. The ID5 name implies an equally distinctive model, but it looks like a coupe ID4.. Like all coupe variants of SUVs. The ID5 is a car. Nobody asked for., Hello, friends, Welcome to Tech Scoop your one stop channel for everything, EV. Welcome back if youre a returning subscriber.. If this is your first visit, please consider subscribing and turning on the notification bell to be the first to know when new content is added. This indicates that you enjoy our material and want to show it to our growing staff.. Since BMW gave us the X5 based X6 manufacturers have built niche models to discourage potentially bored customers from switching to competing brands.. The ID5 is an ID4 under the skin, with new bumpers and a sloping roofline that delivers a sleeker look and twist on an extensive and blocky car.. Somewhat surprisingly, despite the roof profile, the cabin is roomy.. The ID5s substructure has been optimized to add 15mm between the front and rear wheels than the ID4.. This extended wheelbase offers impressive, rear and legroom and negates the trunk roofline.. With a 4.6 m. The ID5 is longer than an ID4 and significantly longer than a VW Tiguan.. The reality with these coupe SUVs is that none appeals to traditional coupes.. These are not the cars featured on the bedroom walls or the screen saver., So the pride of ownership will most likely come from the featured technology.. A few new party tricks are up for grabs in this car, requiring your hands on the wheel.

. Another feature is the Park Assist Plus with a memory function.. This system allows parking manoeuvres of up to 50m to be stored and automatically recalled when required. Up to five manoeuvres can be stored.. If you have a tricky parking spot requiring multiple steering inputs, these gimmicks will make life easier and avoid a potential scrape. Youre right. We tested similar systems on BMWs and Fords a few years ago. If this sounds familiar., VW has upgraded its voice control system to do the usual premium. Car things like saying: Im, cold, The car automatically switches the climate control to a warmer setting., Our test cars Pro and GTX models came equipped with significant innovations and options. That will be available in time for all IDs, including Travel Assist with swarm data collection, which can be accessed with permission from other nearby VWs in order Collect cloud based data about road conditions in your area to improve safety. Inside the cabin its a repeat of the Id4. The dashboard is well appointed and our test cars felt premium.. The primary controls were the familiar ID affair.. A sizeable 12 inch. Touchscreen dominates the dashboard. It can also be frightening and brilliant.. The central touchscreen in ID models has proven frustrating for users.. Interacting with secondary controls can often be a work experience it willwill.. On the second day of testing. Our GTX screen had to be reset before launch., Otherwise our cars behaved perfectly. As a family car theres. Plenty of resilience.

The trunk, holds 549 litres and increases to 1561 litres with the rear seats folded. When fully charged. The battery range can be up to 520km WLTP and 490km with the GTX.. The battery from VW guarantees that the battery pack will have at least 70 percent of its original net capacity after eight years or 160000km.. The ID5 comes with an 11kW onboard charger and can charge up to 135kW via its CCS combo socket.. The ID5 can gain a range of up to ‘0km in 30 minutes with maximum DC charging capacity. Volkswagen used the launch of the ID5 to unveil some exciting developments and services coming to the ID range. Volkswagens, Plug and Charge feature makes charging easier as the users car Can communicate directly with a charging station via its cable. Once registered the charge provider bills, the registered electric vehicle owner directly for the electricity purchased without tapping a charge card or even having one.? The German built ID5 arrives in Ireland in July.. It costs a premium over the ID4.. The entry level business model will be 54995 euros versus 52595 euros for the ID4 Business.. The GTX Max is net at 71545 euros on the street after a 1300 euros delivery and service charge.. Ultimately, the ID5 is a delicate, but unremarkable. Car. Youll have difficulty justifying spending on the ID4 or similar EV crossover. Competitors. VWs electric range is further expanded with a coup version of the ID4. Can it justify its higher price and wide ranging competition? Coupe SUVs are ubiquitous.

These days, having been pioneered by premium brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes, but adopted by more established names., While Volkswagen is already targeting practical family drivers with its conventionally shaped ID4 electric SUV, this streamlined ID5 variant is now looking for something a little more stylish.. It looks a lot like its stablemate, so much so that you might not notice the ID5s redesigned, rear window pillars, more sloped roofline and new boot lid with a slight wing. Inside. There is no difference from the ID4, apart from a slightly higher quality of materials, which corresponds to the higher price of the ID5., But it arguably still doesnt feel upmarket enough, especially compared to the closely related Skoda, Enyaq iV and Enyaq Coup iV.. Volkswagen also sets the ID5, apart from the ID4, by offering it the largest 77kWh battery pack size, resulting in an official range of just over 320 miles from the rear wheel, drive Pro and Pro Performance models.. The first makes 171bhp for a leisurely. 10.4. Second, 0. 62Mph time, while the second does in 8.4 seconds thanks to a 201bhp output., The top speed for both is capped at 99mph. Theres, the hot GTX version which we tested separately. If you want more power. Our test, car was the Max trim level with optional 21 inch. Alloy wheels 20 inch wheels are standard, adaptive, dampers and sports seats., Even on the big wheels. The ride is as smooth and comfortable as in an ID4 which isnt surprising as the pair are mechanically identical.

, But that means the less positive points of the ID4 carryover.. It has the same curb weight of over two tons noticeable when youre trying to corner at speed., But a low centre of gravity. Thanks to the floor, mounted batteries well controlled body tilt and muscular traction from the rear mean it doesnt feel too lumpy in everyday driving.. Theres, a Sport mode to weight the steering, sharpens, throttle response and stiffen the suspension, although we suspect the latter might make the ride on typical British road surfaces too harsh, even if it were still acceptable on our German test. Track. Our test car featured the 201hp Pro Performance powertrain, and we suspect the 171hp Pro version would feel pretty sluggish, especially for an electric car., Its still expected to account for around 50 of sales in the UK.. It also ran the third version of VWs latest infotainment system, which the company says should fix the bugs that have plagued previous versions.. It seemed stable and didnt crash during our time in the car, although its still too easy to activate the voice command system, while accidentally speaking to your fellow passengers. And the inherent problem with the touch sensitive sliders on the steering wheel, which are too easy to touch Accidentally, remains. Thats, all we have for you today. We hope to see you again in our future video. As a mark of appreciation. Please like and share our videos.