The septic go is a small cool and stylish home charger that can be had in a whole bunch of different colors, and it can charge up to 11 kilowatts on ac charging, so use the discount code chrisrifa down below to get 10 off your purchasing price here In norway before i take this car out on the road and tell you what it is like to drive, lets go through some numbers and some stats. So this is the c40 twin ultimate which is equivalent to the p8. So we have dual electric motors 408 horsepower. 0 100 kilometers an hour in 4.7 seconds and a usable battery pack of 75 kilowatt hours. This will do a maximum of 155 kilowatts of fast charging, but it will taper off so expect 10 to 80 percent, with a warm battery. That means navigating to a charger, because this does have active preheating of around 35 36 minutes. The wltp rates this car at around 441 kilometers of wltp rated range on these 20 inch wheels and yeah. You can expect less than that so to check out how much less on the motorway. There will be a link in the description box down below for my motorway range test, but its still not too bad its better than other evs in this segment. That you thought would have been better. The c40 starts at around five hundred and eighty thousand runners here in ra, or around 58 000 euros, this car, with all the belts and whistles all the options.

Ticked off is 624 000 kroners about 62 and a half thousand euros, and for that price i think this is a very appealing package, its well equipped. It looks good, and it is very fast so lets take this car out on the road and find out if it is any good to drive when it comes to driving dynamics. Ride comfort in overall feel the bmw 3 series has been the benchmark in its segment of vehicle for several decades, and i would argue that the volvo c40 is the same for this class of electric suv because, like the 3 series, its not the best at anything. But it is very good at everything when it comes to driving so starting off with the steering. There are cars with better steering feel than this, but the steering feel, though lifeless is very natural, its weighted naturally its very linear and progressive. I like the weight of it it just it just fits this character of vehicle, and then we have the right comfort again. There are evs that ride better than this, but only marginally. This is one of the best running electric suvs in this segment, and then you have cars that are sportier than this because they may sit lower, but body control. Yeah is very amazing. You know, especially thinking that this is a a a tall vehicle, so im actually impressed by the way this thing drives and is everything in combination. You know the weight of the throttle pedal how one pedal driving works, all the weight of the controls.

It just feels very natural. Everything just seems to be tuned perfectly: im gon na bring the mercedes benz eqb up again because thats car. I do like a lot, but some of the weight of you know like the throttle, pedal, brake pedal and how some of the controls are are much lighter than the rest of the vehicle so theres, this inconsistency, so its the consistency of weight and feeling the sense Of solidity that doesnt only you know you dont only have that in the cabin, but you have that in the controls you have it in the way the car feels and responds to inputs. Honestly guys. I think this is my favorite driving suv electric suv in this segment of vehicle easily. Is there a better looking electric suv than the volvo c40? If you think so? Let me know in the comment section down below in my opinion, though, i dont think so. You know i do like the kia ev6. I do like the mustang mock e, especially in gt form, but i think this is easily and by far the best, looking electric suv, i love the front end design. You know with these new lights for the c40 version. The xc40 refresh now gets these, but i just love. You know that chiseled front end. I love the side profile with that. You know fast, back, look and also im very fond of that rear. End styling. I just overall think it works very well and its easily the best looking electric suv in the segment.

I dont think theres a bad angle on this car and this car in fjord blue, with these 20 inch wheels. Just you know, is the cherry on the top. So i think this easily is the best looking electric suv on the market. I think it looks so darn good when it comes to the interior of the volvo c40. The front cabin is actually quite roomy and spacious. It feels airy in the front seats of this car, the interior, not as ostentatious or as stylish as something like a mercedes benz eqb, but i would argue that overall, quality fit and finish and build is better in this car theres. Just much more consistency in the high quality of this interior and also theres a sensor solidity in this cabin that you wont find in any other suv in this segment the front seats. These front seats are one of the best in the business. The exact same seats youll find in a poster too a car that ive done tens of thousands of kilometers in in the past year or two. I did a trip from oslo to italy and back again in five days, and i can attest to the comfort and support of these seats. They are amazing and in this suv you sit much higher than any other electric suv in this segment. So youre gon na get more of that. You know commanding driving position which i do like, and a lot of people are looking for so youre going to sit higher here than a kia, ev6 hind, ionic, 5, volkswagen id4 or even a q4 e tron from audi.

The rear seats, though, are a little bit of a different story. Im sitting behind myself in my driving position. I do have enough knee room here: im about average height at 5, foot 10 or 178 centimeters headroom, though, because of that sloping roofline is a bit tight. I have this much so taller people, people above six feet, are going to struggle here. The worst thing, though, is this door opening, because its quite small but look at where the window sits its at my eye height, so i have to duck getting in and out of this car, its, not the easiest car to get in and out of, especially now Me on crutches im a bit stiff in my legs, so yeah. That is not easy, though rear cabin is almost as nice as the front cabin in materials. You know some cars skimp on the rare. You know, quality of the the rear cabin this car doesnt. Do that you have dual vents, you have dual electric seats and you have dual usb ports if it wasnt for this large expensive. You know a panoramic sunroof. It would feel even tighter in here, but having this actually feels makes it feel more airy than it actually is. The digital gauge cluster in the volvo c40 is 13 inches and is seriously one of the best digital displays of any car in the business today. So it has beautiful contrast, high resolution, bright colors and nice black levels, but the best thing is the infotainment system that is running, which is android automotive, which gives you, google maps in the middle and the layout is super simple.

