I need a bag now, while the tata nx on ev saw substantial number of sales figures. What a lot of customers complained about was its range and its battery capacity now with the new launch tata, has solved all those problems by offering a bigger battery capacity of 40.5 kilowatt per hour and an ar ai certified range of nearly 437 kilometers. Today we at bbc top gear magazine, india, are gon na test out this theory im gon na try to deplete as much of the battery as we can now. I know that during my entire day, im not gon na deplete as much battery as i can. But what im gon na try to tell you guys is how much range is left by the end of this shoot. Dont forget to like share and subscribe to for more content like this. This is yash sunil lets begin yeah. I deserve another 100. Looking at the nexon eevee max its going to be really hard to find any differences, because there arent any just like the nexon ev, everything that you see on the next one evmax is the same. You have this blue accent that accentuates the eevee lifestyle that the nexon eevee has you have the overall design, which is exactly the same as the nexon. So if you ask me its pretty much the basic car as well, the only difference that you have is the rear disc brakes that you have in the rear wheels.

Otherwise, the overall design is the same. Also, when you look at the paint, the teal color that you see is slightly darker compared to the nexon av. That is the only difference on the exterior, otherwise, its really hard for anybody, including me to differentiate between the nexon av and the nexon evmax, because again it doesnt even have a badge to say the next one, its the next one ev max, while the design elements On the exterior are exactly the same as the nexon ev things on the inside, for the nexon eb max is a lot different. Yes, i must agree that the overall dashboard layout, the overall seating layout, is pretty similar to the previous car. What you do have is a all new dwelled, rotary display knob that allows you to select your gears. You have the option for four levels of regen braking, actually three levels of region braking to turn it off as well. Also, you have an electronic handbrake, an option to auto hold and you have ventilated front seats. Also you what you have an offer is a wireless charger here and an air quality index for your interior air quality. So if you ask me overall, the build quality for the interior is pretty up north and pretty up there. I like this nice design, element that you have here, but if you ask me, i would much rather have a nexon, ev badger and not a nexon badger. What i also really like is these vents: have this nice design element which makes you realize that youre in a nexon ev and not a standard nexon, also while im at it, i really like the small quirks that tata adds such as, when you open the glove Box, you have this nice tiger imprint on the inside and you have some other quirky design elements that i really like that tata does Music.

Now the most significant change on the tata nexon av max has to be its 40.5 kilowatt r battery pack, which offers a claimed air rear range, as i mentioned, of nearly 437 kilometers now. Obviously, the real world range would differ between your driving conditions and the road conditions as well, so you can expect a range of somewhere between 300 to actually more than 350 kilometers, but not the actual 437 kilometers. Nonetheless, thanks to its bigger battery pack, it now produces almost 140 horsepower and 250 nm of torque, which simply means that this nexon evmax can do a 0 to 100 time of nearly 9 seconds or under 9 seconds, as per tata claim. So the next one ev has three driving modes on offer. What you have is sport, eco and normal, now for most of your driving youre going to be using normal or eco, but that is something that really depletes your acceleration feel. So that is not something you should use on a regular basis unless its really required. What you would enjoy a lot would be sport mode, but you would watch your battery percentage drop drastically. Every time you even touch the throttle so thats. So personally. For me, i feel that driving a normal is pretty good enough, Music. Moreover, thanks to it being an electric vehicle, the feel of acceleration, the talk that you get is almost instantaneous like from 0 to 40 40 to 80. The talk feels instant only when youre going really high, when youre on a higher speed is when you start to feel the engine slightly dull down, but that is again very marginal for city use.

Youre gon na be pretty impressed. Okay, let me mention about the suspension on the nexon av max. It uses the same suspension as a nexon ev, but the nexon ev max is 100 kilograms, heavier thanks to its bigger battery pack. But again, that is not something that you feel on the inside. The suspension feels pretty supple when the roads are really bad. That is when you will feel a little bit of undulations. The ground clearance has gone down by 10 mm, but again not a big difference, because let me tell you that the battery pack is ip67 rated. So it is pretty waterproof, so you can take it water waiting up till a certain level, obviously especially looking at the mumbai rains, but nonetheless you are pretty secure in that. Let me talk about the braking that the car has now. This is something thats quite a bit of a talking point, because now the nexon ev has three levels of regenerative braking and it does allow you to drive one paddle only when youre on your highest setting, but the regenerative braking isnt as strong as a lot of Other ev cards that have driven that being said, the nexon av max offers disc brakes on or four wheels, which obviously improves the braking distance drastically and also improves the braking quality. So when you do want to stop at the time, it does stop at a time. Also, when youre stuck in star stop traffic put the regenerative on this highest setting and you dont have to worry about, keep having to press the accelerator on the brake register and the brake makes life quite easy actually now let me talk about another thing that a Lot of people are going to appreciate, and that is the nvh levels in this car, because thanks to no engine thanks for not having an engine, you dont have a lot of noise coming in and when youre driving in the city, you dont have a lot of Noise coming in even in general, about even with regards to the wheels or the road noise or the tyre noise its only when theyre starting to go a little faster.

