My name is derek reilly. We are in austria for the launch of the volkswagen id5, this beautiful suv with a coupe roofline. This is the gtx version, so with this gtx version at the front, its pretty much the similar as the id4 gtx that we already have on the channel. First of all, youve got a lot of that diamond action. Going on that, we saw on the id4 youve got those poor weather diamond lights, underneath all of the id5s come with the led matrix lights. It has that light bar and it doesnt have the light up vw logo. You will get that in north america, but otherwise from a front aspect. You wont know whether this is the id4 or the id5 wheels. You can get 19s 20s and 21s. It comes with 20 inch wheels, but you can get 21s. That will affect your range and also the right comfort, large gtx strike on the side of it. Your color coded wingmers, with the indicators and theyre retractable youve, got that body panel underneath thats color coded also youve got that flush door handle, but it does have a panel internally that will open it up for you, glass, black b pillar – and this is a real Business end of the volkswagen id5 youve got that coupe roof line looks really sporty. Lets have a look around the back, so were back to look at the back of the volkswagen id5 gtx and you may notice the slight change of scenery.

Yesterday evening we had some thunder showers, so we packed up – and we said we come back in the morning so here we are looking at the rear, id5 gtx and we have the glass black shark fin aerial. Youve got your charging port here on the side, with 11 kilowatt on ac and 35 135 kilowatt on dc youve got all id5s come with the 3d rear. Taillights youve got that lovely spoiler in this kings red you have the full width side to side brake light. Youve got that gtx badging in the black, which looks really well. A lot of people go for the volkswagen sign because they think thats, where the boot opening is but its in underneath and as bjorn island calls it. It may get covered in schmutz inside its actually slightly louder than the yd4. This is 550 liters, it has a subfloor and then there is another flow in underneath, but again very similar to the probe that weve talked about seats in the rear. Youve got a 40 60 split with a ski hatch and then all id5s come with that power. Tail lift and you have these body colored slightly different rear diffusers on the back with a grey with the parking sensors lets have a look on the inside. So inside the volkswagen id5 gtx is slightly different to the pro performance. If you havent already watched that video make sure you go and find it on the channel, if you havent already subscribed make sure you do so all so were on a drive to 10 000.

Subscribers by the end of 2022., so how do you know this? Is the gtx? If you sit into it, youve got those blue and contrasting red stitches that panels on the door. The gtx steer wheel has that logo at the bottom, but otherwise, then its pretty similar to the regular volkswagen, id4 and id5s youve got all your controls on the on the door for the front and the rear. With that interchangeable window button, we wont talk about that. Weve got that touch sensitive panel for the lights over my left knee and this model, but it would be my right knee on a right hand, drive three spoke steering wheel with those haptic touch panels. Again, some people arent a fan youve got a five inch screen behind the steering wheel and the steering wheel has reach and rake with your gear selector. On the right hand, side 12 inch screen youve got those sliders underneath this is the best the upgraded software 3.0 in the id5s and actually were getting a look at the 3.1 version on these press vehicles. But it has an upgraded voice assistant that has upgraded iq lights then, but they havent upgraded the fact that there isnt any lights behind these sliders youve got your cup holders up here. Youve got your armrest on both front seats. These are the seats with the integrated headrests, with the microfiber youve got two usb type cs: youve got your phone holder and youve all got other cup holders down here, so this can be interchanged up or down depending on where you want it and, as i said, You can cover that over then im 188 centimeters six foot two ive set the seat for me lets have a look in the back, but before we do, i just want to mention the panoramic sunroof.

com. Here we are in the back of the volkswagen id4 gtx, id5, gtx and headroom, with that panoramic sunroof theres plenty of height there, but on the sides you still have two or three centimeters im: 188 centimeters six foot. Two, as i talked about leg room youre talking. Three or four centimeters: these are the seats with the integrated headrests youve got some visibility through the middle of it. Youve got your mobile phone holder at the top and then a magazine holder at the bottom, two usb type cs and tri zone climate control. Youve got a flat floor with that mbb platform, so lots of space in here and that panoramic sunroof is great. Seats are microfiber in the middle and then leather in a bit in the middle part, youve got two isofix in the back and one in the front, and then youve got your armrest with your cup holders, and this also has a ski hatch. That goes all the way through lots of space here in the back. Would you fit five adults too big, and maybe one small but otherwise yeah its very similar to the id4, and i was thinking that the roofline would compromise with that coupe styling, but actually not very impressed with it lets take it out for a drive before we Take it out for drive, weve got the stats attack section of the video, so weve got two irish prices for the id5 gtx and the first one is starting off at 66 265 euros and then the max version is coming in at 76, 630 with the gtx.

