wall box, fast charger? That time goes down to about six and a half hours for a zero to 100 charge. Theres also dc fast charging, which takes just under one hour as per tatas estimates. Now lets get into the car first off. You will spot this color option its called intensity. Its something that is uh newly introduced with the nexon ev max theres, also a daytona silver dinner gray rather, and a white and dual tone color options will come as standard as will all these blue highlights that weve seen across tatas range of electric vehicles over here. You spot these led drls, which double up as the indicators halogen projector headlights. Those are the multi reflector high beams fog lights, down below which get the contouring function over to the side. You will see that the alloy wheel, design over here is different as compared to the standard car still 16 inch alloy wheels and as we move to the rear, youll sort of pick up on a theme that there is no badging or something to denote that this Is the range extended version because effectively this is not you know a new model, its not a facelift, its not a mid range uh mid life update of any sort. It is a variant of the tata nexon eb. Now we had mentioned that 100 kilo weight gain and a lot of that is down to the battery pack, which of course has been enlarged but theyre playing with the same dimensions, including the wheelbase, to get that external battery pack so about.

Seventy percent of the weight increases down to the battery pack alone. Rest of it is other features and all that they have introduced. So what theyve seen as a change? As for what tata has confirmed to us that the ground clearance has dropped to about 195 millimeters. So about 10 millimeters less compared to the standard nexon ev and with that weight gain with the change in ground clearance. Theyve also played around with the suspension setup uh how that feels in the real world again, something well come to know only in the review, and one more thing you will spot is that the car is now coming with front and rear wheel, disc brakes. That actually brings me to the safety features that youre getting with this car because esp traction control and, aside from your dual front, airbags, abs, ebd, uh, brake disc, wiping cornering brake control isofix. These are new features that are being standardized with the nexon ev, which of course, is always a welcome addition on the inside. Let me just straighten up the steering wheel, make up for a little bit of my ocd, so inside youve got this new beige and black interior color palette and theres. Some other changes that youll also spot in comparison to the standard, nexon ev. So, like the standard nexon, the ice model, a lot of the features have come over to the nexon evmax. So now youve got ventilated front seats, theres cruise control.

Let me just pop right in you will see this a gear selector, which has spark reverse neutral and drive, which isnt the case with the standard nexon ev, you have got drive mode selection and youve also got adjustable regenerative braking modes along with this, an electronic parking Brake with auto hold and a wireless phone charger, which is a new feature, otherwise a lot of the features have been carried over from the other nexon model. So you have this part digital instrument, cluster. That will give you a whole range of data and, interestingly, and the sort of sign that you know tata is listening to sort of the feedback that people have given. So you have, of course, the different gear selection modes over here, but if i hit the different drive mode activated of course, like weve seen in the harrier safari, you have that little bit of an announcement but pay attention to this right here. Right so economy drive mode, activated, city, drive mode, activated, economy, drive mode activated, sport drive mode activated, so, as you can see, as you select the drive mode, it is giving you a real time estimate of how the range is going to change so obviously, switching to Sport mode will drop the range going down to eco mode drive mode activated and its not a small difference right. It went for about three forty four to three. Eighty four kilometers, as per the on board, display and youll, also find that with the regen mode, so pay attention to this.

So if i switch to level 1 its a 375, if its completely office 363 go up another level, 384 level, 3, ‘0., so that ‘0, the level 3 is basically your one petal mode, so thats also something youre going to get with the nexon ev max real Time changes based on the drive mode that you have selected and also the region mode. That aside, you have the eight speaker, music system, this harman infotainment system, and something that i have to do. Thats going to give me a great deal of satisfaction. Ah thats the stuff – let me know if you love doing stuff like that as well, so we have this infotainment system again. I cant give you any opinion on it as per the embargo. But if you want a good idea, you can watch our first ever review that we had done earlier as well. That is the auto dimming irvm thats me, hello and youll also spot this electric sunroof that you get here now that aside, the packaging is going to be similar to the tata nexon ev, which has been the most successful electric car in the ending car market. Managing about 19 000 sales and counting so far, so it is enjoying something of a monopoly in the electric car space and of course, we will see hopefully see that changing bit time as more and more options enter the market. So that is the tata nexon ev.