But now they have been turned into electric cars or i should say suvs anyhow. Well be comparing these two suvs, both in terms of interior, exterior design and driving dynamics, and at the end, gon na also tell you, which is a better buy for you. So lets start the show right now: Music, Music, okay, lets get the numbers out of the way and because these are all electric vehicles lets just start with the range first. But here comes a slight problem, because there just isnt any wltp or epa numbers just given. Yet for the electrified genesis gv70 so lets just compare them with korean specs. Both are wearing 20 inch. Rims and bmw. Ix3 has range of 213 miles while electrified genesis. Gv70 has range of 231 miles and bmw. Ix3 has a 150 kilowatt fast dc charging system, while electrified genesis. Gv 70 supports up to 350 kilowatt fast charging, so it will only take electrified genesis: gv 70 18 minutes to charge from 10 to 80. So its really clear that the electrified genesis gv70 has advantage both in terms of charging and range. Okay, now lets do talk about the battery and electric motor or electric motors. Bmw ix3 comes with 74 kilowatt hour battery and a single motor turning the rear, wheels producing about 282 horsepower and 295 pound feet of torque, but, on the other hand, electrified genesis. Gv70 comes with 77.4 kilowatt hour battery and dual motor system cranking about 483 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque, yes, electrified.

Genesis. Gv70 is much quicker to 60 miles per hour 6.6 seconds versus 4.2 seconds. Okay, now lets do talk about the price. Likewise, theres no international pricing given yet for the electrified genesis. Gv70, so lets just do. Compare them in korean one electrified. Genesis gv70 starts around 58k us dollars direct conversion, but, on the other hand, bmw ix3 starts around 60k. Us dollar just comes as a single trim. Here in korea, but the electrified genesis gv70 fully loaded like this one can go all the way up to 71k us dollars. So, yes, i think bmw iex3 is more competitive in terms of the price. Okay, we got the numbers out of the way, so lets just quickly compare the exterior design. Obviously they look like bmw, x3 and genesis gv70 bot, because these guys are all electric. We have a closed grille up front, but openings on the bottom and the genesis gv70 has a charging port up front. Bmw ix3 has him at the rear and also comes with very unique 20 inch. Rims i mean design is subjective. So its really up to you guys, but definitely guys do let me know which front design you prefer in the comment section please, on a side note, bmw ix3 comes with no franc, but genesis electrified. Genesis, gv70 comes with 22 liters of front space. Yes, its not much, but i think its better than nothing but very interestingly trunk space, wise, bmw, ix3, is a bit larger compared to electrify genesis, gv70 dimensions wise both are very identical.

So let me just show you these second row series myself and lets start with. Bmw ix3 first im about six two and theres good amount of leg, room and headroom is generous as well, but a little bit disappointed that theres, a large hump in the middle. Yes, electrify genesis, gv70 comes with much smaller hump in the middle and there isnt any manual sunshade. For this side, no any heated or ventilation seats for second row, passengers, at least for koreans back models, but theres, good armrests, some storage area. Here two cupholders two events, climate control and some charging ports on the bottom, and we have a large paramedic sunroof on the top. Okay electrify genesis. Gv70. This time, theres good amount of legroom and headroom is generous as well its really nice to have a manual sunshade for the side, good armrest, two cup holders, two air vents, climate control, two charging ports on the bottom and three stage; heated and ventilation, seats and also Walk in device for lazy people like me, and we also have a large parametric sunroof on the top. So, yes, it feels better back here with more recent tekken features. Okay, now let me just show you the car from the drivers seats and go for a drive. Lets start with bmw, ix3 and when you do get it youre graded, with usual modern and clean bmw, interior design, both feels luxurious and practical. We also have two large screen, one for the gauge cluster and one for the infotainment screen.

You can straight touch on it. So its very intuitive to use. We also have lots of physical buttons and dials for the media climate control, but i always find them too many. So a bit less would been much better. We have a typical bmw gear. Shifter i drive controller driver selector, auto hold electric parking, ix3 batch some storage area here over here and on the door trim compared to bmw. Genesis just feels brighter inside with white interior and overall, the material feels very nice. We also have a two large screen 12.3 inch for the gauge cluster and 14.5 inch infotainment screens. It looks like even from here. We also have lots of physical buttons and dials for the climate, media control, dial type gear, selector very easy to use and genesis control on the top, and we have wireless charging pad up here. Two cup holders some storage area here glow box and also on the door trim. Okay lets start driving. These guys lets start with bmw ix. When you start the car and when you start driving, you really notice. The bmw iconic sounds electric, not really a big fan of a sound generator, but guys do. Let me know what do you think about the iconic sounds electric in the comments section please rather than iconic sounds. Electric genesis also comes with its own sets of sound generators. So let me just let you hear it. This is the e motor s sound and futuristics.