Its an all wheel, drive system, it has the same battery pack as the pro at 77 kilowatt hour. It has 300 brake horsepower and that is over two axles. Two electric motors 220 kilowatts worth of power. It has 460 total torque across both of those as well. Zero to 100 kilometers an hour in 6.3 seconds and has a top speed, limited at 180 kilometers an hour towing capacity for the gtx is 1400 kgs. Uh charging on the gtx is similar to the pro it has an 11 kilowatt ac capability and that takes zero to 100 in seven and a half hours. If youre on a home wall box and then on dc, it can take up to 135 kilowatt hours and which is with that new software update its nine minutes faster, so youre, getting it in under 30 minutes from five to eighty percent, which is phenomenal uh. As with the pro version as well, it is only getting a heat pump on that max edition. Rear visibility is slightly less than the id4, but it has an um with that spoiler across it, but the aerodynamics is better than the id4 and thats coming in at 0.27 drag coefficient. As we talked about with the software update, it is 3.0 that will be rolling out and we actually got to look at the 3.1 version. What does that include? Biodirectional charging uh, which is like a two way power transfer? It will also have the ability of plug and charge, so that means the car will know your payment details and then the charger that you pull up to, if its a smart enough charger will understand that the car is going to pay for the charge through the Account and you just literally pull up like a tesla plug in and walk away, and it does all the back end stuff without you having to take out an app and mess around other features that it has.

It has the travel assist, which is volkswagens, lane, keep and adaptive cruise control, and that also has a new function where it has lane changing ability above 90 kilometers an hour. It also has travel assist with swarm data, so its like a connected car, its all anonymized, but its just when youre taking a certain position on a road you dont even need now the ability to have to have that center line. It will know where its supposed to be positioned on the road and itll learn from other cars that are sending this data up to the cloud. If there is a change in road layout, if there is a pothole that everybody avoids, it will help you with. All of that, the last thing it will do is it has park, assist plus with memory function and if youve got a regular uh maneuver that you do when youre parking up be that at work or at home, you can store up to five locations. You can store this in and it uses its sensors and its cameras to pick up the location and itll say once it gets to that location. Do you want to park in memory position? One two three four five uh has over the air updates, and the last thing i want to talk about is that the wltp, so the range of the gtx is between 472 and 494 real world, its the heaviest of the id5s youre. Probably looking near that 400 420 on a good day, so just always take that into consideration.

Lets go back to the drive whats it like driving the id5, i want to say the id4 coupe, which technically it is what it is. But vw have decided to give this its own special number. Unlike the skoda and the um audi q4 e tron. This is the gtx, so its the dual motor all wheel, drive 220 kilowatt combined across the two motors and were here in austria, driving up an alpine village yeah its good any power. But you know what its not super, turkey in comfort mode um. I just dont know whether were going to get so. I drove it from the airport in salzburg all the way to where were here um on the outskirts up in the mountains, and it is uh its a lovely comfortable drive number one number, two its. If youre used to id3s id4s and that volkswagen side of things its very similar on the inside its just the fact that its the gtx and the fact that it has that all wheel drive. And if you have already seen on my channel and if you havent already subscribed, make sure you do so and were on a drive to get to 10 000 subscribers before the end of 2022.. So ive already reviewed the id4 a couple of times the id3. A couple of times, and even the id4 gtx is my most recent id4 review. So this is the id5 gtx and yeah its its its nice, and if you are looking for that, all wheel drive its definitely um something that these roads are gorgeous and you can really feel its a lovely smooth ride with the gtx.

The suspension is a small bit more firm compared to uh the standard, id4, sorry rd5, but we will pull over soon and have a look at some of the stats because we have um torque. We have horsepower. We have all of the stats that some of you are interested in um drag coefficient is 0.27 on the gtx. It has a slightly better drag coefficient than the id4. Just with that sloping, roofline wow. Hopefully this camera behind can pick up these roads, theyre beautiful. Exactly what the id five gtx was made for its just difficult, sometimes driving a left hand, drive to, especially when theres no line marker on the road to know where what position on the road you should be in, but we get there. That was a nice lift. There of elevation – and this thing keeps going so yeah the um. The drive is good. The seats are excellent in the gtx, and youve got a couple of different versions of the seats. This is the one with the integrated headrest that we talked about when we did. The the walk around oh beautiful, the hills – are alive with the sound of music kind of neck of the woods here with this vast expanse of green, and you know during the winter. This would be all ski slope stuff, my ears after popping as well. So the videographer told me that there is a lake up here that we should go to and have a look at.

Let me know in the comments whether youre going to go for the regular one id5, whether youre going to go for the gtx version or whether you are happy with the id4 its interesting, and we can. We talked about it in the Music um when we did the walk around that the id5 has a bigger boost because of the way that the sloping roofline is its 50 liters more versus the 500 uh for the id4, so yeah its interesting, interesting, interesting um, but Yeah great steering good weight very happy with it great visibility, seating position, weve got the armrest as well. Weve got the head up display weve got that five inch screen in front of the driver. Weve got that 12 odd inch screen, which is standard across all the id5s Music. That is my look around the id5 gtx. Hopefully, youve enjoyed the review and make sure youve liked the video make sure that you we talked about subscribing and also leave a comment and remember, if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review.