Electric vehicles today were looking at the cost of charge and ev versus pumping gas. Well also talk about the average evs lifespan and replacement battery costs for many consumers. These numbers will surprise you a key selling point for teslas and other major evs is the cheaper cost of charging an ev compared to filling up a gas powered car. But few stop to consider that its not just gasoline prices that have increased so have electricity prices, especially in parts of the u.s that have previously been major markets for tesla evs. On average, most evs can travel three to four miles per kilowatt hour of energy last year in the us, the average cost of residential electricity was a tad shy of 14 cents per kilowatt hour. Just how does that compare to the current u.s average of 4.11 cents per gallon of gas? Well, it depends on the car model youre talking about, for example, evs, like the rivien r1t pickup truck porsche, take hand sedan. An audi e tron suv can get barely over 2 miles per kilowatt hour, but really everything from which model you buy to even where you choose to plug in your ev influence the overall cost. In the long run as a general rule, ev charging will cost you significantly less money than refueling a gas car thats, because some evs are more energy efficient than others, and that means a lower ev charging bill. Last month alone, the average cost to run a gas car was around three times more than operating an ev.

Did you know that charging your ev at home tends to be cheaper than using high power charging stations? Keep in mind, though, that while it may be cheaper to charge at home its much much slower than charging at a high powered fast charging station at home, ev charging is actually the most popular ev charging method. Right now, for many reasons, first off lets talk about the average cost lets say you drive around a thousand miles each month and your residential electricity costs an average of 13.7 cents per kilowatt hour. This means youll spend anywhere from 34 to 46 bucks charging at home. Not bad what about, if you wanted to fully recharge your ev, well recharging an ev with 300 miles means youll need some 75 to 100 kilowatt hours of energy, meaning itll cost you between 10 and 14, and dont worry about buying a special charging plug to charge. Your ev at home, all evs, conveniently come with a home charging cable that plugs into a wall outlet, but its slow did. You know that this type of charging is known as level one charging, but dont worry level. One charging isnt the only option for at home charging theres also level two charging all you have to do is install the charger and youll get a quicker charging time. A level two charger uses an upgraded 240 volt circuit to give about 20 to 40 miles of range per hour. Just how expensive is a level 2 charger, tesla level, 2 charger cost 550 bucks, the tesla estimates it can cost an extra 750 to 1500 bucks to have an electrician hook it up to you.

What, if you want to charge your even faster, well theres another option, but itll cost you more im talking about dc fast charging dc fast chargers are capable of adding significant amounts of range to your ev, and all it takes is 30 minutes, sometimes even less. By far these chargers are the fastest methods of ev charge, but because of the added convenience theyre way more expensive than at home charging or even slower public chargers, but its difficult to attach an exact cost to fast charging thats. Because there are just so many providers and payment models and not all stations charge, you the same way some stations charge by the kilowatt hour, others charge by the minute, and then other companies offer a membership in exchange for lower rates. The next fact might surprise you believe it or not, but when you crunch the numbers, the cost of dc fast charging can be equal to or even more than filling your traditional car with gasoline. Now, while its true that, on average residential electricity costs 13.7 cents per kilowatt hour, that rate varies across the us drive through some states, and you can expect to pay less than 10 cents per kilowatt hour. While other states can be as high as 25 cents. The model of your car also has an impact on your ev charging costs lets say you own a rivien r1t and live in massachusetts over there. Electricity costs 25.3 cents per kilowatt hour so to drive a thousand miles.

Youll have to pay 126 bucks to your utility provider, but now lets say: instead you drive a tesla model 3.. This car is highly efficient, so operate. It will cost you only 25 to drive the same distance at 10 cents per kilowatt hour. Did you know that even a time of day you plug in your ev has an impact on its charging costs? Actually, many owners choose to charge their vehicles overnight, because this is when your electricity rates are a fraction of the peak hour rates. Generally speaking, ev charging is cheaper than gas pumping. How long is your ev battery even supposed to last compared to a combustion engine? Well truth, be told theres not too much available data to answer this question right now we have best guesses and estimates. Jb strabal tesla long time, chief technology officer said he believes ev battery should last about 15 years. Strava was responsible for teslas battery developed until 2019 and he had a part in the largest deployment of battery capacity ever through teslas vehicle fleet strawballs even gone as far as opening his own brand new company redwood materials. Redwood will be responsible for developing new processes to recycle materials, with a focus on ev batteries. The idea is that the more times the materials are recycled, the purer they get and the longer an ev battery pack lasts better and thats. One of the main advantages evs have over gas powered cars once an avs battery is depleted.

