Well, this here is the tata nexon evmax, the nexon ev is already a very successful and very popular car in indian market and tata. Now wants to take the game further up by launching this new ev max version well on the exterior. What is different, nothing to be honest, all the detailing all the styling, all the current elements, everything really the same to the regular version of the car, but, of course, this car has extra battery power. What are the big differences between this car and the regular version of the nexon eevee? Well, for start, sir, the car costs you around one and a half lakh rupees more compared to the regular nexon ev. The prices for the evmax start from 17.74 lakh rupees and go all the way up to 19.24 lakh ex showroom Music and its available in four different trim levels compared to the three levels that are available for the nexon ev. You also get a much bigger battery pack. The battery pack on the evmax is 40.5 kilowatt ha, which is 10.3 kilowatt, are more than the regular nexon evs 30.2 kilowatt battery pack, but uh that extra battery pack obviously means that the range has been extended by 125. Kilometers, yes, the regular version is uh, offering you a claimed figure of 312 kilometers uh on a full battery. This one tata motors claims uh will offer you 437 uh kilometers on a full charge. Well, that basically means that you can take it out on a long distance journey uh and not be hassled about any kind of anxiety with the batteries.

Whats. Also, more is uh that the power output of this car is now uh, 143 bhp and 250 newton meters of torque available, which is again around 15 bhp more and about five newton meter more than the regular nexon ev. Now we cant tell you how this car is to drive just as yet, because that has been embargoed till the 17th of may. But of course, we can tell you one of the new changes inside what are the features on this car and how are the interiors? We can show all those things to you in this video today in terms of the big changes: Music, Music. Well, the updates on this car. You get an illuminated gear knob with the park mode, the drive mode as well as a reverse mode, and this knob also changes its color when you change the setting from sport mode or eco mode uh. The color of the gauges also changes from red to green. You also, of course, get electric uh parking brake with auto hold function, an air purifier wireless charger for a mobile phone, cooled seats, multi drive modes, and you also get hill descent control. These are very good features. All these features make this car a more connected car and talking about connected car technology. You also get the zconnect 2.0 connected car technology with 48 features. Now the nexon evmax also gets adjustable regen braking, something which is not available on the regular nexon eve Music, Music.

Well, the other differences from the outside is the fact that this car is 100 kilos more heavier because, of course, the battery pack is larger and uh. The ground clearance also is slightly lower 10 mm lower to the regular nexon ev. Well, as i said before, well give out all the other details to you on the 17th, how it is to drive, etc. But, as you can see from the videos today, the interiors, the exteriors, are almost identical, except, of course, the addition of new features which the evmax is getting in this car anyways guys if youve come till the end of the video please like share and subscribe.