Eb max offers significantly enhanced range safety, performance and luxury. To give a truly max experience for our customers lets take a closer look at these features. Music. The next one evmax will feature a battery pack, that is over 30, larger, which aids in enhanced driving range, unlocking the freedom to travel farther on a single charge. This opens out many new possibilities and enhances the versatility of the nexon ev multi fold. Additionally, the next 180 max features multi mode regeneration, providing customers the choice to set the regeneration mode as per their driving style and situation. Next, on, evmax will be powered by 105 kilowatt, permanent magnet synchronous, motor delivering a talk of 250 newton meters with an impressive acceleration of 0 100 kilometers per hour in under 9 seconds, as safety has always been an important pillar for us with the nexon evmax. We are taking it to the max with standard features such as electronic stability program with iv back hill hold hill descent control. Electronic parking brake with auto vehicle hold all four disc brakes. The battery pack and motor of nexon eb max come with ip67 rating and, with liquid cooled thermal management system ensuring efficient operations across all weather conditions with the next 180 max. We continue our promise of reliability by offering 8 years 160 000 kilometer battery and motor warranty. Nexon, eb max offers a multitude of luxury and convenient features and all new macaroni babes interiors leatherette, ventilated seats for front passengers, a dual control knob with active mode display, an amp purifier wireless smartphone charging, auto dimming irving, smart watch integration and cruise control.

In total, the nexon av max offers over 30 new features, Music, so Music, so Music. Let me now invite anand to give more details about nexon, eb max Music. Thank you, vivek with nexon, eb max. We are adding yet another product offering to our state of the art, high voltage, eevee architecture, ziptron designed for unique driving and weather conditions. Nexon ev max is powered by a 4.5 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery pack delivering an anxiety, free air certified range of 437 kilometers under standard testing conditions with efficient tv packaging in the next one evmax, we have achieved 33 higher battery capacity, while maintaining 50 50 weight distribution and a low centre of gravity which aids vehicle Dynamics, it also retains the efficient liquid cooled power electronics for extracting maximum onboard power. Next, one vb max is powered by 105 kilowatt or 143 ps, permanent, magnet synchronous, ac motor that balances performance and efficiency. It delivers an instant torque of 250 newton meter available at the push of a pedal resulting in a 0 100 sprint time in under 9 seconds. Moreover, the top speed now has been increased and is electronically limited to 140 kilometers an hour with the next one evmax. We are introducing multi mode regeneration feature which will help customers to easily adjust the levels of regenerative, braking through switches on the floor. Console customers can choose between four region levels based on the driving conditions, level, zero for nil recuperative, braking going up to the highest level.

Three airing single pedal, driving weve also added an intuitive feature, auto brake lamps, which gets activated once a certain level of region has been achieved and which will help to warn the following traffic with nexon evmax weve, already taken safety to the next level, with a host Of enhanced safety features offered as standard which includes an esp with iv back an intelligent vacuum, less boost and active control device, its an integrated device that substitutes the conventional brake booster components and the esp system. This benefits an improved vehicle, brake dynamics, leading to reduced stopping distances and provides consistent, pedal feel and zero pedal vibrations, even during abs interventions. It also has a positive environmental impact, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions vis, a vis, conventional vacuum booster and therefore it also aids in maximizing vehicle regeneration. Esp functionalities such as hill hold hill descent, roll over mitigation brake disk, wiping hydraulic, fair compensation come as standard across variants on nexon evmax, nexon evmax is equipped with all four disc brakes and electronic parking brake with auto hold functionality, which not only adds to safety, but Also enhances driver convenience by reducing fatigue in the citys top goal traffic on the charging front. The next one evmax comes with an additional 7.2 kilowatt, ac, fast charger that can either be installed at home or at the workplace. This helps in reducing regular charging times to six and a half hours. The ac fast charger will be available as standard only on specific trims.

Nexonvix can also be fast charged from zero to eighty percent in 56 minutes from any 50 kilowatt dc fast charger. The promise of reliability and durability of a ziptron architecture continues on the nexon evmax, with its battery and motor pack being rated ip67 for a weatherproof and worryproof performance. The battery and motor warranty of the nexonvmax is 8 years or 160 thousand kilometers, offering complete peace of mind. Weve worked on improving the technology as well within the car. The use of a three in one combo box enables us to achieve better energy utilization, packaging space and safety, along with weight reductions. Despite the increase in the battery size of the next one, eb max through efficient packaging weve retained the full boot capacity of 350 liters. Now that we know all about the technical attributes on the next one evmax, let me invite vivek to let us know about the trims and color options available for the car. Thank you. Anand. The nexon, eb max, will be available in two trims with two charging options, which are as follows: the next one evmax exit plus and the next one evmax exit plus lux, with the options of a 3.3 kilowatt charger or a 7.2 kilowatt ac fast charger. Also, we have a new, exciting signature. Colour called the intensity exclusive to the next one, eb max. The other color options are detona gray and pristine white. The dual tone comes standard with the next one evmax.

It is time to move to the max um Music. What Music, Music, Music, um, Music, guys Music lets now have a look at the prices Music.