Battery pack is extremely valuable and thats because of the base metals in it. As of right now, redwood is working with ford and volvo to recycle packs at their end of life, and they plan to expand to include other companies in the future. Well, what if you suddenly need to replace your ev battery just how much cash will it cost? You well lets look at tesla batteries. First off. How do you know if your tesla battery even needs to be replaced? There are a few basic warning signs. First, a sudden drop in driving range. That means anything more than 20 second degradation of range over the 30 warranty criteria and thats. If your car fails to even hold the charge at all, probably the most obvious sign is that you get a notification, tesla theres, something wrong with its battery. If youre wondering how much a tesla battery will cost you to replace the shear, well, you arent the only one. The battery is the main component of a tesla. Some have even compared it to a giant battery with wheels because of the batterys sheer importance to the car any assume that battery replacement cost comes with a high price tag and theyd be correct. Owning a new tesla may be more expensive than you think, especially if you have to replace its battery today. Current battery prices are hovering around 132 to 135 bucks per kilowatt hour, but when it comes to the price of a tesla battery thats where it gets tricky tesla parts pricing is not an open book and theres, literally no existing official guide on repair replacement costs.

So all you can really do is give our best estimates on the prices of a tesla battery based on a few different factors, including the model lets. Take a look at tesla model s, the battery first cost anywhere between 12 000 to 15 000, which by no means cheap placement customer depending on whether theres damage that needs to be repaired or, if theres, a complication in the replacement process. Replacing the battery itself can take three to 13 hours. Tesla service under labor costs are 175 to 200 bucks an hour so theres an extra 525 to 2600 bucks on top of the replacement battery cost. So im told youre, looking at a massive 13 to 14 grand for a full model s battery replacement. Did you know that at one point tesla considered battery swapping as an alternative to supercharging? They believed they could swap out a model s battery in just three minutes and they were getting faster if it was only sustainable, this idea may have become a reality. There are actually chinese manufacturers that do this already now many consumers assume that the car warranty will cover the costs of battery replacement. Well, not exactly its true that most automakers offer warranties for the ev bettors up to 8 years or 100 000 miles. Whichever comes first, that means that if a battery cell or high voltage cable in your tesla fails, tesla will cover the parts labor and other expenses related to the repair.

Tesla even edited a warranty clause that covers the battery replacement due to degradation most the tesla vehicles are covered in warranty. The battery loss is over 30 percent of its original capacity during the warranty period, but heres the thing not everything related to your ev battery is covered by warren and they can get very pricey very quickly. For example, lets say some large rock gets inside and completely damages your battery, believe it or not, thats something that actually has happened, but this is something that many ev warranties will not normally cover back in 2020, one tesla owner had to replace his battery. For the same reason, but heres the funny thing, if this had caused the battery to catch on fire, it would have been covered by teslas warranty, but instead the owners, car insurance helped foot the bill after the work was done. The owner was left the whopping 16 550 dollar bill. What if you dont want to buy a brand new eevee but youre okay with the used one? Instead, does that mean your battery and your wallet are doomed? The short answer is no and theres good news. If youre in market for a used tesla specifically for the best peace of mind, you can always ask for a pre purchase inspection by tesla service center. Doing so can give you crucial decision making information about the battery health of a used, tesla youre. Considering so do these thousands and thousands of dollars in replacement costs mean you shouldnt get an ev, but should stick with traditional combustion engines? Well, it depends remember.

Most automakers offer much longer warranty or periods for evs than they do for gas powered vehicles. Most tv drivers dont even need to worry about replacing their cars batteries anyway, but if they face the need, itll most likely be covered by the manufacturers warranty, because the rare cases are few and far in between. But there are also other factors you should weigh before you make the decision to get an ev. If you havent seen my latest video on how evs will impact gasoline prices check it out, but now you tell me, do you think charging an ev will always generally be cheaper than pumping gas? What about road taxes gasoline is expensive because road taxes are included and if everybody starts driving electric cars they certainly will start putting a road tax on it.