You have speed on your left. You have secondary information about, you, know distance and consumption there on the bottom and then you have information like temperature, your lights and seat belts, theyre on top and then also you have to use selector there on the right. Its super simple and super clean, and you can even make it simpler by pressing a button on the steering wheel which gives you just this blacked out, look and removes the map, but i do prefer that map, but maybe for night driving. This is better. So this map here for me, is perfect, and then you have one option for your trip computer here, which you get up all the relevant information, so not a lot of customization, but i do think its quite perfect in the this configuration moving over to the central Screen this infotainment system runs on this 9.3 inch portrait display here, which, to be honest, is a bit small now in 2022, when this screen came out in 2015, it was revolutionary. It was awesome. It looks fine now, though, that 9.3 inch display real estate means you do have not a lot of room for buttons here on at the bottom, though, i do think they have. You know um utilize, the space really well, but on the screen of the pull store, which is 11 inches, all the icons are much bigger, so i do like and prefer the layout of the poster too. The infotainment system also has a little bit of a different skin.

I i still find the poster twos to be a little bit better than this, but this is very, very good. So you have, you know your temperature here, where you can adjust it without having to go into a secondary menu, which is nice. You can also adjust the passenger uh heated seat without having to go into a secondary menu, but on the drivers side, because you have to hit the steering wheel. You have this pop up window here, but everything is so snappy quick check that out guys – and i do like the fact that you do have a shortcut to your 360 camera. Here, though i wish you did also have the backup camera. In the same view, to go to your background, you have to press the screen and then press this, but then you lose your 360 camera. I wish you had your 360 camera here alongside the backup camera. Like most, you know, uh electric cars today have but its fine, but i hope they fix that with a software update and then on the left side. Here you have all the review apps again, i do think the implementation is better in the pulse r2 and then you have your settings there. If you go to your home button, you have these four panes, which is well reminiscent of what you had in the census. Infotainment system, which you had before this android infotainment system, you have your maps up there, it its fine.

I just prefer the you know the the layout in the post r2, but this car does have uh google assistant. So in three two one guys im going to say the prompt that will activate all of your home devices. So if you have a google home device, mute the sound now here or turn off your home device, im gon na count down again three two one: hey google navigate to oslo, navigating to oslo, so the voice commands in this infotainment system is easily the best of Any car in the business it seldom fails. You and you can ask it anything. So: hey google, how many people live in london in 2019. The population of london was 8982 256. by the way, if you want to listen to the news, while you drive just say: hey google play the news yeah, so thats pretty pretty cool, so you can ask it just about anything i have to have it set now To english, because a lot of people complain that i often dont change the language from norwegian, i do apologize guys im going to get better at that, but even if you have it in norwegian, you can ask these questions in english, its pretty awesome and sometimes like The ultimate test was when i took the pulse r2 uh traveling on the west coast of norway. Last year i tried to navigate to a charger – and i said the previous name of the the location which was called like two or three years ago, but the infotainment system recognized that and actually corrected me, which is pretty darn awesome.

So this here in the volvo c40 may not be my absolute favorite implementation in the geely group of this infotainment system, but i mean its its 9.8 out of 10, while the best being 10 is pretty awesome. My biggest gripe about the volvo c40 is the road noise on these 20 inch wheels and these pirelli all season tires. It may be just specific to this tar wheel combination, because when i drove this car back in january on 19 inch winter wheels, i cant remember it being as noisy as this is, and also here on norway. We do have very coarse roads around oslo because they have to withstand winter and theyre, also worn from winter driving ice and snow. So if you live somewhere else, that may not be an issue for you, so i would highly recommend you guys, if youre interested in this vehicle, take it out for a test drive on your local roads to see if that road noise is as prevalent as im. Describing here or if you dont care, well, you dont care thats. My only huge gripe about this car is that when ive been driving it on the motorway, it is a bit noisy. When it comes to turn noise windows, though it is fine, and also i mean the back seat isnt, the biggest you guys saw that well, i have just barely enough leg. Room and also ingress in regress can be a bit tricky, but other than that.

To conclude, this is an awesome car. It looks great on the exterior i mean its the best looking electric suv on the market. In my opinion, i think it looks awesome on these wheels. So i would probably even you know, spec these wheels, but maybe try to get some different tires. More quiet tires interior also. I love the interior, the quality, the room, the spacious, the practicality. I love the infotainment system. I love the way this thing drives, the you know, balance between ride comfort, sportiness and handling, and just the weight of the steering all of the controls. One pedal driving in the volvo c40 alongside the volt, with the pull star pull start poster ii is the best calibrated one pedal driving, in my opinion, its fast 0 100 kilometers an hour 4.7 seconds. I mean what isnt there to to like. It has a trunk that is big enough. You have a front front also it charges fast enough. So if it was my money, theres, no doubt in my mind, i would pick this in front of the mustang monkey in other cars, even though those cars a little bit more expensive, expect out and talking about the gt version. I just prefer to drive this. I dont need the fastest car in the world. I like it fast, but it doesnt have to be the fastest and you guys may be thinking. Hey didnt, you just you know, order a tycon 4s because you didnt think your four was fast enough, and that is correct, but i also drove a taikon turbo crossrismo a few days ago, and that was just too fast im like no.

I dont need this. In my life i can save that money and get that 4s instead because thats fast enough, but in my opinion it has to be at a certain pace. This space fast enough and the way this thing drives and and looks, and also the stereo here, harman kardon – is pretty awesome one of the best in this segment so guys. Overall, i think this car just scores highly on a lot of things and it doesnt have too many. You know issues, so let me know what you think down below, so i hope you enjoyed todays video.