Yes, im not really a big fan of a sound generator, but i think because its so quiet inside genesis felt like they had to put something inside here. So guys do, let me know which one is your favorite. This is futuristic engine sounds and e motor. Let me know in the comment section i think i like the e motor the best, so let me know Applause. What about visibility? Well, just like bmw, x3 sitting position is not too low, not too high, but slightly higher than electrified. Genesis, gv70 and visibility is very nice in here its really easy to see out of the car large windows around. We also have blind spots blur system which will help you during your lane changes. So, yes, very easy and pleasant place to be, and overall compact size of this suv or crossover, makes driving both easy and fun and compared to a regular genesis. Gv70 seating position is slightly higher, but still not as high as a body on frame structure. So its really easy to see out of the car. We have large windows all round. We also have blind spots alert system and also monitoring systems, so yeah its quite pleasant place to be okay. Lets do talk about the single motor system from the bmw ix to returning the rear wheels. When you do put the car into sports mode and x rays, it actually picks up the speed very nicely, but as most electric vehicles do, the power seems to fade away.

After a while, so yes, its not brutal fast, but i think it should be more than enough for your daily uses, its just moves quietly but swiftly. Okay lets do talk about the dual motor system from the electrified genesis: gv17. Normally it makes about 430 horsepower, but we have this boost button. When you press it, it says ready and when you hit the accelerator it says boosting for 10 seconds. It cranks up the power all the way up to 483 horsepower and it just pulls like crazy. It works in any drive modes and yes, its much much quicker compared to bmw ix3, oh my god, wow it really goes wow and because we have the battery on the bottom, it feels very stable even on very high speed. Cruising situations just like right now and nicely isolated. We have double laminated windows for the first, but single ones at the rear, but theyre rather thick, so its quite nicely isolated, so good job, bmw feels very stable and quiet inside the electrified. Genesis. Gv70 also comes with double laminate windows for the first and second row, passengers, active noise cancellation system and battery on the bottom, so its very nicely isolated. We also have preview suspension, switch rise very smoothly and nicely now lets do check out the handling capability. We have battery on the bottom and turning the rear, wheels, adaptive suspension so wow feels very nice and you can definitely feel the uh river drive system handling, just like any other bmw style.

So yes feels very nice and stable, and you know just having the battery on the bottom, its just making this bmw ix3 taking turns very gracefully nice, nice, okay, lets do check out the handling capability with electrify genesis. Gv70. We have battery on the bottom and dual motor system working as all wheel, drive systems, wow chassis fuels, rock solid and definitely feel the all drive system working hard to keep. This suv stick to the ground. I mean bmw ix 3 handled gracefully, but with all drive system, this electric tried and genesis gv70 just handles a bit better. Just feels more secure and planted, and bmw ix3 also comes with adaptive cruise control and lane keepers. As you can see its a very delicate one, placing the car right on the center, so yes, it also can be very good highway cruiser and in confirm the adaptive suspension feels very, very smooth and nice, so very good. Highway cruiser and electrified genesis. Gv70 comes with adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist, so you can just set it and lets electrify genesis. Gv70. Do most work for use its a very delicate system, placing the car right on the center. So yes, this also can be very good highway cruiser. Of course, hes going to say, keep your hands on the steering wall, but its can be very, very comfortable highway cruiser i mean its roomy comfortable quiet. So what can you ask for more all right guys? This has been a comparison between the bmw, ix3 and electrified.

Genesis gv70: the bmw ix3 came out back in year 2018. electrified genesis just recently so im sure bmw is working on all new next generation iex, but for now yes, electrify genesis gv70 is a better buy for you. Thank you guys so much for tuning in and well be back with much much more. So if you have not, please do support us by subscribing to our channel and also hit that bell notification, so you dont miss out in the future.