What we are dealing and the staggering price tag of 1 50 lakh rupees only creates a buzz around it. A silent burst, though, because we have porsches first tv in our mills: Music, yes, weve, driven it earlier in the us, and siddharth had his mind blown by its performance, but india is a different port Music game. We love how the tycoon looks. It looks splendid in this frozen blue metallic paint scheme. The rear looks fabulous. The drawn in the pronounced shoulder looks very sharp, but what i really like is how porsche has innovatively integrated the porsche logo inside the rear tail light Music. Next, we step inside the taikan and theres lots going on here. So sahil will get you a detailed tech check of the car, but we want to talk about. One interesting element that i really found quite unique and innovative as well was the gear lever that is tucked behind the steering wheel and is slightly difficult to find at first. So you get the usual uh reverse neutral and drive, which you have to toggle between upwards and downwards. The park button is, on the left, hand, side. Is it a button and you have to switch it whenever you want to put it on park now? You must be thinking why this kind of a switch well. What ive read is that porsche has given this its motorsport inspired gear selector, which is usually placed on the dashboard Music porsche has done away with most of the buttons and replaced them with four screens.

Three. At the front and one at the rear, these are touch base and control. Every aspect of the car, the 8.4 inch vertically positioned, display, exhibits, basic and frequently used commands, though we found it unresponsive to light touch. The bottom half of the screen shows the battery consumption and comes in quite handy. The 10.9 inch central display can be configured. The third is a 16.8 inch curved display, surrounded by panels with touch controls on its edges for headlamps and chassis functionalities. The middle portion is customizable, but not touch based. Music porsche gets all the points here for clothing. The car. The seats have a sporty touch to it and offer adequate bolt string for under thigh and back support. Rear seats are individual bucket seats, good enough for a family trip, and this massive tinted glass panel will be loved by all, but more so from here. The ford touch screen here operates the air conditioning for the rear passengers Music. Now that we have the important stuff out of the equation its time to get down to business, we are driving the base version of the daikon. A rear wheel, drive that too agreed that this variant sits at the bottom end of the range. But that did not stop porsha from preserving the performance of the car. Now the porsche tycoon that we are driving comes with a standard 79.2 kilowatt performance battery pack. There is also an optional 93.4 performance battery plus pack, that comes, but that will set you back by eight and a half lakh rupees, but you will get an extended range of about 500 kilometers from the 320 kilometer range that the standard battery pack offers.

Now that is sufficient. We feel for the city driving and is enough for your daily office to home or your random uh watering around the city. It is sufficient for that. But if you are looking to drive out for the weekend or looking for a family vacation, then you need to plan your drives because the 300 range wont be sufficient. Now this tycoon gives you low power and is also low on torque, which is not a bad thing, because i love it because the throttle response, because of that is quite normal. It comes in quite normal and the transitions arent that jerky the adaptive air suspension does its job quite well, and the undulations are soaked in quite comfortably now. The interesting bit here is the regenerative braking that the porsche is offering and is not the one pedal process that most of the traditional evs or even the evs of today use. It is actually a dual process in which the regenerative braking is kind of synced or married with the actual braking, and will only come into play when you press the brake pedal really hard to the metal. So what it does is when youre going on corners or even when youre driving in a straight line, light footed braking, wont really hamper your speed and you will keep a constant speed and will only come into effect when you break it really hard porsche has also Added a nice touch of room to the different driving modes, to make it more engaging as you toggle between range, normal sport and sport, plus with the home charger provided by the company.

The ticon can be juiced up from 5 to 80 in less than 20 minutes. This is possible due to the 800 volt battery setup instead of the 400 volt setup used by other evs in the market. Now you dont need to tell us why the taikan is the best tv currently in the market.