. thats, why customers were worried. So for these kinds of customers, Tata has launched a new version of Nexon EV., whose name is Nexon EV, ultra Pro Max 512GB., In which youll find three cameras and A little big battery Means there is nothing like that. The New version of Nexon EV, whose name is Nexon EV Max, has been launched. In which youll find a big battery and as well as so many new features. and when youll listen to its price increase. Then youll get shocked. So at first lets talk about its Power Train.. So In Nexon EV you get a 30.2KWH battery., But in its bigger version, Nexon EV max youll get a 40.5KWH battery. which has a 30 bigger battery than the older version. In Nexon. Ev youll find the range of 312KMHr., which is claimed by ARAI., But in Nexon EV Max youll find the range of 437Kmhr.. So in this car youll get the additional range of almost 120 Km.. So we can assume that In Nexon EV it was claimed that it has a range of 312 Km, but its actual range is only 200Km.. So In this car the claim is of 437Km and if it comes with 320 Km, then still it is good. and youll get almost double range in it. Earlier. The problem with this car was that it used to run the same as Ola EV., But now itll run little faster than the Ola., As well as youll find better power in Nexon EV Max.

and In Nexon EV consumers used to get the power of 127HP. In Nexon EV max youll find a motor with the power of 145HP., which is a good power capacity., and due to this, youll, find a better acceleration in this car., whereas in the Nexon EV you couldve done it 0 to 100 in 9.9 seconds., but you can do It in less than 9 seconds in this car. Ooh, it is awesome.. Now you can beat the Fortuner legender with this car. and youll find IP67 water resistance in this cars. Power Train Due to this, its motor will not get spoiled. As well as youll find a water cooling system in It.. Due to this, the battery will not explode in summer the way the battery of Ola explodes.. So if you see it technically, then its price increase of Rs.150K is value for money till here.. If you get the additional range with good power, then it is value for money. and Tata didnt stop over here. In this car youll find the additional strong features.. For example, youll find a new Gear selector in its interior part., In which Tata is claiming it as a Gear selector of Crown Jewelled. In which youll find a screen in its middle. and On whichever Gear youre on, For example, P R N D. So. If you will be on P Gear, then P written character will appear on its screen. and You can watch the videos of Carversal on its small and round screen.

and make sure to subscribe to Carversal. Weve gained almost 592K subscribers. and only 8k is left to reach. Our aim of 600K. So guys go and subscribe to become a real carversal pro.. So Im waiting for your subscription then well continue with the video.. Now you would have done the subscription. and youll find an electronic parking brake, which is a very cool feature in this car., As well as youll find the Auto Vehicle hold function in it. and generally it comes costly in other cars., and you will get this feature In this car, with the very least price increase., As well as youll, find more strong features in this car.. For example, youll find wireless phone charging and air ventilation. and also youll find an air purifier that will remove the bad smells. As well as youll, find the electrochemic IRVM in this car., which doesnt came even in XUV700. and also youll, find the cruise control in this Car. and Guys, according to its features, The markup price of Rs.150 K is value for money. and Tata. Didnt stop over here. and youll find a new feature named Regen in this car. For this youll a button in its centre console for customizing it according to the need. and in this youll get the 4 levels which are 0 to 3., In which, if you are Driving this car and you stop giving the race., Then this car will automatically start getting slower. and In this car, Kinetic energy will produce by using its break, which recharges its battery.

and by this youll get little better range in this car., In which, if you put It on Regen level 0., then break will not apply and your car will run normally.. But if you go on Regen Level 3, then this car will automatically apply the break if you leave its race., which is a very good thing., but guys if youre thinking. This is the ending of this car. Then there is nothing like that In this car youll get more strong features.. For example, youll get the 16 Inch alloy wheels on its exterior., which comes with different designs., As well as youll find the standard Dual Tone Pristine in its Nexon EV max version., and if it is not enough for you. youll find a new colour option in this Car., Whose name is Intensi Teal., which will be available specifically in Nexon, EV Max. and if youre thinking this is the ending story for this car.? There is no such thing., because youll find more interesting features in this car.. Now, In this car, youll find the ESP function. Youll find Hill Descent Control in it., youll find Hill Hold Assist feature in it. and youll find the Disc Brakes in the all 4 wheels. So guys, if you calculate its all features.. So In this car at least, you are getting an additional Rs.250K value and the price is value for money.. And if I tell you the price of this car., then In this Nexon EV Max version, youll find only two different variants.

In which 1st one is XZ and 2nd is XZ LUC. and the price of the Nexon EV XZ is Rs.1.62 million Ex showroom in India. And the price of Nexon EV Max XZ is Rs.1.74 ex showroom in India., So the price increase is only Rs.104K. youre, getting a better battery range and power, capacity. Youre getting all features. Youre, getting an electronic parking brake and 4 disc brakes with better safety. As well As youre getting a new colour, option. So think for a while about how much additional value youre getting In this variant. and if you want to buy it in XZ Luxury segment.. So the price of the Nexon EV XZ Lux is Rs.1.72 million ex showroom in India. and the price of the new Nexon EV Max XZ Lux is Rs. 1.874 million ex showroom in India. Youll get all the best features for just Rs.154K of the price increase.. So guys this car is totally value for money.. I thought Tata will increase its price by Rs.200K Rs.300K., but they increased it by Rs.150K only.. So its a very good thing. and Friends. The story doesnt end over here. Now in this car youll find a new charging option. In which youll get a new home charger of 7.4 Kwh., which can be used at your home. and by this the car will be charged fully in 6.5hrs.. That is very good. According to me., if you came from work and plugged it in charging in night.

and In the morning, youll get your car 100 charged., and now you dont need to charge it from outside., So guys its a very awesome, feature. And youve to pay additional Rs.50K for This. and I think it is value for money., So this is the new version of Nexon EV. Nexon EV Max., which I believe that its value for money. and according to me, it doesnt mean anything for purchasing the normal version of Nexon EV.. You just need to spend more Rs.0.1 million to Rs.0.15 million to buy Nexon EV Max In which youll get all the best features. and there will be no fear of getting the car TOE at all if its battery will be discharged.. So this is it for the todays video. Do like share and subscribe. If you enjoyed the video.