That is, when you start hearing the tire noise creeping into the air creeping into the cabin actually. But again, that is something that most people will not face, because, if youre driving in the city thats, not something you can do because, honestly speaking, the music system is damn good. So you can be banging your tunes and never have to hear anything. That is its overall interior space because im not really happy with the interior space. Like i am sitting comfortably in my driving seat. I have a good riding driving position. I can see out pretty well, but if somebody has to sit behind me, im six feet tall and if somebody has to sit behind me, theyre not going to be really comfortable at the back and over long distances. Theyre going to feel really cramped and thanks to its long range im guessing a lot of people are going to take this for long distances and im going to find a really cramped. Although the boot space is pretty decent or even though the bigger battery bag they manage to reach in the same boot space and overall, its pretty decent. But no, if you ask me, i feel that they should have had a bit more space on the inside. Maybe that is something they can do with the next update. Well, last but not least, the steering feedback is pretty decent. It has a good steering feedback. Actually, you can feel what the tires are up to and you can push the car, obviously not as much as a sports car, but it does do pretty well and im pretty impressed for it being an electric vehicle being able to do that pretty well again.

Uh the overall fit and finish is also good, not the best. You can hear a bit of creaking noise and from there and there and im guessing with time like this is a brand new car. So you dont have a lot of creaking, but with time you cant hear that, but again uh its something that its a compromise you have to make. What i really like is this the rotary dial with the display on top it looks something as actually from a car that is like a lot of segments above its level like this is something that really attracts my eye. Otherwise, everything else is good. Interiors is pretty decent, like i mentioned previously im, not a big fan of this light, colored interiors, but hey it makes the car look a lot easier than it is so yeah. Why not now the one aspect where tata really nails the bullseye every time is safety and weve known tata, to be one of the safest manufacturers in india? This is no less. Obviously, like your previous nexon av, you have all the safety that you havent offered, but what it also offers now is abs, ebd, hill hole, control, hill descend and, like i mentioned previously, you also have this brakes on all four wheels. So when you look at all of these things right, it feels pretty safe to be inside this car, and that is something that i give thumbs up for earlier when you had a next on ev.

What you got was a 3.3 kilowatt hour charger, but now what you get is a 7.2 kilowatt charger that you see behind me that is optional, but what it does is it charges the nexon evmax in 6.5 hours from 0 to 100 and 6.5 hours. Not only that, you can also use a 50 kilowatt hour charger to charge the next one, even from 0 to 80 in just 56 minutes after spending an entire day with the nexon eevee. I finally understand why this is the most popular electric vehicle sold in india. Now tata have sold over 15 000 units of the nexon ev, and i can only imagine that theyre going to do a lot better with the nexon ev max. Well, its pricing for the nexon av max is ranged between 17.74 lakh rupees and 18.74 lakh rupees. For the two variants thats available, plus for an additional 50 000 rupees, you can get the 7.2 kilowatt r wall charger, which allows you to charge your car in under 6.5 hours. Furthermore, i feel that anybody looking to buy their first electric vehicle or their next electric vehicle should certainly consider the nexon ev, because anything else that youre looking to buy apart from the mg zsev and the hyundai kona ev, is all about the sub 50 lakh rupees. Mark, if you ask me, im finding it really hard to find any faults with the car, apart from the space that it has on offer, which i mentioned earlier now, with its bigger battery pack and a longer range, i can imagine that a lot more people are Going to be interested in buying the nexon ev max, simply because they can actually take it outside and explore the unknown, which was earlier an issue if youre worried about the battery is going bad tata.

Has you covered? Even there you get an eight year of one lakh, sixty thousand kilometer warranty on the batteries, which only means that, for your entire usage of your car, you are not going to have to worry about the batteries per se. Thank you. So much for watching dont forget to like share and subscribe to bbc top gear magazine in india.